Lindell Audio 17XS MkII Compressor No Longer Available

1-ch Compressor/Limiter with Highpass Sidechain Filter, Variable Mix Control, Switchable Highpass and Lowpass Filters, and True-bypass Switching
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Lindell Audio 17XS MkII Compressor image 1
Lindell Audio 17XS MkII Compressor image 1

Sorry, the Lindell Audio 17XS MkII Compressor is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Lindell Audio 17XS MkII Compressor
Special Order

Ultra-flexible Vintage FET Compression

Pick up a Lindell 17XS MkII compressor and get the coveted sound of late '60s FET compression that many professional recording engineers herald as the holy grail of dynamics tone. Packed with unique controls that make your life easier (rather than overwhelm you with superfluous options), the 17XS MkII combines extremely musical compression with the ability to apply them in ways that really speed up your workflow. Whether you're trying to isolate your snare drum with the highpass sidechain filter or beef up your bass with a little bit of parallel compression, you'll get the results you're after with a Lindell 17XS MkII Compressor/Limiter from Sweetwater.

Lindell 17XS MkII FET Compressor/Limiter at a Glance:

  • The simple controls you need to dial up the perfect sound every time!

  • Mix control lets you crush your sound, without losing definition
  • Highpass sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune your dynamics
The simple controls you need to dial up the perfect sound every time!

Lindell treads the line between versatility and option anxiety with their powerful yet simple control panel. Its fixed threshold setup lets you dial in the right amount of compression by hitting the 17XS MkII with whatever amount of gain you need and keeping the output near unity via a separate dial. Instead of a series of knobs, you set the 17XS MkII's attack speed, release speed, ratio, and highpass sidechain filter via a set of 5-way blade switches. This not only makes setting compression incredibly fast, but it also lets you recall your settings accurately. Add to that cool extras such as built-in highpass and lowpass audio filtering plus true-bypass switching, and there's no doubt that the 17XS MkII packs a lot of bang for the buck!

Mix control lets you crush your sound, without losing definition

Here's another common scenario: you're trying to get an absolutely massive kick sound, so you crush the living snot out of that track, and just when you've giving it all the umph you need, you realize that the transient from the beater's completely buried in the mix. Normally, that's when you give a profound sigh, zero out your compressor, and start over from scratch. Lindell's 17XS MkII compressor saves you that frustration with its mix control, allowing you to beef up your compression and the blend in the dry signal to bring back some of the original dynamics. So go ahead, set your 17XS MkII to its 100:1 all-in mode, and abuse your tracks. The mix function always brings you back to golden.

Highpass sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune your dynamics

Want to compress your snare sound, but the kick keeps pushing you over the threshold? No worries, the Lindell 17XS MkII compressor's onboard highpass sidechain filter is ready to come to the rescue. With five settings to choose from (off, 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, and 600Hz), you'll have no trouble whatsoever keeping boomy lows from throwing off your dynamics control. And best of all, you get all the benefits of sidechaining, without needing to patch external signal into your 17XS MkII.

Lindell 17XS MkII FET Compressor/Limiter Features:

  • A flexible compressor/limiter you can use live or in the studio

  • FET-based dynamics that sound eerily reminiscent of classic compressors from the late '60s
  • Variable mix control lets you blend compressed and uncompressed signal in parallel for maximum compression without losing transients
  • Highpass sidechain filter (off, 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz) lets you keep boomy lows from throwing off your dynamics control
  • 5-step switches for attack, release, ratio, and highpass sidechain filtering let you tune your dynamics quickly and recall your settings quickly
  • Signal highpass (6dB/octave at 12kHz) and lowpass (6dB/octave at 80Hz) let you shape your overall sound
  • Attack times range from 20ms to 800ms and release times range from 50ms to 0.8sec for a wide range of effects
  • Analog VU metering lets you keep an eye on your loudness, not just your volume
  • True-bypass hardware preserves your sound when bypassed
Get classic '60s-style FET compression for a great low price with the 17XS compressor/limiter from Lindell!

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