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Taylor 214ce - Layered Koa back and sides Reviews

4.5 stars based on 35 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor 214ce - Layered Koa back and sides?

Questions about the Taylor 214ce - Layered Koa back and sides?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from May 4, 2017

    awesome guitar

    i use to play only yamaha guitars and they sound great but when i got this one its a total new experience really awesome guitar

  • from NE Indiana April 28, 2017Music Background:

    Great value

    Living close to Sweetwater I was able to go in and tryout various guitars in this price range. Taylor won out.
    Sweetwaters usual great service, knowledge as to the product is exemplary.
    Guitar has a awesome sound, perfect finish.
    I feel the action could use a little tweaking and will be calling and seeing as to having it done in store.
    Guitar is a great value and sounds/plays better than many higher priced instruments.
    This is my second Taylor, the other being a 12 string, and am totally sold on the brand.
    Great product, great buying experience, super service

  • from Lenoir,NC March 13, 2017

    Great purchace

    This guitar is a real bargain! This thing plays like a dream and sounds better than any I have had my hands on yet. Which is quite a few expensive ones also. Not to mention the quality of the help from the Sweetwater guys made my experience even that much better thank you guys

  • from Dallas, TX February 17, 2017

    Love this guitar.

    I did a lot of research before I bought this guitar. The local stores only had demo's. Who wants a guitar that 300 people have played. I found Sweetwater on line. The website is very user friendly. That is huge for me. I'm just a rookie, but I can tell this Taylor guitar is of great quality. I like how they actually list the serial numbers and pictures on the site and you can select the guitar you want. The buying experience went flawless. Ben helped me and answered all my questions. He was great. It's easy to see that Sweetwater puts their customer service as a top priority.

  • from Edison January 2, 2017

    Great Sound

    I wan very impressed. I have had a Taylor 414 for years and this sounds just as good.

  • from Maine September 22, 2016Music Background:
    50+ years both professional and campfire

    Wonderful guitar - but

    I share the opinions of many here that the Taylor 214 has a wonderful sound and is very playable. Like some I had waited for years before treating myself to my first one. I didn't even consider any other brand. The down side on mine was the accelerated fret wear and deep gouging after 6 years that required a refret. My repair guy said the fret gouging was the worst he had ever seen. I still give it high marks for playability and never wanting to put it down.

  • from Clarkston, MI February 15, 2016

    Fell in love within minutes

    Up till now I have played a Breedlove and love it more than anything, mostly due to the fact it was a gift from the wife. I knew someday I was going to get a Taylor as growing up I always heard how wonderful they were, and how they could fill a room with the sounds of Angels. I put in a few extra hours of overtime and decided to treat myself to my first Taylor, Sweetwater had one in the DealZone and I jumped all over it. The antisipation of having to wait a WHOLE DAY for it to arrive was killing me. But I tell you when it showed up my idea of Taylor was surpassed by the Angelic tones and play ability of this amazing guitar. I have had a hard time putting it down. Simply put for someone who has played for a few years, this guitar is at the top of the food chain for a reason. You would not be disappointed if you were to try this guitar out.

  • from Cheboygan, Mi December 19, 2015Music Background:
    40 years of gigging with pro musicians, And i just can't stop

    Definitely Nice

    For the price, it's a special instrument. The real tell, was when I plugged it in at practice and the rest of the group notice the sound quality. I was using my Guild for most of my finger picking tunes. The band said this is a better choice for all the finger tunes and the Guild should be for the strumming. I couldn't agree more. I love my Guild because it's so warm. Now I have a guitar that is nice and crispy. After a month, I have no complaints at all.It stays in tune, it sounds nice unplugged, it's good looking. When I switch from my Guild, Martin or Godin, their is no difference in the quality of sound coming out of the p.a. Even the sound man like it.

  • from Knoxville, TN January 8, 2015Music Background:

    Love this guitar

    I was in the market for a my first "real" guitar after playing on an old beater for several months. I visited my local chain guitar store multiple times to get a feel of the different brands / models in this price range. I found the Taylor 200 series to have the best playability (for me) and sound (at least, to me) compared to the other brands in this price range.
    I even had difficulty distinguishing in sound and playability between the 214 and the 314.
    A friend suggested I speak with Mike B. from Sweetwater. Mike was phenomenal to work with and was a great help in my decision to go with this guitar. He even helped me pick out THE actual guitar with the actual pictures of the guitar. Then, I get an email with the pictures Sweetwater made of my guitar for their site for me to look at before the guitar arrived!--Very cool--my laptop has a new desktop background now!

    Playability / Set-Up is excellent-- very fun to play.
    Sound is amazing--rich, bright tones.
    It is a beautiful instrument.
    Thumbs - Up to the ES-T Electronics
    Nice Attractive HardBag/Case came with mine
    Highly recommend Sweetwater and Mike--this was a very enjoyable process!

  • from Jasper, AL March 14, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Team Drummer that plays guitar, too!


    I have been a fan of Taylor for years. I used to sell them myself. My wife got me a Big Baby to strum on at the house, and it is got enough sound to make Martin and Ovation owning friends of mine very jealous.

    Then came the 214ce... I don't know that I will ever buy another acoustic. I am so happy with this guitar that I can't express it in words.

    Buy it with no interest financing and be happy for the rest of your life.

  • from Hickory, NC USA February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician, amateur luthier

    Chiseled by the Greek gods themselves

    This guitar is everything I've ever dreamed of. I have 7 other acoustics that are gonna have to get used to neglect, because I don't think this beauty will ever leave my hands. Every time I play it I'm reminded how amazing it really is. Coupled with the great customer service, I would say I've never had a better musical experience. The guitars tone is perfect for my folk finger style playing, but sounds just as great with full chords. I'd definitely recommend this guitar to anyone.

  • from Pittsburgh,Pa February 7, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent guitar and great sound

    My daughter loves the guitar.

  • from Iowa July 11, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro musician

    Home run...

    Taylor has done it again! I have owned 4 Taylors prior to this one, GS6, 310, 410 and 510. I've wanted to try the x14 series for quite some time and the Mexican built Taylors make this possible without spending a ton of money. Regardless of the obvious construction differences I'm very impressed with the tone and playability. The electronics issue (harsh hi's) is easily corrected with some mixing board tweeking and turning the treble down on the guitar. As for Sweetwater....I wouldn't buy anything without considering them first. Great service, fast shipping, great communication and a free two year warranty....WOW. Thanks Taylor and Sweetwater.

  • from Longview, tx July 10, 2013Music Background:
    Playing as hobby for 15 years

    All around great

    Easy to play, action was excellent, sound is amassing, great entry level to intermediate player guitar,

  • from Dayton, Ohio June 11, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet Guitar

    The guitar arrived in its soft case and double boxed. The soft case was much nicer than I expected. Upon opening it I saw a pristine guitar with a beautiful spruce top. I love that Sweetwater lets you pick the exact guitar you want so the graining was exactly what I was expecting but even more beautiful than the pictures. The guitar felt great when I picked it up and when I strummed an open G it was actually in tune and the tone and projection were rich. The setup was excellent for me and the guitar plays like a dream with that Taylor feel. This guitar looks sounds and plays better in my opinion than anything else in this price range. The only downside is this was a graduation gift for my son who is an excellent guitarist and he plans to take it with him to college! I highly recommend the Taylor 214CE Grand Auditorium.

  • from Erin TN March 12, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Live Sound, Studio Musician


    I have played a lot of different guitars , but this Taylor has blown me away! The tone and action are perfect! It's not for heavy strumming though, if you want to strum the hell out of it then don't get this one, it's more for light strumming and finger picking!

  • from Albany, NY July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Songwriter

    Great Guitar

    I have just purchased the best instrument I own. I have been sitting on the fence for 8 months. I made the best investment in recent memory!!! The clarity of each note, tone and most importantly the ease of which the guitar plays. I tried Martin, Gibson and many others. This was my choice. It feels like your playing some of the much more expensive models. You will not be disappointed!!!!

  • from Escanaba Michigan USA May 19, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, classic rock, country,blues

    love this guitar

    Right from the very first strum I was impressed with crispness and clarity of the sound from this guitar. I also own a Martin Custom, but the Taylor is in class of it"s own. An absolutely great guitar!

  • from Dover, Delaware March 13, 2009Music Background:
    Amateur musician, rock and contemporary christian music

    Best in class

    In my opinion, the best acoustic guitar for under $1,000. I tried similar guitars from Guild, Martin, and Yamaha and I always came back to the Taylor. The string to string balance of the Taylor is what sets it apart from the competition. Highly recommended. Ordered it from Sweetwater. Unlike other "big" internet music retailers, they do a full 55 point inspection before it goes out the door so you know your getting a quality product when it arrives.

  • from Colorado Springs June 11, 2008Music Background:
    contemporary christian, worship leader

    Never thought it could sound this good

    I just got me 214ce and I am blown away by the sound this guitar puts out. You can hear every note cut through on every chord you play. I had the 114ce for a while but this guitar is much bettter. It feels more solid and has a more full sound than the 114ce. This is a great way to get the taylor you've always wanted but not spend your whole paycheck. I've had three guitars delivered to me from Sweetwater and none of them had any issues. They really take care of you.

  • from Phillips December 29, 2015

    Billy P

    I already put in my review, everything about this guitar is just right and the service from Sweetwater and my sales person Kurt is impeccable. Once I pay this off I will be getting new QSC speakers and I couldn't get them any whereelse.

  • from Swnsboro NC March 18, 2015

    Taylor 214ce

    Had a friend of mine who is a real talent come over and give it a good going over, "man this sweet". I have to agree with him, the action is so flat all the down the fret board.The more I play it, I like it better when compared to my American made [Mrtn], the Taylor fits in 75% more in to all what I play. I can tell this lady and I are going to be friends to the end.

  • from New York City December 21, 2012Music Background:

    excellent craftmanship, excellent sound.

    The guitar itself sounds beautiful. It's very bright, which is consistent with the research I found before purchasing the guitar. I was able to play one before buying it and couldn't believe how easy it was to play. I actually sound like a better guitarist with this guitar. The neck is perfectly smooth, and the playability lives up to the taylor brand.

    Because the guitar has such a bright sound, the high end is accentuated when it's plugged in and you're using the pickups, so I run it through an EQ pedal for live performances to make it less harsh. That really fixes everything for me.

    I've recorded with it quite a bit already through a mic, not direct-in, and it sounds beautiful. ZERO regrets on this purchase.

  • from Barbados May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    Simply Amazing

    This guitar is worth every cent spent. The guitar is beautiful to look at, its weight distribution is perfect, the width of the neck isn't very big and the tone is beautiful unplugged and amazing when plugged in. I use mine with an acoustic monster cable and a Roland AC-60 rosewood acoustic amp.

    Mine came with what i believe were medium gauged strings and that made playing it quite uncomfortable to the fingers. I changed the strings to elixir nano web light (0.12) and that solved the problem. I did get some fret buzz after so i had to adjust the truss rod which was quite easy.

    The hard bag it comes in is quite durable and really protects the guitar.

    I would recommend this guitar and for the price you are surely getting a deal

  • from Orlando,FL January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, mixing engineer

    Nice and Decent

    I've had the privilege to play some awesome instruments, really expensive ones and really cheap ones, this guitar, which I own, is a very nice and sweet sounding guitar, I've also played the other more expensive series, which in my opinion, does sound somehow better, for what I understand it's a tiny bit pricey, but again you are getting a really quality guitar, in other words, if you have some more money to spend, go for the 414 series, but if not, don't feel bad, you are getting a really NICE and beautiful guitar, ohh! and one more thing, it is a TAYLOR! :)

  • from Melbourne FL December 24, 2009Music Background:
    Worship Team

    Best Guitar under $1000

    I almost bought this guitar, but afer a week of playing both the 214ce and the 314ce, I opted to go with the 314ce... but it was a very close call. I love the sound of the 214ce and the value. The main reason I dished out the extra $600 for the 314ce is it had a more solid feel and slightly better response (i.e. tone / action) to my style of play. I also preferred the 314ce's Expression electronics, but the 214ce's ES-T electronics still sound great! Note: I also tried 414ce and above, but to me, not much sound difference compared to 314ce (only visual differences).

  • from August 8, 2015Music Background:
    playing guitar for 5-6 years

    really like it! Dont love love it like I hoped

    This was the most Ive ever spent on a guitar before. I researched a ton before the purchase and felt lie this was the best guitar for my money and for my purposes (recording and playing at my church). When I got the guitar I fell in love with the acoustic sound it had! Great for recording (with a mic). But when I first played at church, my high B and E strings were really hot and much louder in comparison to the other strings. By using the 2 knobs on the guitar iself you can EQ it out slightly. That is my only minor complaint, overall love the guitar! Recommend it, but it always depends on how you will use it and your taste in the sound! Good luck!

  • from Anchorage, AK March 29, 2015

    Nice guitar

    First purchase from Sweetwater. Arrived quickly in great shape. Nice, Taylor sound for a reasonable price. Good electronics, but I usually play unplugged. Action was a bit high upon arrival.

  • from Los Angeles, CA USA July 7, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, song writer, worship leader,

    Nice 214ce grand auditorium

    This is my first taylor guitar, 214 ce. I usually buy yamaha but i decided to go for taylor since my worship pastor plays the 314ce. The higher 314 ce is warmer, loud but controlled, but the price $1800 is way out of my budget. When i played 214ce i noticed lil difference on tone, but still great sounding unplugged. When i took it to play in the church,using the Behringer ACX 450 it sounded really great, except i have to control the bass, and i couldn't use the onboard effect on Behringer because of one big drawback: feedback. I haven't had any issue on the cheaper Yamaha APX 500ii FM thinline when it comes to feedback.... So i bought the planetwave soundhole to lessen the feedback. It did and i highly recommend the soundhole.

    Basically i use Taylor on some latin songs, or acoustic driven worship song, and the Yamaha on more of rock, ballad songs.

    Overall its a great guitar for less than $1000

  • from OKC January 9, 2014Music Background:
    22+ years...DIY Recordist, Mixologist and Noisician.

    Great All-Purpose Guitar.

    I bought this based on a number of reviews, discussion forums, previous experience with other Taylor guitars, and some time playing a 214ce at a local distributor (a floor model with some issues and the retailer would not negotiate on an above market price). For me and my [current] wants, this guitar is an excellent choice.

    I wanted a guitar that:
    –sounded great (live and on recording)
    –was comfortable to play
    –had a cutaway
    –suitable for everything from light finger-style to heavy handed strumming
    –was built well enough to stand up to travel and moderate climate fluctuations
    –had volume enough to keep up with other guitars in an acoustic setting
    –maintained sufficient value over time
    –was pretty

    While requiring minor compromise, the 214ce meets all of those criteria well enough. My only issues are:
    1) It's somewhat high price for a laminate body guitar...but I wanted a new guitar and I generally don't buy new to resell. You can save some a little money buying used, going with a satin top and/or non cutaway (114, 114ce, 214).
    2) When played it doesn't feel like it resonates with bass the way some other guitars in it's size range category might (like Breedlove)...but it translates very well on recording (with a mic) and complements larger bodied acoustics when un-amplified.
    3) The neck feels a little congested if you're used to guitars geared towards finger-style play...but it is very comfortable taking minor adjustment when switching from an electric guitar.
    4) It doesn't handle the intense pick chopping that a Martin dreadnaught might take...but it will take more “digging in” than most players dish out. Ultimately, it has an action you can actually play throughout the neck.
    5) The on board electronics don't sound as solid as other aftermarket pickups...but I don't like the sound of piezo exclusive pickups--never have. Again, proper mic placement produces an excellent recorded tone with this guitar.

    As usual, all aspects of the Customer Service experience at Sweetwater is unrivaled by any other large scale distributor. From knowledge base to dedicated photos of the instrument to gear inspection...everything is done well!

  • from WV November 28, 2013Music Background:
    Lifetime Pro

    A Great Guitar - minus one thing

    This a great guitar for the money, except as Jimmy from El Segundo states:

    There was such a disparity in volume levels between the strings that it was almost unusable plugged in. The low E was a little louder, the G was buried in the mix(you could barely hear it while soloing) and the high E was super harsh and over powering compared to the rest.

    This was pretty much the same conclusion I came to with my recently purchased Taylor 214ce; when plugged in, the string balance is poor and the high E is way too LOUD/HARSH. I own several piezo pickup guitars (including a Taylor 312ce and 2 Ovation Custom Legends) and this has never been a problem with any of them.

    Don't get me wrong, for the money, this is the best guitar in it's class . But, the string balance issue really takes away from the whole package; the Taylor folks really need to iron this out. Just my opinion.

  • from Salem, MA USA January 26, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Sometimes Church Worship Leader/Musician

    Easy to play and well balanced

    Tried a lot of guitars $600-1000 and considered buying a Takamine or a Yamaha in the same price range and wasn't thinking of Taylor, but this one sang to me in a way the others didn't and it won me over. Neck has a smooth comfortable feel, narrower than some guitars and suits my hands. Some say it is harsh plugged in but, while it is very "sparkly" in or out (due to the body shape), the treble dials back nicely with the onboard controls and sounded extremely natural through a Fishman Loudbox. For me, this guitar was more comfortable to play than a higher-priced Taylor such as the 414ce that had a wider but thinner feeling neck, was a little brighter in sound and not as warm or bassy as the more expensive models but the price difference was ridiculous and not worth it. Compared it to a 114ce which was louder, more compressed (tolerated hard strumming well) and had more mids (hard to sing through a 114's tone and volume). Yes, it is laminate back and sides, but will withstand dry conditions better, which I am thankful for now that I have a hygrometer to tell me my house is 20% RH in Winter! It can get harsh with hard strumming but it is very sweet with medium strumming and is even and balanced with fingerpicking, where the sparkly tone is quite pleasant. Great sustain! strings make bends and pull offs easy, which are Elixir Bronze 12's. The CE shape is very comfortable in the lap and lightweight, yet does not feel flimsy or cheap. Simple understated look - again, the price difference does not justify a more flashy guitar for a nonprofessional like myself. Battery is easy to change but only with Duracells, some cheaper 9V's are slightly too thick and will get stuck in the plastic holder, then good luck getting it out! Now, on to review Sweetwater, which offers amazing customer service and value! When I got this guitar (took 3 days to ship FedEx to Massachusetts), it had bad buzzy high E and low E strings despite adjusting truss rod, the saddle seemed too low and two strings broke immediately at the pegs when I lowered their tunings a step. I emailed Tim Harrington who responded immediately and I sent back the guitar, FREE shipping, and they fixed it and got it back to me in about ten days. The free two year warranty paid off as they probably did $100+ worth of work replacing the saddle, leveling the frets, changed the strings, adjusted the action and cleaned it up for me - and they told me exactly what they did with prompt emails and were easy to reach with questions and concerns. When I got it back today, I must say it stayed in tune, plays amazing and I cannot put it down! At first I was perturbed by going through all this but research proved that these things can happen with even a high-end new guitar, but good luck getting your average big box store to do anything about it just because you bought it there! Plays so smoothly and you could not tell it was worked on. Plugged it in and it is more balanced in tone than it was the first time, probably due to the guitar having proper action now. It just sounds right, with more bass response plugged in. I can feel the body hum in my lap. I can't wait for the top to age. I plug into a Fender Superchamp at home which emulates a Fender Acoustasonic and this guitar is noiseless - no hiss or feedback or other issues. In my honest opinion, I really like the under-saddle pickup on this and favor it over the higher-end Taylor expression system in their solid-wood guitars. But, no matter what you read, you gotta play it for yourself to know if this is the guitar for you. I will, without reservation, recommend Sweetwater as they stand by their products and put the customer experience and satisfaction first, truly!

  • from Kansas City, Missouri November 8, 2012Music Background:
    pro-musician, singer-songwriter

    Good acoustic electric

    Bought this model a year ago. Plays like a dream. Action very fast. Precision of the neck allows for action to be set low and not buzz. Ebony fingerboard is luscious--wonderfully silky smooth. It plays more like my electric than other acoustic guitars I have (Martin, Takamine, Alvarez). Great sounding finger style instrument. Not as good for "strumming" with a pick. Can be a bit harsh when plugged in (Fender Acoustasonic). I often end up rolling off almost all of the treble to reduce the harshness when strumming with a pick. I use a 31 band graphic eq and that helps a lot also. I do kind of wish I had stepped up to a higher end model to get the full Taylor Expression system. Thinking it might be less treble-y. On the other hand, I think this treble characteristic is probably part of what makes it sound so good as a finger style guitar. My first Taylor and I must say the craftsmanship on my 214ce is excellent. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the instrument

  • from El Segundo October 19, 2012Music Background:
    Lifetime musician, gigging regularly.

    Beautiful unplugged but not so nice plugged in

    I am primarily a solid body electric guitar player. That being said, I finally decided to spend some money on a *decent* acoustic guitar. I got the sunburst model which is what first caught my eye. Then, the playability and the unplugged sound won me over after trying several other guitars. I bought an acoustic guitar to play *acoustic* guitar - I already do plenty of electric otherwise but I also liked the option of being able to plug in and this is where the 5th star falls off with my review. I tried going straight in to three different P.A. systems as well as with a Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum preamp in the signal chain. I was hard pressed to find a sound that really satisfied my ears, no matter how much tweaking I did on the guitar, the P.A. or the preamp. I've read reviews where people have said it sounds "tinny", amongst other things. This is true to an extent but that is not my main gripe. There was such a disparity in volume levels between the strings that it was almost unusable plugged in. The low E was a little louder, the G was buried in the mix(you could barely hear it while soloing) and the high E was super harsh and over powering compared to the rest. I ended up taking the guitar to an authorized shop, covered under warranty, with the idea that the saddle maybe wasn't seated properly, the pickup was not balanced or both. I explained the issue and they ended up putting in a bone saddle. I just got the guitar back and have not heard it yet so I'm anxious to see if this solves the problem as the guy at the shop said it has. In summary, this is a nice guitar. It has great action, feels good in my hands and sounds fantastic unplugged but keep in mind that if you are buying this guitar for it's electric capability there is a chance you will be disappointed and be prepared to make modifications as it may not be to your liking right out of the box.

  • from NC November 5, 2016

    Frett Buzz!

    Was very excited and couldn't wait to get this from fed ex due to all the reviews I read about no frett Buzz and ready to play right out of the box as I've gone through 4 acoustics lately and all have had d string frett Buzz in the upper frets. I ordered the 214ce dlx and once again frett buzz! Changed out the light strings with mediums and adjusted truss rod which got rid of most. Traded it for a Takamine Pro series 3 and love this guitar as I am a heavy strummer and it feels much more sturdy to me, Taylor just did not feel sturdy enough for my 3 hr gigs but did have a nice sound. Also zero fret buzz on the Tak even when I lowered the strings.

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