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Taylor 316ce Grand Symphony - Cutaway, Electronics, Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from South Central PA August 4, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, educator

    Great Guitar - Great Price!

    Love this guitar! I tried out 4 different Taylor models. One cheaper and two more expensive. This guitar was superior to all of them. Very playable, beautiful tone. I get compliments whenever I play it - especially from other guitarists. The bass just rolls out of this instrument, full and clear. Yet it still has that characteristic Taylor brightness.

    I am primarily a vocalist and keyboard player. I've gotten more serious about guitar the last couple of years. This has been a great and versatile instrument. I feel a little guilty owning such a fine instrument - it should be in the hands of a better player. Believe me, a lot of fine guitarists have volunteered to take it off my hands!

    My only complaint is about Taylor's in general, which is the placement of the volume and tone knobs. They are easy to accidentally knock out of position. A small quibble - an otherwise great instrument!

  • from July 27, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Phenomenal Guitar

    So after playing on and old ibanez acoustic for about 4-5 years, I decided it was time to dish out the big bucks for a pro-level instrument. I spent several hours with this guitar, the 314, and the 214 deluxe and just kept comin back to this one. The balance is perfect for me, gorgeous treble sparkle (as with all Taylor's), nice full midrange, and a solid bass. The main thing that got me about this guitar was the toughness. Being a heavy strummer, I needed a guitar that could handle what I dish out, and this thing can handle anything and more without losing clarity, but it also sounds just as beautiful with light playing and even fingerpicking. Phenomenal instrument, incredible customer service (sweetwater has just made a loyal customer of me), and one happy musician.

  • from NJ April 20, 2014Music Background:
    35 years exp.


    Ive had the 316ce for a few months now and wanted to provide a bit more feedback. First, the guitar is only sounding better the more I play it. The action was really high from the factory...I had to shave close to an 1/8th inch off the sadle and fine tune the truss rod to make it playable. Also, do yourself a favor and buy the Planet Waves O-port (from Sweetwater of course) and install it. The bass, clarity and volume are all improved greatly...I couldnt believe the improvement! Finally, change the ebony/wood bridge pins. I upgraded to Buffalo Horn bridge pins (expensive, but worth it) and WOW! The volume, clarity and sustain were all drastically increased. After the mods I took my Taylor to a jam session with much more expensive guitars and they couldnt believe how my 316 out played them all...5 Star Guitar all day long...

  • from NJ February 15, 2014Music Background:
    35yrs exp./teacher

    Truly Amazing...

    I've been playin guitar for 35 years and have played most flavors and price ranges (Solid woods, laminates, etc.). I went to a local music store and tortured the guy for over an hour, not liking anything he handed me. Until. Hands down, the moment I hit the first chord I knew this was it. The 316 will not distort during strumming and brand spankin new it sounds warm, balanced and the sustain is wicked. The wood grains (both spruce and sapele) are beautiful. Neck is smooth and comfy (It feels like my ibanez wizard neck). The case is professional grade. The action is high for my liking and the .13 are not my gage...both way easy fixes. Jason, in sales, also spent time answering my questions and was a HUGE help in making this purchase. No shipping fees, two year financing, yeah Sweetwater all the way! For the money, this is a professional grade guitar and case purchased from a professional grade company...

  • from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA June 27, 2013Music Background:

    Love this guitar

    The guitar sounded great in the showroom. The guitar sounded great ay my house. The guitar sounded AMAZING on our church sound system. There was a very noticable difference between my old guitar and this masterpiece when played during our weekend services. Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from St. Louis, MO USA April 15, 2013Music Background:

    Beautiful great tone and playability

    Beautiful woods (love the smell). Action great out of the box. This guitar has great clear bass and sparkling highs. Responsive to fingerpicking, which is good even with the medium gauge strings. It also really sings when strumming. Thanks again to Delvin for the exceptional customer service.

  • from Boston January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Returning Guitarist

    More Than a Feeling---Taylor 316ce

    The 316ce is an amazing guitar. I bought my Taylor 316ce Black Friday and I have been playing it ever since.

    I use to play the guitar and take lessons as a kid, and I am now getting back into it. After testing out guitars over time, I had decided I wanted a 314ce because of the Taylor sound and the 300 series are all wood.
    On the day I was to order the 314ce, I saw the 316ce also on the web site. I didn't know anything about the 316ce and I immediately researched blogs online, youtube, etc... and learned a great deal about the Grand Symphony shape which was now available in the 300 series. From everything I heard, it sounded like it could the "guit" for me. I purchased the 316 with the faith that Taylor would deliver, and they absolutely have.

    For those considering the 316, It has medium strings, a deeper base, and it really responds to strumming, I love it. The *16 shape is only slightly larger than the *14. And to me barely noticeable, I had tested out various Taylor's. *16 and *14 side by side at the local shop several times.

    Also, I am 6'2, have big hands, I really like the 1.75 nut as well.
    When I pick up acoustics at the local shops I am usually disappointed in comparison now that I have found such a good friend in the 316ce.

    5 Stars for Sweetwater Service As Well

  • from England January 18, 2017Music Background:
    Playing acoustic guitar since 1971.

    Taylor Appremtice

    I innocently visited the store where I have bought 3 Martin's over the years, one of which is the 00028 EC I own. The last was a Martin 0015 mahogany and I never really got on with it. The mahogany sound was too mellow and deep-toned for my liking ( a couple of years back I part x'd a Baby Taylor for a Takamini Jumbo for this reason ).
    I looked to part x the 0015 for a different Martin with a lighter sheen and cutaway but the shop manager shoved a Taylor 316ce into my hands. I strummed it both fast and slow, open and bar chords, finger picked etc and the sound was clean, clear, and resonant. I got it back home earlier and haven't stopped playing it, so I totally agree with the comments here. Lovely guitar and one I'll keep for good.

  • from Farmington, AR October 21, 2013Music Background:
    Making a joyful noise as a Worship Leader

    Great feel and sound

    The Taylor 316ce has the playability that I have been searching for! It rings out true when I strum hard and it reacts precisely when I fingerpick. It sounds the same through the pa as it does unplugged and when I put just a little chorus on it for worship service it fills the room perfectly. The service that I received from Keith at Sweetwater was AWESOME!!! He answered any and all questions I had and I look forward to doing business with the folks there again.

  • from southern wI March 3, 2012Music Background:

    Great all around Guitar

    I was looking for a guitar to play out with. I was replacing a Taylor 410ce that I had. And I wanted a guitar that had a better ballance and defined tone then the 410, and more comfortable to play sitting down. I tried out the 314ce and 414ce. and was torn. Because I liked the more defined sound of the bottom and mids of the 314, but the top end was a little more forward than I would like. Where the 414 has a nice balance on top,but The Ovengol gives the bottom a woolly un- defined sound to me. But not as much boom as the 410 had. And then Along comes the 316ce, to save the day. This guitar has a more uniform balance form top to bottom than either the 410,314 or 414. I would describe The character of the 316 as rich and full bottom and mids with a real sweet top end. This coming from a guitar that plays loud easily. But lighten up and the 316 is good with delicate finger style playing as well. though I notice the Medium strings playing finger style. And the the GS body shape is more comfortable then the dreadnought body shape. Though the GA body shape of the X14's is still my favorite.
    In conclusion I find the 316 to be a well rounded guitar that does many things well. I will still use my 514ce for finger style but if I am out with the 316 and the mood strikes me, I will be right at home.

  • from Cincinnati, OH February 29, 2012Music Background:
    Performing Singer/Songwriter

    A Singer/Songwriters Dream

    As a performer you are in constant pursuit of that perferct marriage between you & your instrument...Until you find it - My new partner in crime is the 316 & there arent enough adjectives to describe the way I feel about how this guitar plays/sounds. Theres just something about the Taylor tone & with the Grand symphony body style available now, I beleive without a doubt that this is the new standout guitar of the 3 series. This guitar came with a virtually perfect setup, its loud & impressive but you wont get the full gist of this thing until you PLUG IT IN...Youll be glad you spent every dollar. Unplugged it will outshine anything, the only reason that I gave it 4.5 stars is because the bottom end is rich but not bold, wich are what Taylor are known for anyways (with the shimmering highs & mids), it doesnt matter once you plug in the electronics can be managed to do whatever. I write all my material on straight acoustic Seagulls & other Godin family guitars & when its showtime I play Martin (never again) but, now with the 316 I cant stop writing, Im on creative overflow. This guitar makes you sound better than you sound if that makes scense. Its a modern guitar & you will not be able to take it out of its comfort zone, it plays ANYTHING. Last but not least a shoutout to my incredible service/sales rep Keith. It was the best purchase ever due to the guitar but its true what the say about Sweetwater & their service & its a big plus when someone cares about your satisfaction the way these people do. Rich & smooth lows, loud & pronounced mids, sparkling & dream-like highs, & the best electronics Ive ever heard on any guitar ever...So yea...A singer/songwriters dream

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