Bugera 1960 Infinium 150-watt Tube Head

150-watt 2-channel All-tube Guitar Amplifier with 4 Input Jacks, FX Loop, Variable Impedance, EQ, and Infinium Technology
Bugera 1960 Infinium 150-watt Tube Head image 1
Bugera 1960 Infinium 150-watt Tube Head image 1
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Bugera 1960 Infinium 150-watt Tube Head
In Stock!

Affordable Tube Tone

Bugera gives you decade-spanning tonal options with their handbuilt 1960 Infinium all-tube guitar amplifier head. Two preamp channels with four input jacks give you gain options that put flexibility into your tone. Just cable the inputs up to operate as separate, parallel, or cascading and get tones that take you from protest to prog, punk, and pop of all eras. The 1960 Infinium has all the necessities you'll need from an all-tube guitar amplifier, but Infinium technology sets this amp apart by making the expense and hassle of playing and maintaining a tube amp obsolete.

Bugera 1960 Infinium All-tube Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Infinium technology takes the hassle and expense out of tube tone
  • Classic input flexibility builds a solid tonal foundation
  • Features give you classic and convenient tube amp tone
Infinium technology takes the hassle and expense out of tube tone

Sweetwater guitarists agree that there's no tone like tube tone. But we also know that the cost involved in owning and maintaining a tube guitar amplifier can be prohibitive. Solid-state amps have come a long way, but even the best amp model can't beat true tube tone, and Bugera's Infinium technology means no more compromising what you want. The Infinium circuit is designed to optimize the performance of your output tubes and distribute the load evenly between the tubes, giving you tonal integrity and reliability. By automatically adjusting current levels, aging tubes are compensated for and your tone retains that toasty, day one sound throughout its life. Tubes, by nature, do wear out and die - but when you play an Infinium amp, you'll never worry. This exclusive technology allows you to grab whatever replacement tube you have on hand and get back to playing - there's no matching necessary. In fact, now you can mix and match tubes to create your very own signature sound without the hassle and expense of buying matched pairs. And because Infinium is a bit like having your own guitar amp tech with you on every gig, you get up to 20 times more life out of your tubes. When it is time to change one out, you'll know exactly where to go thanks to the life monitoring LED readout that keeps you in the know about your amp's health. Only Bugera makes the joy of owning and playing a tube amplifier this accessible and easy!

Classic input flexibility builds a solid tonal foundation

Channel jumping gives you tons of input flexibility resulting in tones reminscent of what we heard throughout the '60s, '70s, and '80s. The traditional 2-channel, 4-input preamp alignment of the 1960 Infinium lets you tap into classic input configurations to attain true vintage tones. Plugging into the top of channel one puts both channels in parallel and gives you straight-ahead classic rock sound; using the upper input on channel two gets you vintage sound; or you can use the inputs individually for seperate signals. The 1960 Infinium gives you the options you need to achieve a myriad of great classic guitar tone.

Features give you classic and convenient tube amp tone

Bugera spent the better part of a year working to make the 1960 Infinium the kaleidescope of vintage tones that it is without leaving you wanting for more. The onboard FX loop has true bypass and feeds a preamp section that features three ECC83 tubes, giving you huge vintage hot-rodded tone and high gain. Bass, mid, treble, and presence controls provide tools for tone sculpting and fine tuning, and a post phase-inverter master volume control with true bypass gives you extra oomph when you need it and gets out of the way when you don't. Variable impedance options make this all-tube guitar amplifier a great companion for almost any speaker cabinet. Plus, thanks to exceptional construction and components, you'll be rocking the handbuilt 1960 Infinium for years to come!

Bugera 1960 Infinium All-tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:
  • Handbuilt, 150-watt all-tube amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 tubes with a monstrous output transformer for huge tone
  • 2 preamp channels with 4 input jacks perform in separate, parallel, or cascaded operation for a solid tone foundation
  • Vintage hot-rodded preamp mod from the early '80s featuring 3 x ECC83 tubes gives you terrifying tone and classic high gain
  • Revolutionary Infinium tube life multiplier technology extends the life of your power tubes up to 20 times
  • Infinium provides incredible reliability and consistent tone without the need for expensive matched tube sets
  • Mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands to build your own signature sound
  • Valve life monitoring LEDs display individual defective tubes for easy replacement
  • Post-phase inverter master control with true bypass for authentic performance
  • Tone control section with bass, mid, treble, and presence for precise tone shaping
  • FX loop with dedicated level control and true bypass function ready for your pedalboard
  • Impedance switch lets you use virtually any speaker cabinet
  • High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life
Get convenient and affordable tube tone with Bugera's 1960 Infinium!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 150W
EQ 3-band with Presence
Preamp Tubes 3 x ECC83
Power Tubes 4 x EL34
Inputs 4 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Effects Loop Yes
Height 9.8"
Width 27"
Depth 9.7"
Weight 47 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 1960INFINIUM

Customer Reviews

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Awesome sounding (Plexi) style amp!!!

This amp sounds amazing and it CRANKS!!! This baby is loud,but still retains beautiful tone. I absolutely love playing this amp! It reminds me of a old vintage Plexi style amp with modern features. You will be blown away at the tone in this amp and how genuine the circuit sounds to a Plexi style amp. The factory modifications are wonderful in this amp.Great job Bugera! you hit a homer with this one. No need to use a jumper between the two channels like in the old plexi amps it is already modded for you to use like that. The PPIMV is wonderful to have and you still get a nice thick tone when its engaged and really helps tame the volume in my opinion while retaining a good portion of its tone. And this can be bypassed if you like. This amp is great for just about any style or genre of music including blues,classic rock,and 80's metal,and I even can play some jazz on it in a cleaner setting. As a stand alone the gain circuit sounds great,but when pushed with a clean OD it is magic my friends. I play it through a Marshall 4x12 cabinet with Celestion speakers and it really rocks! I love the effects loop as well sounds great and also can be by passed. The stock tubes sound decent,but I opted for some vintage 12ax7 tubes that you would of had in the original "plexi"style amps from the 60's and 70's and put in a quad of EH EL34's. I have run EH "FAT BOTTLE" 6CA7's in it as well and they sound great! You got to love the infinium technology if a tube goes down you can put another tube in the amp and keep going without the whole bias ordeal this is great in itself and saves me lots of trips and gas money to the amp tech. I even mixed EL34's with 6CA7's and it gave me a very unique kinda tone.Get this amp!! You will not be disappointed.
Music background: 20 years guitar and bass playing experience

150 Watts of LOUD

I must say I was skeptical. Did I expect original 59' h*** no, that's unrealistic. However, when It came and I went straight through (NO Pedals) it took me back to an era of drive the amp to get breakup. The breakup came with a beautiful clarity in the originally produced notes. i used all the inputs and found they had their on special nuances which was great for diversity. The master volume option in the cascade mode gave an automatic gain which was smooth and still had note articulation.LOUD, OMG LOUD. this amp can be cranked. The best thing about this amp cranked? It doesn't sound like a garbled mess . The notes are still wonderfully recognizable.I put a fulldrive 3 in front of it, and the amp loved the pedal, and every mode of the pedal. This amp does not have reverb which is fine, did i mention it likes pedals. beware, it will expose your playing flaws quickly. OVERALL: Highly recommend.


I saw one of these in a music store used. I could not believe the price tag. It looked a lot like my '74 Marshall Super Lead MKII, so I skeptically plugged in and was immediately shocked at how much this amp sounded and "felt" like my old beloved Marshall. Additionally, I purchased a Marshall 1959 SLPX reissue head as a backup to my old faithful Marshall so I would not have to cook my filter caps at gigs. I was very disappointed how much the reissue Marshall did NOT sound like my old metal front Super Lead. Needless to say I bought the Bugera head. When I got it home I began to experiment with it a little bit and found it to have a much wider variety of tones available, due largely to the input jack configuration, and the cascading mode of the inputs. The Post Phase Inverter master volume allows you to get the volume down and achieve some seriously saturated gain (think Blizzard of Ozz). Then I put a mic on it. Just a single SM57. With a little tweaking I was getting "Brown" sounds that were amazing. LOUD LOUD LOUD. With a little more tweaking I was well into Little Wing territory. If you are a serious rock player, you will not find a better sounding amp head... I dare say for any price. Not sure why everyone isn't using this amp.
Music background: Professional


The thing that matters most is tone, that is really all that matters. It does not matter how inexpensive something is if the tone sucks. The Bugera 1960 Infinium has tone for days, this is a great sounding amplifier. I love the preamp section, I really like that the channels are already jumpered for series or parallel operation. I really like that the master volume and effects loop are bypassable, that is how I leave them. I play this head through a Marshall 1960 speaker cabinet loaded with Celestion V30 and it really gets that classic Marshall sound plus a lot more. I've owned over a dozen Marshall heads and currently have a TSL 100 plus seven Mesa Boogie heads (three are dual rectifier models) for comparison. This Bugera is a really great amplifier for recording, that's what I got it for since at 50 pounds it's a bit heavy for me to lug around to gigs. I like the parallel preamp mode for blues, you need to be able to crank the input up to about three-o'clock position and look out, it's gonna be loud, but wow what a great tone. I'm playing a 1980 Les Paul Standard and a 1999 BB King Lucille through it for blues songs and it is a wonderful classic sound this head achieves. Use the preamp in series mode to get that saturated ripping lead guitar tone that was so popular in the late 70's to early 80's, power chords crunch and sustain like you have dreamed of. I owned an original Marshall JCM800 which I bought new in 1981, it was a total one trick pony compared to the Bugera 1960 Infinium. In series mode the 1960 head can get that extremely saturated and long sustaining rock lead tone. For the best sound you need to bypass the Master Volume on the rear, stand back and enjoy the shear madness this amp can unleash. Ok, price, it's an inexpensive head. If you need to spend a lot in order to feel like you got something good then have at the new Marshall reissue heads. We've had a reissue JCM800 here to compare the Bugera 1960 with, everyone (except the owner of the Marshall) thought the Bugera sounded better, richer, fuller than the reissue Marshall. You could buy six of these Bugera 1960 for the price of the Marshall head. I am very happy I found out about this head. It sounds great and it's inexpensive, what a great combination. Good music to everyone!
Music background: Professional Entertainer and Engineer

bugera 1960 amp head

BEST music company I have ever dealt with never had a half stack now in my 50s and still only play 80s hair band music this head and matching speaker cabinet kicks butt awesome power and with my distortion pedal and zakk wylde wah pedal it is shred heaven love it thanks Sweetwater
Music background: self taught play by ear musician
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