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MOTU 24I/O Core System Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • Brian F. Burke Jr.
    from Rochester,NY USA June 17, 2012Music Background:
    Keybaordist, Tenor Sax Player, Music Writer and Producer (not music industry, but fairly knowledgable) Been playing Piano since 1966...

    To K. Osborne and everyone else...

    I have owned this for well over a year as well as a 2408 MK3 usinf a PCI-e interface. . I agree with everything K. Osborne said except the part about the windows audio. It is a bit difficult to get used to. But you do not need to use seperate outputs. Just change settings in your Control Panel or use something like Media Center and set up different Zones that use WASAPI-Event for some and ASIO for others or however you want to set them up. I use ASIO for SONAR Producer, Ableton Live, and Prpellerhead Reason. I use WASAPI-Event for playing mp3 and flac files as well as for most of my Video sound. You have to change the default driver/uotput in order to use the shoirtcut controls on a keyboard with those controls on it. With the new interface software MOTU has raised the bar again. I will put up my 96,oooHz or even my 48,000 Hz 24 bit convertors againts ANY prosumer 192,000 HZ convertors and blow them away. The D/A; A/D convertors in this MOTU line are absolutely flawless. The 2408 MK3 is handy for those of you who need digital I/O it also is very easy to use as a stand alone. The PCI-e card wil take "UO TO" 4 breakout boxes. If you load it down too much you might run into a bit of trouble, like using all of the I/O on 2 24 I/O boxes or all the I/O on 4 of the HD 192 boxes at once. If you need all of this you have a studio thatcan probably afford a second PCI-e card anyway. These I/O's are every bit as good as anything AVID or Lynx or anybody else makes. They are more Mac oriented but work well on my pc, I have only run into adriver problem with mtExpres 128 MIDI hub...wish I had gotten the next one up as it is much more programable. The 128 Express requires that your DAW be running to get much more than a simple slpittrer out of it. It also had no SMPTE clock for those of you who do video. MOTU has just come out with a PCI-e Video interace that looks interesting on the surface. My ad vice is to go to the nearest store that carries these in stock and KLISTEN to one and hear for yourself, then go home and jump on the computer or the phone and order one from Sweetwater. I made the mistake ONCE to order from somewhere else for something to save a few $ and it was a night mare and ended up having to send the product to Sweetwater for them to set it up correctly and wasted many hours and $'s. Order from Sweetwater, no I don't work there, I just have some experience with the difference between there service and others and like the MOTU equioment, they are superior in every respect. I am not sure what MOTU uses for A/D; D/A convertors...Burr Brown maybe...whatever they are they are incredible sounding, and this system wont drain your cpu, it does all of the processing in the boxes and on the PCI-e card. Sounds great...is flexible...good value...what else is there? Oh... and as usual, if you are having any problems ssetting them up, there is no better company to have bought them from than Sweetwater. Their Sales Engineer ar trained on pretty much all of the product and if your isn't he/she will find on that is and they are a joy to deal with. All U.S. based, no Indian or Chinese Etc. help desks who are clueless and hard to understand. I couldn't be happier.I am not saying that MOTU is the only good choice, just that it IS a good choice! Listen and hear the magic....

  • K. Osborne
    from Oklahoma April 18, 2009Music Background:
    Recording / Mixing Engineer, Musician


    Okay, first of all, this interface is incredible. Second of all, buy it.

    For the price, there is no other interface more logical, pure, or straightforward. The most channels I use at once is maybe 16 or 20 (for a big kit), and I didn't want to have to get an 8 channel interface and then stack expansions on top with digital lines. I thought, hey, look at the 24io...what a great idea. Come to find out, I made the right choice absolutely. I was able to tell a difference in quality immediately. Clearer and crisper in playback, and BEAUTIFUL in recording---the converters in this are just astounding.

    I've been a PC user forever, and I don't use ProTools, I use Nuendo. I have a small PT8 system to mix certain client projects, but I prefer to record and mix in N3. I have worked on all kinds of systems, Mbox, 002, 003, Firepod, Delta 1010, EMU, and others, and this is by FAR my favorite. I was looking for good sound quality without all the crap--the digital lines, the preamps, the fancy knobs--I use high end analog preamps and other outboard gear, and this solved all my problems.

    Now, the only con (and the reason for the 4.5) I have is that it's a bit tricky to figure out the difference between your PC sound (like if you play songs through iTunes) versus the sound you use for your DAW. What I had to do was use outs and ins 23/24 for my computer sound. A bit unexpected, and maybe I just didn't look into it that much, but still fine. I'm guilty of not looking through the manual adamantly.

  • Hiroyuki Ikezi
    from Rancho Santa Fe, CA July 17, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    Does not work with Recent Macs

    This interface works beautifully with PC and Old Mac Pros, which have PCIe expansion slots. Since none of recent Macs have PCIe slot, this interface works with none of recent Macs. PCIe 424 card does not work with Thunderbolt - PCIe expansion box, because the card does not recognize the Thunderbolt. MOTU is not going to fix this problem according to my e-mail exchange with MOTU representative. Avoid buying this interface if you are a Mac user.

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