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Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead 100-watt Tube Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead 100-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead 100-watt Tube Head?

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  • from Montreal March 27, 2017


    Im totally blown away by my new marshall 1959slp reissue.... i wasnt expecting that much from Marshall....the tone is clear like a bell..not distorted its CLEAN LIKE A TWIN AMP....its a BLUES ROCK REGGAE COUNTRY HARD ROCK AMP.......... heres one cool setting..pr 2 , bass 3, mids 3, treble 0 , volume br 7-8 volume norm 7-8..... this amp is made for the workin musician or at least a musician with a band its made to cut tru the mix..( LIKE A HOT KNIFE IN BUTTER).what does it mean, it means that if you buy this for playing alone in your room its a bit oversized for this application......i play my head with or without a attenuator ( even at 2 the amp is frigging loud and clean... l ...lots of people tend to say that you absolutely need an attenuator for it....its a loud amp but IT SOUNDS GREAT AT 2-3 WITH A GOOD OD PEDAL..with an attenuator it compresses the signal a bit.but you use the marshall crunch instead of the pedal.......i dont wanna scare anyone but be aware that its not a hi gain machine and its GREAT WITHOUT MODS .....vintage 30s are a super good choice even if you hear the opposite...one more thing ....it sound superb with a strat with 56 american vintage pick ups.....its tha BEST amp i ever had and i had quite a lot ....i had sevrals twin from 67 to69 a 63 vibrolux...65 tremoluxes x2 and few traynors a jcm 900 slx 50 watts...gibson falcon to names few ...but for the original band im in now, i needed TONE AND POWER and i find it....be aware that its not a 10 knob amp and you find a good sweet spot and you go with it ..if you want to do channel switching and stuff its not the kindda amplifier....i wish i had to read this article before i bought my amp..i had to check youtube and marshall forum to fin d some info (sometimes very bad info)...dont beleive what kids say about amp being brittle it is not true ( if you set it up correctly)....thanks and have fun with a slp reissue

  • from rural ohio March 12, 2013Music Background:


    Ever wonder how Zues felt throwing those lightning bolts? You wanna find out? This is the REAL DEAL. Some people say these don't sound as good as the originals,well maybe,BUT i owned the "real" one back in the day and this is just as good. Talk about TONE. and yeah it's loud but you know that already.the effects loop is great and you can switch it out of the circuit if you want.this amp does not dissapoint.

Questions about the Marshall 1959SLP Super Lead 100-watt Tube Head?

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