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Marshall 1960B 300-watt 4x12" Straight Extension Cabinet Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall 1960B 300-watt 4x12" Straight Extension Cabinet?

Questions about the Marshall 1960B 300-watt 4x12" Straight Extension Cabinet?

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  • from Frankfort , Ohio May 15, 2017Music Background:
    Rythum /some lead guitar , drums & percussion , some bass guitar , vocalist & songwriting &composing

    Best in the business !

    You always meet my expectations if not beyond on everything involved , thank you all so much for all of your knowledge & support , especially my senior sales engineer TYLER MOORE !

  • from North Carolina August 3, 2016Music Background:
    Recording artist


    This cab is clean. Enough headroom too Max out a JCM800.

    Heavy. Sturdy. Reliable casters.

  • from Linden Va June 1, 2016

    Marshall 1960B

    What can I say about this Cabinet !! Delivered the sound and the punch I was looking for!! Thinking about buying another one!!!

  • from United States January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist (started playing in 1984)

    Marshall 1960B 4x12

    Love the options and sounds of this cabinet. I use it both mono and stereo. Sounds great either way!

  • from Walls, MS> April 3, 2013Music Background:

    sweetwater does it again !!

    My band had a large fire that totaled our jam hall--tear---we lost everything--life happens !!! so I had to ordered me a new Marshall 1960A cab---hey it's a Marshall so I knew it would be out of this world--and it is !!! but what got me was sweetwater and my main dude there Mark Stein had it on my doorstep in two days !!! free shipping !!! wow !! You guys rock !!! Sweetwater gets all my buiz...thanks

  • from Nashville, Tenn USA March 30, 2013Music Background:
    Marshall owner since 1991... guitarist

    Marshall 1960B, one stunningly good cab

    I have several Marshall cabs, some of several designs. I'm starting my third decade as a Marshall cab owner, and love my 1960B. It has a different output than a 1960A, more bass oriented, deeper. I guess each model has different qualities to offer.

    My 1960B dates back to 1999 and still looks perfectly new. It looks gorgeous, sounds fabulous, and is built like a tank. What more can you ask for as an owner and musician. There is no better speaker maker than Great Britain's Celestion.

    Marshall stands for top quality, and this product delivers.

  • from Palmyra, PA September 21, 2008Music Background:
    Active musician and occasionally work as a studio guitarist

    LOOK NO FURTHER! You have found the best one!

    Background? I've always played music from edgy blues, fusion, Classic rock, hard rock to 80s style metal. I've played through quite a few different cabinets over the past few decades. I've owned a few different brand cabinets and played through others in rehearsal and recording studios. Some sounded really nice and others broke up or had a flat sound. I've owned both the 1960A and B model Marshall cabs and played through some of their other models. To me, there is no better sounding guitar speaker cabinet than the Marshall 1960B. None! The A Model has a brighter sound that compliments the B model nicely, but to have one cabinet, it's gotta be the B if you're asking me! As with all Marshall and other amp products, you have to find the amp and cab that fits your style and playing the best, but ...... I can almost guarantee that once you find your amp head, no matter who makes it, you'd pick a 1960B as your cabinet in a side by side comparison with the other cabs. It has a nice warm, chunky tone to it. I like a fat, chunky, growling tone that also lets the higher screaming notes ring out in all their sonic glory and it delivers. The louder you get, the stronger the tone gets. When I back things off it cleans up with character. It's very well built. I used to have 2 full stacks, 2 A and 2 B cabs (pre stereo versions). I dragged them around the NYC and NJ clubs and studios for about 12 years and they were still ready to rock when I sold them, which I only did to buy recording gear. I now use only one of these newer stereo 1960B cab, although I use it in mono configuration and it's one piece of gear that never gets second guessed. I can't imagine anything better coming along. That's why it's hard to find a concert stage without at least one of these on it.

    You can find less expensive gear, but one thing I learned a long time ago is that the wrong gear will hold you back and sometimes, severely. Having lower quality gear is like having a resistor on your playing skills. When you want to show the people what you're made of, it's important to have a guitar that lets you play your best, an amp that really delivers what you are playing in a strong, expressive way, high quality effects that properly enhance what you play and a speaker set up that pours it out with character and without losing any of what you gave it. That's all I have to say about that.

  • from Atlanta January 14, 2016

    Hard decision

    As I took great lengths to research this cabinet and speakers , I decided on this 1960 B from Marshall.
    I am glad I did, I got plenty of classic sound and Marshall quality. Got a good price from Sweetwater also. Shipping was fast!!

  • from Overland Park, KS USA September 12, 2012Music Background:
    Life Long Musician, Instructor, Performer

    Marshall Marshall Marshall.......

    Great Cabinet...... I've had a 1972 slant cab for years. This new one offers more thump and chunk and completes my stack. It does everything you would expect it to do..... Sounds great.

Questions about the Marshall 1960B 300-watt 4x12" Straight Extension Cabinet?

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