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Bock Audio 241 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from CT January 28, 2013

    Just Perfect

    What astonishes me about this mic is the combination of the high end air and low end girth, all which being extremely articulate and nuaunced throughout the entire frequency spectrum - there isn't a muddy, flat, or harsh sound to get out of it, and it just makes your voice sound, well, better, simply put. My voice sounds much richer, remarkably deeper (though not darker!!), and more confident through it - definitely a "telent booster" of sorts, though the confidence part may just come from the actual added confidence of hearing yourself through the headphones. Either way, I'll take it!! I also record a female singer through it, the top end air sounds EXCELLENT with her voice, as well, extremely soft and detailed, but I feel this mic really flexes its muscle and shines when you put a deeper voice through it.

    I bought the 241 instead of the 251 as it's nothing but a vocal mic for me - I'd rarely use anything other than the cardoid pattern (only pattern on the 241 vs multi-pattern 251), so why spend $2000 MORE for extra patterns that would rarely be used? Did not make sense for me, though it may for others.

    I cringed at the pricetag, but this mic has proved to be worth every penny. I can't record through anything else now - I've been running it through a Slate Pro Audio Fox preamp and Dragon compressor, and what a combination. I feel spoiled. Highly recommended, you'll fall in love with any voice your put through it.

  • from Minneapolis April 22, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer and musician

    Has that vocal "sound"

    This microphone has the "pro" vocal sound you strive for.

    Sweetwater let me know when they had this microphone available for me. When it arrived, it was interesting to see that I had microphone number 6. These are hand assembled and there was a card with a hand written greeting from David Bock inside. Very nice.

    The Bock 241 is my first high end microphone. I have been using AT4033 and KSM27 for recording vocals. When I compared (solo the tracks) the recorded sound of the 241 to a KSM27, I was at first not sure there was a big difference. BUT, when you listen to a vocal plus music mix, you hear it. The 241 is carefully equalized to give you that pro sound without "working" for it. It really starts to get exciting when you add compression and reverb. It is that sound you hear on records and CD's.

    In the past, I have spent many hours equalizing and processing KSM27 and 4033 tracks trying to get the pro sound. The KSM27 sounds "more electronic" and "squeezed". The KSM27 also has much more midrange. The kind of midrange you eq out when mixing against instruments. The 241 in comparison has eq cut built into it's sound to deliver the nice sound right when you hit play.

    The 241 sound has a low mid range bump in comparison to my other mics. It is a low frequency that sits right on the bottom end of the vocal range. It is a more "alive" sounding low range than the other mics. It does not sound simply like turning up an equalizer. I am thinking this part of the sound may come from transformers. As I mentioned, the mids and high mids are very carefully scooped out. This eq cut is JUST RIGHT to have your vocal sit in the mix. The highs are similar in level to a KSM27, but more clear and less irritating sounding. An analogy I might use is to compare the sound of a solid state guitar amplifier to that of a tube amplifier. Of course, it is a tube microphone.

    The big benefit to using this microphone came as a surprise to me. It is a TIME saver. It just has the vocal sound you are looking for, you don't need to spend lots of time eq'ing and processing to get the big time sound.

    I did a lot of research and saved my money up for a long time to get a microphone of this quality. It is expensive, but I am glad I got it. I have no buyer's remorse.

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