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Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Rosewood back and sides Reviews

5.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Rosewood back and sides?

Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Rosewood back and sides?

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  • from WHB LONG ISLAND November 28, 2016

    Taylors 214ce

    Just got it today... The sound an feel is incredible.
    Very very easy to play. Highly recommended. ..

  • from Colorado September 2, 2016Music Background:
    worship leading and song writer! I also play with a band and am

    I will never have a reason to buy something better!!!

    I will have this forever! Amazing sound, I was wondering how I would like the sound of it but it sounds great for anything I play picking and strumming. Great electronics and body. You can never go wrong with this guitar, for advanced or beginner players!

  • from August 18, 2016

    Best Guitar For the Price

    I did not order this guitar from sweetwater, but I went to a guitar shop in Nashville and played dozens of guitars in the $1000 price range and I knew the moment I strummed this guitar that I was going to buy it. In my opinion it sounded like a higher level Taylor and I loved the way it felt in my hands. I really didn't plan on buying a guitar that day, but I ended up going home with this one. Also, I didn't really have the extra money to spend, but it was definitely worth it!

  • from Harrison, AR June 21, 2016Music Background:
    Professional , hobbyist, I love to play


    This is a fantastic guitar! Just got mine in an hour ago. Plays tremendously right out of the box with no additional set up required. I got a fender acoustic when I was 15 years old. A JG-26 model. It has been my go to acoustic for the last 24 years!! Until now. My wife bought me a Taylor 214ce deluxe for my 40th birthday and I can not put it down. It plays like a dream and sounds even better!! Crisp, clean, natural acoustic tone that only a Taylor can produce. And I have a Gibson hummingbird pro that basically stays in its case. I never liked the feel of the neck on the Gibson. The feel of the Taylor however, is incredible. Super fast, light, easy playing neck. This guitar is made to be played!! If you want a great acoustic/electric, there is no doubt, get the 214ce deluxe, you will be glad you did!

  • from Charlottesville, VA June 3, 2016Music Background:
    Country/gospel/experience player

    Great guitar

    I got acoustic electric Taylor 214ce Deluxe natural. I have 110ce, this 214ce DLX is an upgrade for me. 110ce has a very good sound acoustic guitar, but 214ce DLX has a better sound than my 110ce. Right out of the box, I tuned it a little bit, and It stayed in tune. When I connected to the amplifier, wow, the sounds is even better...! The hard case is very nice and I think was worth the money.Thank Sweetwater for helping me to decide and choose this wonderful instrument!

  • from S.W. Florida May 26, 2016Music Background:
    Country/Gospel/Classic rock

    Everything I expected...

    I love this guitar. First of all just the look of the guitar is great, but the tone and playability are unmatched. I upgraded from 114ce and on YouTube it is hard to hear the difference between the two. That is why I waiting so long to pull the trigger. In real life, a great step up. If there is a negative, the strings it came with are slippery, for real musicians this may be a plus but I can't wait till they're dirty and worn.

  • from San Francisco May 5, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate player

    Amazing Guitar

    I cannot find enough praise for this guitar. I never understood why people would pay so much for a guitar until I started playing this. I had a very decent Alvarez, but I could get it sounding right in the studio (too muddy and bassy). When I first played the 114ce in the store, I said to myself, this just "sings." I can't think of a better word yet.

    The 214ce deluxe is a nice step up. The hard case is very nice and the added fit and finish I think was worth the money, but the 114ce is also a great guitar.

    Now that I've got it home, I love it even more. At the risk of sounding sappy, it just pierces my soul. The subtle resonances are so pure and clean that it really goes right to my center. It's full without being boomy or bassy. What a fantastic sound!

  • from Central Maine March 16, 2016

    Taylor 214ce Deluxe

    I bought this to use when gigging out with other musicians so wouldn't have to worry about having my prized 814ce damaged. When I ordered this, I didn't expect it to play or have the tone that my more expensive 814ce had. The internal bracing was different and the finish is nearly twice as thick. But when I took this out of the case for the first time, I was blown away. Not only was the guitar beautiful to look at, but it sounded great! It did take a little getting used to the higher action compared to the 814ce, but the more I play it the better it sounds. I'm finding that I play this almost as much as my 814ce now. Taylor guitar's are AMAZING! So are the guys at Sweetwater. They're the best out there hands down!

  • from Watertown NY January 21, 2016

    Best Guitar For The Money

    To start, I am going to say that no, this is not the greatest guitar ever made. I played that guitar, this is not it; however, this is the best foreign made (Mexico) acoustic guitar you can buy at this price point! That is no over-exageration. I have been playing (and buying) guitars for 25 years, and have owned guitars at almost every price point; this guitar is the best playing $1000 guitar I have ever put in my hand. The highs ring with clarity, the middle sounds like butter melting (you know what I mean - that silky smooth sound that makes you want to keep playing a lick or note over and over again), and the lows are fully voiced without smudging out the rest of the sound. I play a mixture of flat-pick and fingerstyle and this guitar goes between the two with ease. If you are hesitating because you assume that lesser quality instruments come out of Mexico or Korea than America, stop, these guitars are just as good as their American made counterparts. Price wise, this sounds better than a 300 or 400 series guitar, and costs 500-1000 dollars less.

  • from Troy , Montana October 17, 2015Music Background:
    Country,Rock ,gospel and blues

    Taylor Time

    My new 214ce Deluxe by Taylor is a dream come true . It's tone, looks, and playability are superb .
    I recommend this guitar to players of all skill levels . Once I pick it up it's hard to put it away . I've been waiting for this guitar for fifty years . Happy, Happy, Happy !!!

  • from Seattle July 10, 2015Music Background:

    Wow! Blown away!

    I have been searching a long time for the ultimate guitar for me. I have a Godin acoustic/electric that is close but now I've just received my 214ce deluxe and I'm blown away! Sound quality, electronics and playability is astounding. I also own a Baby Taylor so I'm very familiar with Taylor's quality. Thank Sweetwater for hooking me up with this wonderful instrument and the 5 star service!

  • from United States November 21, 2014Music Background:


    As expected! Great sound

  • from Gibsonville, NC September 12, 2014Music Background:
    Former professional, personal hobby.

    Taylor 214ce Deluxe-Great Choice

    This is my first Taylor purchase and I took some time to research and finally select the model that best suited my style. I have to say that this guitar is a fantastic choice for all types of acoustic players. The first thing that I noticed was the details of finish, inlays, and electronics...very nice. The other, and the reason I selected this guitar is the crisp, responsive tones produced across the spectrum. Plugging this guitar to an amp also will not disappoint and give you endless variations of sound.

  • from Grand Rapids May 9, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Director


    I've sold guitars locally for about 6 years: Martin, Yamaha, Alvarez - not too many high end but lots around $1k. When I played the 214ce dlx it was a standout among all other brands at its price. My taste in action is to adjust it as low as I can get it without buzzing (not technically correct for acoustics, but for me the added playability is worth the lost volume/low end you get when the action is a bit higher). The action on my 214 is ridiculously low, while maintaining a tight, boomy low end. The better electronics of the deluxe (taken from the American made 300 series) are perfect for me as my priorities were a guitar something that played great and sounded equally great when plugged in. The fact that it sounds incredible unplugged, though only the top is solid, is a surprising bonus.

    With the technicalities out of the way, let me just say that on an emotional level, I'm in love with this guitar. Every time I pick it up I'm impressed all over again. I didn't know much about Taylor before I bought my 214, but of all the guitars I've played over the years (and there have been hundreds), I don't see anything on this level for the money.

  • from Sumter, SC December 27, 2013

    Superb Acoustic

    This is an excellent Taylor acoustic at an amazing price point. For a few more dollars over the standard 214ce you get a full gloss finish, the expression system found on more expensive models, and a hard shell case. The neck and action are among the best I've ever played and the fit and finish is perfect.

    I upgraded the machine heads to Gotoh 510's, replaced the plastic bridge pins with Taylor ebony/abalone versions, and put on Elixir phosphor bronze strings. This instrument plays and sounds better than guitars three times its price.

    If your looking for a great acoustic at a fantastic price, don't hesitate to try one of these. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    Props to Joe Milne of Sweetwater for truly exemplary service.

  • from Holden, MO June 24, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist

    Won't find better at this price

    I have own several acoustic/electric guitars, but never paid more that 500 dollars. Making this investment was well worth it. Unlike the guitars I have previously owned the electronics in the Taylor are superb. It actually sounds acoustic when plugged into a pa vs the more electric sound of cheaper guitars.

    Pros: Intonation is perfect so no matter where you are playing on the fretboard it sounds perfect, even when using a capo. The case is a wonderful hardshell. I am spoiled now. I love playing this instrument and it makes me sound better even though I am playing the same thing I have always played.

    Cons: The knobs are not marked, but it comes with great documentation and tips on maintenance. I use a thick leather strap which fits snuggly on the Taylor but the battery clip is directly under the strap by the input jack, so the strap has to be removed to access the battery. This is a minor inconvenience but given the quality of the instrument I can easily overlook that. Like I said, you won't find a better instrument at this price. It is well worth the investment.

  • from Georgia November 25, 2014Music Background:
    Retired Por Musician. Was the front man for many years.

    Taylor 214ce

    Love this guitar, Has a great sound for a electric - Acoustic. The color of the wood is just right, great looking guitar. I hat to buy something like this online but I was told about how they inspect every thing before they ship it. Hate to have to reset the action. Much to my surprise the action was great, didn't have to touch it. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5? The bottom E string set to close to the bottom of the fret board. I have had it to slide off while playing. I have 9 guitars and this is the second one to have that problem. Just hope I can keep from pulling it down and off the board. Can't go wrong by buying this guitar from Sweetwater.com

  • from Western Nebraska February 22, 2014Music Background:

    Well built

    The electronic pickups are very natural sounding. The guitar is well made and you can feel the quality throughout. The guitar stays in tune beautifully and has a very clean accurate sound with no dissonant harmonics. I am pleased with my purchase and when I think "gee I really wanted an 814" I just remind myself that the laminate construction means I can take this guitar anywhere.

Questions about the Taylor 214ce DLX - Layered Rosewood back and sides?

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