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Bugera 212TS 160-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Bugera 212TS 160-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet?

Questions about the Bugera 212TS 160-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet?

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  • Peter Mc Ardle
    from Malone NY February 10, 2017Music Background:
    Been playing guitar/bass since late 60's. Experienced

    Amazing for the size

    I placed an order on this as it was on backorder. Glad I waited. I'm using a Mustang V stereo head and using this in stereo mode. Quite easy to set up. I was previously using 2-2x12" cabs at 8 ohms with Celestion 70-80 speakers but found the footprint was too large for my use. This cab is perfect. The size makes it more portable( I don't have to lug two cabs around)and the Tubosound speakers push enough air that I feel like I'm using my previous set up. I've only played with the cab for about 3 hrs and definitely like the tones I get from the amp, and my Les Paul, Telecaster and Epiphone Dot studio. After some further break in I feel the tones will only get better.
    Worth the wait. For the buck this is one great cab. If you're running stereo it is a must cabinet. Call my sales rep Joel Helton at ext 1360 and he'll take care of you.

  • Steven
    from January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 30 years

    Bugera 212TS

    I can't believe this cabinet is under $! I still play through a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab, but I use my Bugera at home for practice and I am amazed! To me it sounds like a 4x12. I have it paired with a Orange micro terror and I couldn't ask for more. Awesome Cabinet without emptying the savings account!

  • John ratajczak
    from Pa December 23, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar, engineer, producer, bass

    Amazing cabinet

    This can replaced my current 4x12 with v30s. I was tired of lugging a 4x12 around, tour after tour, and decided to get this nice little 2x12. I was blown away after I heard this thing. My tone has never sounded better. I constantly get compliments on my sound. I WILL be buying another.

  • Jordon
    from November 30, 2016Music Background:
    Death metal, prog, experimental

    Good stuff

    The cab sounds great, has plenty of options for powering it. For the size of it, it's pretty light too. Gets nice and loud with plenty of clarity, it's a very clear sounding cab. I would buy one again.

  • Tony Billo
    from Illinois November 11, 2016


    This cabinet with turbosound speakers is great. Incredible value for the money. I run a Bugera G5 or a marshall DSL100HEAD or a Bugera 1900 head through it. I handles all of them. Outstanding alternative to carrying a 4x12 bottom everywhere

  • mike lehane
    from swanzey nh March 8, 2016

    bugera 212

    This is my 2nd two 12 Bugera cabinet that I have purchased . the first one had the original vintage style Bugera speakers which I replaced with eminence red coat the governor speakers. When I received the latest cabinet that I ordered from Sweetwater I was very happy to find out that the speakers turbo sound speakers sounded quite nice. I have two Celestion 70 80 speakers that I purchased earlier to install in this cabinet but I'm not sure I'm going to. I might give these turbo sound speaker a work in and a break in and see what they're capable of doing. I think they sound quite nice. Overall a very nice cabinate . Thanks Jason at Sweetwater

  • dan wilson
    from middle island, NY October 17, 2015Music Background:
    25 years guitar and bass

    got low end?

    I have to say I was exceptionally surprised by how well the product is. I'm running a T50 Infinium amp head through this cabinet and it is awesome. my guitar is currently in e tuning and I get PLENTY of bottom end out of this cabinet. I would have to say that if you paired it with another 212, or use lower tuning ranges, it might be scary. If budget is a concern don't feel "iffy" just buy this cabinet and enjoy knowing you made a good decision. I have been playing guitar and bass for over 25 years and I have to say this cab is well built and sounds just as good as other " high end " models.

  • Anthony Ferrara Sr.
    from Wisconsin November 10, 2016

    Bugera cab

    Great sounding for it's size. Nice Warmth ay lower volume yet Good Seperation at higher tones! Good Value!

  • HaveMercyMissPercy
    from ATX April 26, 2016

    The "Do It All" Cab from Bugera

    We have had this cabinet for over a year and have used it with about every amp head possible. The 4/8/16-ohm option is such a huge plus, a very practical addition to a small studio. We gave the speakers plenty of break-in time, and while they are actually decent...that is ALL they are. Speaker replacement is a matter of tonal/voicing options, best left to the individual guitarist to ponder in tandem with their amp choice. A lot of varience with this cab when stock speakers are pulled and replaced w/Celestions or Eminence(ton of options there!). We can't recommend one speaker over another, but we can say the stock speakers should eventually be replaced if needed in a professional setting. You can always put the old ones back in if not digging the the upgrade. Cannot beat this cab for the price.WELL MADE! The negative review on this cab is totally bogus;don't try to compare this to a $1000 cab!

  • Eric D
    from Bucks Co PA February 17, 2016Music Background:

    No problems at all

    I was looking for a decent 2x12 to play both my Bugera 1960 Infinium as well as my Marshall DSL 50 through without lugging my 4x12 all over the place. I use it both live as well as my basement practice space.

    Sounds good enough, is well built, 4/8/16 ohm and has stereo capability. I'd imagine it could benefit from a speaker swap, but I'm not there yet. My Marshall cab with G12T75's could benefit from a speaker swap, too and look at the price difference.

    Sounds just fine. Looks fine. Just buy it.

  • fred
    from nj November 17, 2015Music Background:
    over 10 years

    160watt 212

    arrived on time looked good sounded good does what it should, thanks again to wayne my sales person.

  • Customer
    from September 23, 2016

    Bugera TS 212 cab

    Very nice cab for the price and great sounding!Would recommend this cab ,and buy again!Thanks

  • WestyBluz
    from USA July 29, 2015Music Background:
    Blues Fanatic and Music Nerd

    Terrific 2x12 for Short Money

    I needed a 2x12 Cab that was capable of operating at 4 ohms for my Blackstar ID60 TVP. I spoke with my Sweetwater Rep, Derek Senestraro and we discussed some options. I wasn't looking to spend a ton of money, but wanted a nice sounding cab. I already own a 2x12 with V30's in it, but it's 8 or 16 ohm only. After some discussion, I ended up with this. It's a great looking cab and the speakers are very impressive. Hits all the tonal quality I look for. I wondered how these Bugera Turbo speakers would match up with the SS ID60 TVP? Answer, perfectly. The only reason I gave 4 stars, no Tolex, but decent looking Vinyl covering. I know, for this kind of money, I'm being picky. :) Derek gets 5 stars for suggesting great stuff time after time. And I can't begin to tell you how awesome Sweetwater's delivery service is. Just WOW!!

  • ed
    from OK June 19, 2015

    Boogerbum Sitar Freaker

    Does the job and sounds pretty good paired with the TriRec.

  • Patrick
    from Montreal, Quebec, Canada November 24, 2014Music Background:
    guitar player

    Well built !!!

    At that price, can't complain!!! Just did a speakers upgrade with 2 WGS G12T75 clone and sound amazing!!!

  • Customer
    from March 31, 2017

    Not too shabby!

    I like this cab quite a bit. Construction is pretty good. As far as sound quality goes, the Turbospeakers really arent that bad. Cleans sound great pretty good, though I do wish it was better at modern metal. It just gets kinda undefined and sloppy when performing low tuned stuff. I would imagine a Swamp Thang/Texas Heat speaker swap would do wonders for that though. Overall, this is a pretty good cab, though there are much better cabs that you can pick up used for around the same price. The Genz Benz G Flex 2x12 can be had for around $350, and its light years ahead of this thing.

  • Svengali
    from January 16, 2017Music Background:
    Pro hobbyist

    Can be useful

    I purchased a Bugera 212TS cab with the intention of replacing the speakers with an 8ohm pair of Celestion Vintage 100w Black labels. I did however give the cab a chance as it was with the Turbo Sound 12"er's in it.
    It was plenty loud, But thin and with poor break up.
    Given more of a break in period, they may have sounded a little better, But my advice is have a Pair of Celestions or Eminence speaker on hand to replace these.
    That is if you care about your tone.
    The cab is MDF, so don't get it wet. The build is good, and the MDF is dense and responds like a multiply

  • Bill
    from Oroville Ca. September 13, 2014Music Background:
    Playing Guitar 50 years! Local bands

    Hoping for a better box....

    Build Quality poor, Speaker baffle is plywood, That's the best part! Top, Bottom, sides and back are all MDL fiberboard. Speakers are ceramic similar to low line Eminence. Grill cloth poorly installed, wavy. Tolex has gaps in corners. Sounds Ok... Tech Specs say- Construction Material Multi-ply Hardwood....But it's Only the speaker baffle! Advertising jive talk?

Questions about the Bugera 212TS 160-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet?

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