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Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
Questions about the Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer?

Questions about the Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Harris

    This is the biggest game-changing purchase you can make if you are working in the digital world. Are your Pro Tools or Logic mixes missing that "big label" sound? If so, you NEED Dangerous summing!

  • Marcos Sanchez

    The Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT is a phenomenal unit for helping you get rid of that "flat and thin" sound when you're finishing up your mixes, and get back to that analog "glue" that really makes everything in your mix fit properly together. It's an invaluable mixing tool which I use on a regular basis with my Pro Tools HD Native system, but can be integrated into just about any recording system with ease. An absolute must-have that will give you an edge over any other computer-based studio.

  • Stuart Niven

    I run a Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT behind my Pro Tools HD io and it is simply amazing! My mixes feel wide open and have a depth that is normally only associated with an old analog console. Tons of headroom and punch... I would not mix without it!

  • from Alexandria, VA September 27, 2016Music Background:
    Urban Music Producer/ Engineer


    I spent the first 10 years of my career mixing records out of the box and the last ten years mastering the mixing of records "in the box." This brilliantly designed and pristine sounding unit allows for the best of both worlds. You get the convenience and flexibility of your DAW, with the huge sound of a big console. Take the responsibility of blending your sounds away from your computer as data, and let this box do it as electrical signals through its world class components. The results are mesmerizing! The sonic landscape is so vast you will no longer have to fight so hard to get individual elements to fit with one another. I've paired this unit with an Antelope Orion Studio and I am having the time of my life mixing with them. If you can't hear the difference, you need some new monitors or a visit to an audiologist.

  • from December 24, 2015

    Don't be shy..push your faders up in your DAW.

    I don't know how anyone could give this less than 5 stars. To make the most of analog summing you need to push the audio hard out of your DAW into the summing mixer. The 2-Bus LT glues everything together. For the money it cannot be beat. Yes, there are a lot of options when it comes to analog summing, but many of them try to throw extra tricks into the architecture of their hardware to get you to believe that's what makes their analog summing unique. It's all about pushing the volume and harmonic distortion, which this box does beautifully.

    The 2-Bus LT works great when paired up with a D-Box for monitoring. You get an additional 8 channels of summing that connect to the Expansion Input on the 2-Bus LT for 24:2 analog summing and lots of routing and flexibility.

  • from Redondo Beach October 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording/Mixing Engineer.

    The 2-bus LT, Round & Smooth!

    I waited almost a year before reviewing the 2-bus, so I could articulate the results as accurately as possible. At first listen, I noticed a reduction of that blocky sampling effect you get when shoving a ton of audio down a single pair of converters. Because I'm now using 16 converters (Apollo16) instead of just a stereo pair, there's more sampling head room, thus allowing for smoother sampling of each track. In addition, because the audio is now intertwined naturally through analog and not through a mathematical equation, I can hit the 2-bus harder and get natural saturation. The results allows the edges of each instruments to get round and full. There's a bit more spacial separation between each instrument, including a bit more 3-dimensional depth. The things I noticed after A/B'ing a mix with and without the 2-bus, is that with the 2-bus, the mix now had a top end polish, thus removing that high frequincy digital edginess. The bass instrument was now super round and the drums had a bit more added oomph! As for mixing with the 2-bus, I had to reduce the bass and kick volumes a bit to match my original levels again. Also, because the 2-bus rounds out the edges, I found I was able to add sparkle to the mix with out fear of adding that digital edginess. As for the extra conversion, even though I'm now converting two more times, (in & back out again,) I don't hear an audible reduction in sound quality. That said, I'm sure a higher quality A/D converter with better clocking then my Apollo16, would improve the sound even more. Bottom line: The 2-bus will give you a fatter, warmer and rounder sound, opposed to just using your DAW. Side note: I'm monitoring through the Dangerous Source, which provides the same crystal clarity at higher volumes as it does at lower volumes. (Look for my review on the Source soon.)

  • from Wittensville Ky May 9, 2014Music Background:
    Be playing guitar for 40 plus years , mix engineer ,Custom Cabinet maker

    Well well well Finally

    I've bought all this gear , c/24 ,hd 4 accel Mac Pro , hd I/Os 3 , API pres and tones of other gear which in return Got me 80% . Then I was wondering the sound is just not there yet . Then Paul Lea and Clint Bransteter from Sweetwater lead me to the watering trough of the Dangerous 2Buss LT , Well the rest is analog history for me , its like I poured glue all over my mixes Fat , Warm , Depth, Clarity and Punch , did I mention Fat . All I can say is the Dangerous 2Buss Lt is a awesome piece of gear

  • from Temple, TX March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Recording/Mixing Engineer/A&R

    More like EPICBUS

    All I can say is...My mix game has now risen by about 4 million points. The width, depth and added clarity is just phenomenal. Even my EQ moves are a bit smaller and MUCH more accurate which is VERY interesting to me, but headroom and analog juice do fun things like that. Paired with the Orion 32, I'm rivaled by few people, mainly major label folks. LOVE IT.

  • from bethesda, md August 30, 2013Music Background:
    producer and engineer

    Awesome unit for a hybrid setup.

    I was skeptical about summing boxes for years. I assumed that they made sense back when the summing algorithms of DAWs were garbage, but that now there is simply no point, right? Wrong!

    This is an awesome unit that sounds better than software and yields wonderul workflow especially if you are working with some outboard. First, let's talk about the sound... It sounds awesome. I did multiple A/B tests with internal summing in my DAW of choice (a very popular one) and the results ranged from subtle to huge, which i found interesting.On some mixes, it really would be very subtle but still felt better somehow.. just a bit more separation. Other times it really was shocking.. Switching back to internal summing would sound so muddy and horrible.

    Now let's talk a out workflow, which is the whole reason i bought this unit. Improved sound was an accident for me. I bought this unit because i wanted to run stems through outboard then the whole mix through outboard and did not want to convert twice.For example, i often send my drum stem through an API 2500, vocal through a CL1B and Tonelux Equalux, bass through an 1176 and Tonelux Equalux, and synths through a Fatso, then sum everything and run the mix through an SSL G compressor, API 5500 and Clariphonic. As you might guess, it sounds insanely good. But the workflow is so clean and awesome. I patch everything in under a minute and voila. The mono buttons allow me to put the mono vocal and bass on adjacent outputs (like 5/6) without wasting extra channels (and i can use my dual mono Tonelux eq on both sources which is huge for me). Another key thing... The unit also mults the output to two pairs, both of which go to my bay. Sometimes i use the second pair for monitoring pre conversion, although usually i send it through a dbx graphic eq which is high passed then into the key input of the SSL G comp, which is insanely useful, particularly if i am mastering a track i did not mix.

    In conjunction with my Monitor ST, i finally have my dream come true setup (i wrote a review for that as well). And again.. Bob from Dangerous is the man and super helpful on the phone. So much love for Dangerous and their insanely useful, wonderful sounding, truly pro level products.

  • from CA June 6, 2012Music Background:


    this is a really fun peace to work with. it makes mixing much more fun and sound way way way way way more punchier.

  • from New York Tri-State May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, amp consultant, and producer

    An amazing device

    I will keep it short. This unit coupled with the D-Box is beyond words. Very subtle at first, but once I dug into the entire summing thing, it has changed the way I mix and approach production. I can't imagine mixing with just a digital stereo output ever again. Kenny Bergle at Sweetwater steered my in the right direction and has done so for years. Plus, Bob at Dangerous is one of the smartest guys in the biz.

  • from Grand Cane Louisiana March 21, 2012Music Background:
    part time recording engineer

    Wanna hear what your missing in the box

    I was looking for a way to get out of the box without buying a console right now. I curently still use a DIGI003. I wanted to make sure my next purchase would make a big difference in my sound. I did a mixdown through a dangerous 2 bus that a friend of mine had to make sure I would be happy with the purchase. When it came in I hooked it up with no problem. I ordered an aphex d/a converter to get my channels 9-16 to come through as the digi only has 8 outs but you can add 8 more with adat out. I mix mainly rock bands with high track counts. My mixes can finally breathe and have the space they need. The tones from the guitars are what I hear when I listen to the amp, full and the way it should be. Made a massive improvement. GET OUT OF THE BOX with this piece.

  • from Austin, Tx January 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer, Pro Musician

    Dangerous Music 2-Bus

    This is the best thing you could add to an all "in the box" DAW! Finally, my mixes sound like how I always envisioned they should be. Low end punch, smooth highs, lots of headroom and extreme clarity! Great piece of gear!

  • from Helenwood, TN January 24, 2012Music Background:
    Full Time Musician & Recording & Live Sound Engineer

    This Box Suprised Me

    Was suprised at how good this SIMPLE little box was!!!! also Very Affordable in my opion compared to other summing boxes.

    There are many people out there that say that Analog Summing is subtle. if you have even a modest system and decent tracks recorded There Isn't Anything Subtle About It !!!!!!!

  • from Jamaica January 16, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Mixer, Producer, Musician


    maaaaan this thing is killer....adds warmth, punch, depth, width clarity to your mixes, won't even try to write an essay about it all i can say is that u gotta try it for urself, i love it

  • from Memphis, TN USA April 20, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Producer

    Just Amazing!

    I have been working in my DAW for sometime and the only Analog I have are my preamps. I have recently mixed two albums, one rock and the other rap, before I purchased the 2-Bus LT and got some good results. But after I ran the mixes through the 2-Bus it was like night and day. The best way I can describe it is listening to someone behind a door and then opening the door and coming into the room. The entire mix has come to life and is hitting me in the chest, just the way it should be. Nothing is dull, lost in the background, or weak. A wonderful piece of gear and has stepped my mixes up to the next level.

  • from Space City-Houston, Texas November 21, 2010Music Background:
    DJ, Producer, Musician, Engineer

    Best piece of equipment ever purchased

    My sales engineer, Bob Mondock assisted me with this purchase. This, along with the Motu 24 IO has dramatically changed the way I produce and the fidelity, punch and headroom is incredible!
    If you produce with DAW, you need this gear. Your productions will now elevate you to the next level. Get ready!
    This gear literally saved my career in music!

  • from orlando, florida May 5, 2010Music Background:
    Mix Engineer, Full sail student,

    Just incredible!

    I can't begin to explain how much this box has improved my mixes! I almost feel like I need to redo every project I have ever done and re-mix with the 2-bus. Everything sounds better, clearer, and fuller. My reverb sends are so much more lively and rich sounding. My tracks are actually deeper front to back. I also noticed that I have to drive my plug-ins a bit harder. Boosts and cuts with EQ need a few extra db of gain to achieve the same effect as before. My plug-ins, especially my waves SSL plugs, sound smoother and richer. Also the bomb factory compressors. Like the BF1176, and the Fairchild 660 have taken a step higher. It almost seems like the analog emulation software benefits a bit more that standard plugins from the 2 bus.
    This box is such a game changer. I can not say enough good things

  • from Lexington Park, MD January 7, 2010Music Background:
    Musician (Odin's Court), Studio Owner (D2C Studios)

    The Best Thing for DAW Users to Have!

    Aside from good preamps and mics, I think this is the most important piece of gear I've ever purchased. It has been on my radar for months, but after recently talking to my sales representative Stuart Niven, he finally convinced me to cough up the money and get one now. Man, am I glad I did!

    I guess I didn't really how much data was lost using dozens of tracks mixed down on the internal busses inside my DAW. When I fired up my 2bus LT and started mixing, it was like night and day. I mixed a stem for drums, one for keys, one for guitars, bass, etc. The difference in punch and CLARITY is astounding! Especially compared to the same mix done completely within the box - it is more dull and lifeless. I've always preferred the sound of analogue gear for many reasons, but I also love the convenience of automation and recall in the DAW realm. Now I have the best of both worlds!

    The 2bus LT only takes 1 rack space, so that is convenient. Another convenience is that it does DB25, so there is less of a rat’s nest of cables in the back of the rack gear. Though I also consider this a slight negative – you have to spend a bit of extra money to get 2 DB25 snakes to get the 16 channels out of the computer and into the DAW. Though it isn't enough extra to warrant getting the 2bus (which has XLR inputs).

    I also like the gain feature. I can dial it down some on the 2bus LT and run the faders in the DAW hotter to get better quality with bit resolution.

    Honestly, I can’t believe I existed without a great summing amplifier for so long. If you have a studio, a band, and/or do your own recording – even if on a budget – you owe it to yourself to save up for one of these!

    - Matt
    Odin's Court
    D2C Studios

  • from New York City August 4, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Required Gear for the DAW-based Studio

    After moving from ADATs to DAW, I had been mainly mixing in the box. I was a little skeptical about this unit and the summing mixer thing generally but I am a convert. Even just a stereo pair coming out of the DAW sounds better with this box. Bussing out your mix into 2-channel stems adds more depth, clarity and richness. If you are using any hardware to process your tracks, this piece is definitely necessary but you're going to need a patchbay.

    Almost perfect piece of gear. Would be nice if it had some type of metering to indicate the level of the summed channels coming out of the 2-buss. Certainly would have added to the cost but it would have still been nice. Otherwise a 5-star piece of gear!

  • from Riverhead, NY April 8, 2014Music Background:
    Classical piano, recording/mix engineer, videographer

    Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT

    During all the research about this product, I understood that the resulting sound improvement would be subtle, and that only after using it for some time and the comparing it to the ITB mix, that I would hear the difference. Well, after using it to mix a tune by a jazz trio, I immediately heard a slightly more distant, but much clearer overtones in the piano and upright bass. The drums had a warmer sound, with very smooth cymbals, with more 'space' between the instruments. This allowed more audible subtle details that were not there with the ITB mix. Great investment!

  • from Colorado Springs, CO November 5, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter, Hobbyist, Student

    Sweetwater came through

    I had problems with the first unit Sweetwater sent out, but within 3 days, a replacement unit was at my door. Customer service was amazing, and they helped troubleshoot the problems the best they could over the phone.

    The Dangerous 2Bus-LT in addition to the Black Lion White Sparrow MKII A/D Converter helped change the way I approached mixes. The first thing I noticed was that the vocals sounded alot better, compared to just mixing inside the box just using a Liquid Saffire 56.

    I also noticed a more "sense" of bottom in the mixes that I didn't hear that well before. I noticed that plug-ins are needed less more that I used to make tracks sound better. Just plug-in the 2Bus and you will hear a significant difference. If you do not hear that much of a difference, it might be your monitoring, or your room treatment.

    This summing mixer made a difference for my studio and I hope that it makes one for yours too.

  • from Egypt August 15, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician, Composer & Arranger, recording & mixing engineer

    Who can't hear the difference????!!!

    Great piece of equipment. better stereo image, amazing depth, less high freq. harshness, HEADROOM, if your reaching the point where your mixes aren't getting any better, thats a great deal for achieving better & faster mixes. thank you paul allen, thank you sweetwater, thank you dangerous Music. great support & great Gear.

  • from Austin, TX January 22, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    A must have.

    I really works. Better image, tighter bottom. It glues the mix. I use a bunch of outboard (500 series, old comps, EQs, etc) direct into 2BUS LT to save a conversion. The center is really centered and the sides are a lot more precise. I like it !

  • from Iran November 8, 2008Music Background:
    sound engineer-composer-vocalist

    Not mandatory gear but usefull

    This gear is for improvement in daw mixes.
    You can run your channels in 8 stereo groups into 2-bus lt(some skills needed for grouping channels according to frequencies and clipping and distortions and levels and ..)
    and then increase your linked groups levels until you can hear distorton from lt`s output .don`t pay attention to clipping warnings of your daw`s mixer in groups !!!
    you must only hear your lt`s output until it sound bad or distorted or harsh .then decrease mixer levels to its latest fine number and you can record this output channle(2-bus lt) in your daw or recorder now.the channels sound a bit richer and fuller
    and near the market sounds.a little more punchy and sounds compressed a bit !! lt`s headroom is very high ! i can suggest it`s output level of lt in 12:15 position but depends on your works. it is not mandatory for your daw mixes if your budget is limmited!
    i can hear almost 10% improvement in my daw mixes after using this gear.it is up to you!

  • from January 13, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Producer, Engineer, Mixer


    This is a great piece of gear. A bit pricey for what it does, and that is why I am giving it a rating of 2.0. It is just OK. Anyone who says this thing is incredible, in my opinion, does not entirely know what they are talking about. I ended up selling this and getting a Roll Music Folcrum 16 Channel Passive mixer... which leaves you the option to use any preamp you want. I prefer API or Neve. A Folcrum into either API or Neve blows the 2-Bus LT out of the water. It is not even a competition.

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