Vintech model 273

2-channel Class A, Transformer Balanced Mic Pre With EQ Based on Neve 1073
Vintech model 273 image 1
Vintech model 273 image 1
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Vintech model 273
Special Order

Two Channels of 1073-Style Preamps with "Essential EQ"!

NOTE: This product requires a Vintech Power Supply, not included. Call for assistance.

The Vintech Audio 273 features two 1073-style microphone preamplifiers for less than the price of one vintage 1073! The 273 includes "essential EQ" on every channel. Vintech calls the high and low shelving EQ adjustments "essential" because they really help to enhance certain instruments and impart a certain magic to the sound like a vintage Neve 1073. Frequency choices are 5.6kHz and 12kHz for the highs and 60Hz and 110Hz on the low shelving but can be special ordered at other practical frequencies. Each channel also offers an input sensitivity adjustment allowing up to 70db of gain, an input impedance switch, a mic-line switch, an instrument input and switches for phantom power, phase reverse and EQ on or off.

Requires an external power supply.

Vintech Audio 273 Features:
  • Class A, all discrete, transformer balanced circuitry
  • "Essential EQ" on each channel
  • Impedance adjustment and direct instrument inputs
  • Custom-machined aluminum knobs

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Tech Specs

Preamp Type Solid State
Number of Channels 2
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR (Mic), 2 x XLR (Line), 2 x 1/4" (Line)
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Width 19"
Manufacturer Part Number 273

Customer Reviews

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This mic pre is amazing. If you are recording acoustic guitar or vocals you really need one of these. It just adds such a nice color to the tone of acoustic guitars and vocals. I even use it as a DI for bass and it's just great. The subtle eq included is a really nice touch for taming some of the boominess of acoustic guitars. I don't really believe in the notion that you have to have tons of expensive outboard gear to make great recordings, but a good mic pre is a must and this unit delivers! As usual, Sweetwater has the best price and service you can find.


Up until about 6 months ago I was only running on the pre's off my Apollo, and a Single Channel Phoenix DRSQ4m that i used for vocals. Then I purchased a Vintech 273 to have a high quality stereo preamp, and hey, it had some EQ as well so that was just a plus, but i didnt plan on using it much. I demo'd this preamp vs my apollo using a pair of SDC's on acoustic guitar for a friend of mine, Both of us were blown away at how big and full the sound was on the 273 in comparison, while keeping all the details. What I love about this pre is how well the top end sounds. Its ultra detailed without being harsh in the slightest. I've been recommending this preamp to all of my audio enthusiast friends since. I've also been using the EQ A LOT. It's very easy to use and is very musical as well.
Music background: Audio Engineering Student

An updated review - 5 years later

Its been almost 5 years since I added my Vintech 273 to my rack. I made a small modification to it a year or two ago at the recommendation of Dallas @ Vintech, so it is sonically the same as those shipping today. I gotta say, 5 years and countless tracks later, this did in fact turn out to be my go-to preamp. My "budget" and mid-priced preamps have all been sold. My Focusrite Liquid Channel, while still being very cool, wasn't seeing a lot of action so it was sold also. The Vintech 273 is hands down one of the better investments I've ever made into my studio. I've used add a little life to sterile keyboard tracks and loops, made good use of it as a DI for both bass and guitar, and have put countless amps, acoustic guitars, vocalists, and drums in front of this baby. I even had a thin and cold sounding mix that i MASTERED in part by running through this baby and hitting the output transformers hard while using the EQ to add a little meat to the low end and tame the high end a bit. (crazy huh?!?!) My only regret is that I don't have at least 6 more channels. Most of my tracks run out of the Vintech and into an Empirical Labs FATSO and then through Apogee converters. The sound is fantastic. Warm enough to add some meat, clean enough to record light acoustic material. I have been recommending them to my friends for years and will continue to do so.
Music background: Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Songwriter

Nice & Smooth

Well this is my entry into the world of high end pre's and this unit is pretty stellar. Everything I've recorded thus far has just completely has been taken up a level. The picture is becoming more clear to me. If you want to make records that sound on par with the greats you've got to do it with quality gear. If you're looking to get a lot for your money this is a great piece of gear. Highly endorsed. If you're stuck, talk to Kurt Martin. He'll help you figure out what solution is best for your studio and workflow. He's really great to work with.
Music background: Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician

great dual preamp

Big, dimensional sound like we've heard all our lives! I use it for tracking most anything. Useful hi and low pass filters. People needn't worry here about this preamp being too colored. This is the kind of colored your DAW needs. A beautiful pre that can be described with a combination of adjectives that would normally contradict one another: punchy/shimmery/smooth/aggressive/fat/airy/warm/clear. It does all this. The 273 has improved the quality of my recordings tenfold.
Music background: musician, recording engineer, producer
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