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Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Koa back and sides Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Koa back and sides?

Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Koa back and sides?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Drexel Hill Pa April 11, 2017

    Sounds like Angels Singing

    Before I buy something I do extensive research and sometimes I drive myself crazy going through and back and forth between guitars. I recently went to a local guitar store and narrowed my choices down to 3 after trying the majority of the guitars hanging on the wall. When I picked up this guitar and strumed it I knew this was the one, it was like angels singing. The projection from this guitar when you strum a chord or pick a note is amazing. The pickup system in this guitar makes it sound so close to the pure natural acoustic tone but only better when you're plugged in that you will not want to stop playing. Buy this guitar you will not be sorry.

  • from Northern WI March 20, 2017Music Background:
    Woodwinds and voice back in the day...new to guitar in middle age

    I heart my Taylor 214ce-K Deluxe

    In January, I walked into a music shop just 'to take a look at bongos' while on a road trip with my sis. An hour later, I walked out with a pretty little Washburn Koa parlor guitar...having never played a guitar before. I practiced on that guitar for a couple of weeks before realizing I wanted something bigger and better because I was officially addicted to playing guitar! So, I spent a day surfing guitars and listening to specific models on YouTube. I ended up ordering the Taylor 214ce-K Deluxe Grand Auditorium and I am in love!! It's true I'm a beginner, but I know quality when I see and hear it and I am impressed by this guitar for its price point. Besides the instrument being gorgeous visually and audibly, the hard case it came with is of decent quality and lined in velvet. The wider neck and larger-but-not-too-large size is more comfortable for me to play than the parlor guitar. (For reference, I'm female about 5'7" with a slim-but-not-skinny build.) When I gain some experience, I'll be able to describe what I like about the tone of this guitar in a way that will be more useful to seasoned players. For now, I will say that it has the right balance of mellow and bright to suit my ear and keep me interested in learning how to play.

    Six weeks later, I am still in love and that pretty little Washburn is resting in it's gig bag with a humidifier. My gorgeous Taylor is out on display in the living room (also with a humidifier) and is played nearly every day for as long as my aging hands and delicate girl fingers hold up. I changed to silk and steel strings to give my fingers a break, but I will be changing back to the Elixir strings soon because I prefer how they sound. I've been showering my Taylor with other gifts and attention as well: a humidifier, a nice Taylor suede strap, lots of picks in different colors and materials, all kinds of cleaners and polishes, an amp (someday I'll need this!), a wooden stand and a set of Planet Waves mother-of-pearl inlaid ebony bridge pins.

    I was (and still am) also impressed by the online buying process through Sweetwater. While I do like to patronize small businesses, there aren't any great shops nearby for me to see a good variety of instruments. My sales dude, Matt Morgan, called me within minutes of my online order being placed. He showed me how I could pick out a specific guitar by choosing different serial numbers of the same model I had ordered. This was awesome because I hadn't realized that was an option! I did end up picking a different instrument as a result of that call. Matt also reassured me that I could easily return the instrument if I was unhappy. If you are hesitant about buying online, give Sweetwater a try; you won't regret it. And, no they didn't pay me to say this....though they did send candy with my orders. ;-)

  • from Jacksonville Fl. November 17, 2016Music Background:
    weekend warrior

    Sweet Guitar!

    If I could give it 6 stars I would. I've had it for about 5 months and the only upgrade I've done is a set of Tusq bridge pins. The saddle was a bit tall for me out of the box, but after shaving a tad off it's dead on perfect. It's an awesome take anywhere and jam guitar and the Koa is stunning.

  • from November 11, 2016

    Taylor 214ce-K Deluxe

    This thing sounds amazing. You need to get one now, talk to Ryan Clapper the best there is.

  • from Nashville TN January 10, 2016

    Taylor 214 KDLXE

    This is a nice guitar after I took it to a Taylor Luther and had it tweaked out. The nut slots needed to be deepened slightly, and the bridge saddle blank was just factory dropped in not set up. Mexico made Taylor high quality !!! But not set up at all! !!! I'm not a fan of the poor quality plastic case, not as nice as my 335 black case, BTW I paid $1,200.00 for my 335 12 string. The case is very nice on it. Taylor is starting to loose Thierry quality !!!

  • from Clermont, Florida August 13, 2015

    Taylor 214ce-K Koa deluxe

    I decided on a Taylor verses a Martin because of the value but what magnificent bang for the buck ! The tone is deep and rich , not to mention the beauty of this instrument. This Taylor guitar is 2nd to NONE in its class. This was truly an excellent buy and an exciting surprise. I've purchased a number of guitars from Sweetwater and the Taylor is my unexpected FAVORITE.The folks at Sweetwater are always fantastic and do an outstanding job of customer service and satisfaction. There is no reason to buy anywhere else .

  • from Clarksville, TN May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Businessman by Day, Fingerpicker by Night

    Fantastic Guitar

    I was thrilled about finally getting this guitar. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the guitar to get to Sweetwater because it is a limited production guitar. My Sweetwater representative, Justin Lieberman ext. 1372, was very helpful. He was out for a couple of days and his backup Ryan Thorpe was helpful as well. They responded quickly to me whenever I had any questions. I had to put an order in to get on the list for this guitar (all they did was just hold my credit card information) before I purchased I was able to view 2 of the guitars and pick which one I wanted based on appearance which was important to me since Koa varies so much. They were high quality pictures and showed all the little details. I felt lucky that I got to choose one with variations in the spruce and the koa.

    The guitar is bright but not overwhelming. The action is just about perfect. Very clear and no buzzing on any frets. I don't really have any issues with the guitar.

    I did quite a bit of research on both Martin guitars and Taylor's. I watched how the factories go through the process of building the guitars and how everything is created. Both are fantastic guitars but I wanted something that I knew would have great action and would be easy to play often. People may think it is silly to spend the extra money on the Koa but I personally think guitars are beautiful instruments and this makes the guitar fantastic to look at as well.

    The package arrived about 4 days after I placed the order. It was double boxed with the Taylor box inside a Sweetwater box. It was packaged well and the guitar was inside the case. The case is solid. There is little to no movement anywhere! There were various brochures about Taylor guitars, strings, humidifiers, registration and other things in the case too.

    I have hardly set it down since I've gotten it. My buddy has a Martin and he was seriously impressed his Martin was in about the same price range. We've agreed that after a while we will trade and see which one we both like better... I'm sure I'll want to trade back.

    Overall a great guitar, looks great, sounds great, easy to play, just bright enough with out being twangy and I'm thrilled with the purchase.

    I would recommend this to a friend and Sweetwater as a company to purchase from.

    Great experience.

  • from United States June 26, 2014Music Background:

    Sweet Player

    Plays like velvet

  • from July 10, 2015

    Beautiful Instrument

    I've had dozens of guitars, but I think I finally found my dream guitar. The Koa wood has a special quality that my ear has been searching for all these years. The slimmer neck fits my hand better than the 614's and 816's and with my arthritis, its easier to maneuver around. I truly love Taylors design and styling. I wish they would offer more options as far as inlays and borders on the 214 Series. I love it.

  • from NJ April 26, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro

    Very Nice

    I bought this to replace my 314 that I recently sold. It was a 2001, my first Taylor but I didn't play it much since it has a wider neck. The 214 has the 1.68 width at the nut which fits me like a glove ( T5, GS Mini, Solid body all have this width). The ES is a nice upgrade over the Fisnam and is a tad lighter too. The Koa is beautiful, even though it's layered and not solid. I'm ok with layered back and sides, I think they hold up to changes in humidity better. The all gloss body is sweet!

  • from Austin, TX April 8, 2014Music Background:
    Studio Musician and Worship Guitarist

    Sounds so sweet

    When I bought this guitar I wanted it simply for the beautiful Koa. I've always loved Koa, but I don't have 5 to 6 grand to drop on an all solid Koa guitar. This guitar impressed me the moment I opened the case. Photos don't do this guitar justice. When you play it for the first time you will immediately notice how bright and clear it sounds. Every note rings true and sounds as if the guitar was singing to you.

    I play through a PA system on a regular basis and the Expression System works great with the Koa Laminate and Spruce Top. The guitar immediately got me compliments from my fellow band members. It sounds great with finger style and strumming techniques.

    I am really glad I came to Sweetwater for this guitar. My Sales Engineer Jeff Bohan made my purchase even more appreciated. He checked up on me before my guitar arrived and he called me a few days after my guitar got to me just to see how everything was going with my new baby. I would definitely buy from Sweetwater again.

  • from Florissant, MO December 27, 2013Music Background:
    studio home since '95


    The guitar came with hard shell case not a carrying bag. The finish on the guitar is outstanding. The spruce top is very fine. The neck was typical Taylor except there is slight swirl to grain on backside which I kind of like. The ebony on neck appears not broke in almost rosewood texture (likely because I haven't bought new guitar in ages). I've owned the Koa non-laminate before and have a 514CE. This guitar plays a bit brighter than both but still has the KOA properties. I was really surpised in the quality and Sweetwater is a top notch place to buy from. Pics were sent ahead of time to make one salivate before arrival. This is a very nice Taylor and not just for the money. If one guitar had to leave it wouldn't be the 214CE.

  • from Lebanon, April 24, 2014

    Almost Great

    I was very happy with my 214-K Koa Deluxe Natural. I loved the way it looked with it's light and dark wood grains. Next it played smooth and easy with little or no effort. I smiled as soon as I heard it. I was also very pleased with the way it was packed and shipped along with the follow-up call after placing my order. I also ordered a Taylor Suede Guitar Strap - Chocolate. Very pretty. Then when I went put it on it wouldn't fit. It was either too thick or the button on the bottom was to thin. I presented my problem and was asked for pictures which I sent. I was told it looked like the strap was to thick and I could order some strap locks to hold the strap on. My problem still remains. The button only sticks out enough for a thin strap. So almost great.

Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Koa back and sides?

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