Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer

16-channel Analog Summing Amplifier/Mixer
Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer image 1
Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer image 1
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Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Analog Summing Mixer
In Stock!

Sum your mix outside the box!

The Dangerous 2-BUS LT is an analog summing mixer designed specifically for the digital audio environment. There are certain sonic qualities that analog equipment can impart to an individual sound or an overall mix. That's where the Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT analog-summing mixer comes in. Assembled by hand using only the finest mastering-quality components, the 2-BUS LT sums 16 channels (or eight stereo stems) of audio to a stereo pair. It allows you to run hotter digital fader levels while gaining headroom, spatial detail, and clarity- in short, the 2-BUS LT delivers a great sounding mix.

Incredible Imaging with More Punch and Detail

The 2-BUS LT is a 16x2 summing amplifier designed to help users of digital audio workstations (DAW's) better mix performance through the use of the existing equipment in their studios. While digital audio workstations offer unprecedented flexibility in multitrack recording and editing, the resulting mix from these systems generally doesn't equal those of high-end analog recording consoles in terms of sound quality and preservation of spatial detail.

For Pro and Project Studios

Dangerous Music's 2-BUS LT allows the full potential of your digital audio workstation to be realized audibly. It sums 16 channels of audio to a stereo pair in a high quality analog environment while occupying only one rack space. The 2-BUS LT delivers quality you would expect from a full-scale analog console, but from a compact unit that was specifically designed for the home, project, and professional digital studio.

Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT Features:
  • Breathe the soul back into your mix.
  • Mix faster- leave the faders up and let the 2-Bus LT take the heat.
  • Restore punch, low end, and the stereo soundstage by breaking out the kick, snare, bass, loops, vocals, and instrumentation independently.
  • A true summing amplifier: no hardware pan pots and level controls to degrade the audio path and lose your software's recallability.
  • Integrate outboard gear with zero latency.
  • Frequency Response: 1 Hz-100 kHz within 0.3 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.006% in audio band
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.007% IMD60 4:1
  • Crosstalk @ 1 kHz: -97 dB
  • Noise floor: -81 dBu total energy in audio band
  • Max level: +27 dBu
  • Nominal operating level: +4 dBu
  • Input impedance: 25k ohm balanced
  • Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced (600 ohm drive capable)
  • Gain accuracy: +/- .25 dB
  • Power consumption: 25 watts
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT - Analog summing for your digital audio mix for under $1500!

Additional Media

2-BUS LT User Manual
2-BUS LT Wiring Diagram - Example 1
@-BUS LT Wiring Diagram - Example 2
Live Mixer Buying Guide
Dangerous Music and Live Sound
Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT versus 2-Bus

Tech Specs

Type Analog
Channels 16
Inputs - Line 2 x DB25 (CH 1-16)
Inputs - Other 2 x XLR (Expansion)
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR (Main), 2 x XLR (Monitor)
Rackmountable Yes
Height 1.75"
Width 19"
Depth 9.5"
Weight 12 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2-BUS LT

Customer Reviews

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I spent the first 10 years of my career mixing records out of the box and the last ten years mastering the mixing of records "in the box." This brilliantly designed and pristine sounding unit allows for the best of both worlds. You get the convenience and flexibility of your DAW, with the huge sound of a big console. Take the responsibility of blending your sounds away from your computer as data, and let this box do it as electrical signals through its world class components. The results are mesmerizing! The sonic landscape is so vast you will no longer have to fight so hard to get individual elements to fit with one another. I've paired this unit with an Antelope Orion Studio and I am having the time of my life mixing with them. If you can't hear the difference, you need some new monitors or a visit to an audiologist.
Music background: Urban Music Producer/ Engineer

Dangerous Music 2-Bus

This is the best thing you could add to an all "in the box" DAW! Finally, my mixes sound like how I always envisioned they should be. Low end punch, smooth highs, lots of headroom and extreme clarity! Great piece of gear!
Music background: Recording Engineer/Producer, Pro Musician

The Best Thing for DAW Users to Have!

Aside from good preamps and mics, I think this is the most important piece of gear I've ever purchased. It has been on my radar for months, but after recently talking to my sales representative Stuart Niven, he finally convinced me to cough up the money and get one now. Man, am I glad I did! I guess I didn't really how much data was lost using dozens of tracks mixed down on the internal busses inside my DAW. When I fired up my 2bus LT and started mixing, it was like night and day. I mixed a stem for drums, one for keys, one for guitars, bass, etc. The difference in punch and CLARITY is astounding! Especially compared to the same mix done completely within the box - it is more dull and lifeless. I've always preferred the sound of analogue gear for many reasons, but I also love the convenience of automation and recall in the DAW realm. Now I have the best of both worlds! The 2bus LT only takes 1 rack space, so that is convenient. Another convenience is that it does DB25, so there is less of a rat’s nest of cables in the back of the rack gear. Though I also consider this a slight negative – you have to spend a bit of extra money to get 2 DB25 snakes to get the 16 channels out of the computer and into the DAW. Though it isn't enough extra to warrant getting the 2bus (which has XLR inputs). I also like the gain feature. I can dial it down some on the 2bus LT and run the faders in the DAW hotter to get better quality with bit resolution. Honestly, I can’t believe I existed without a great summing amplifier for so long. If you have a studio, a band, and/or do your own recording – even if on a budget – you owe it to yourself to save up for one of these! - Matt Odin's Court D2C Studios
Music background: Musician (Odin's Court), Studio Owner (D2C Studios)

Just incredible!

I can't begin to explain how much this box has improved my mixes! I almost feel like I need to redo every project I have ever done and re-mix with the 2-bus. Everything sounds better, clearer, and fuller. My reverb sends are so much more lively and rich sounding. My tracks are actually deeper front to back. I also noticed that I have to drive my plug-ins a bit harder. Boosts and cuts with EQ need a few extra db of gain to achieve the same effect as before. My plug-ins, especially my waves SSL plugs, sound smoother and richer. Also the bomb factory compressors. Like the BF1176, and the Fairchild 660 have taken a step higher. It almost seems like the analog emulation software benefits a bit more that standard plugins from the 2 bus. This box is such a game changer. I can not say enough good things
Music background: Mix Engineer, Full sail student,

Best piece of equipment ever purchased

My sales engineer, Bob Mondock assisted me with this purchase. This, along with the Motu 24 IO has dramatically changed the way I produce and the fidelity, punch and headroom is incredible! If you produce with DAW, you need this gear. Your productions will now elevate you to the next level. Get ready! This gear literally saved my career in music!
Music background: DJ, Producer, Musician, Engineer

Sweetwater Advice

Marcos Sanchez

The Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT is a phenomenal unit for helping you get rid of that "flat and thin" sound when you're finishing up your mixes, and get back to that analog "glue" that really makes everything in your mix fit properly together. It's an invaluable mixing tool which I use on a regular basis with my Pro Tools HD Native system, but can be integrated into just about any recording system with ease. An absolute must-have that will give you an edge over any other computer-based studio.

Mike Harris

This is the biggest game-changing purchase you can make if you are working in the digital world. Are your Pro Tools or Logic mixes missing that "big label" sound? If so, you NEED Dangerous summing!

Stuart Niven

I run a Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT behind my Pro Tools HD io and it is simply amazing! My mixes feel wide open and have a depth that is normally only associated with an old analog console. Tons of headroom and punch... I would not mix without it!
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