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Cordoba Fusion 12 Rosewood - Indian Rosewood Top Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Cordoba Fusion 12 Rosewood - Indian Rosewood Top?

Questions about the Cordoba Fusion 12 Rosewood - Indian Rosewood Top?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Angie
    from Pittsburgh March 31, 2015Music Background:
    Music ministry

    Rose 12

    Rose 12 surpasses my expectations, this replaces a more expensive guitar, the sound is awesome, the neck is smooth, the condition of the guitar, perfect. I am looking forward to many years of playing this one. some complaints I heard I do not agree with . Everything is perfectly balanced, trebles, basses, uncompromising sound.

  • Neil Boston
    from Syracuse,IN March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Church music team member, performing musician.

    Cordoba is Impressive

    This guitar has the best bass resonance of any nylon string guitar that I have ever owned. The narrow neck width and action is very comfortable and the attention to detail in the instrument's construction is outstanding. I also like the onboard tuner and Fishman electronics. I don't think you will find a better classical guitar in this price range.

  • Will Cooksey
    from Huntsville, AR February 12, 2014

    My wife loves the sound and how it plays

    Now that I have fixed a few things. This was bought as new. Not a demo or a return.

    Complaints; (remember, this is just the one I received, might not be true of all)
    1. The strings looked old and used, all of the trebles had the broken look like when they have been played a lot. Two of the trebles had cut spots in them in places a finger or pick should never have touched. The bass strings although clean looking were dead sounding. The strings looked like they were put on OK but how hard is it to wind the strings so the winds are next to each other instead of spread across the barrel. Replacing the strings made it sound like it should.
    2. The nut has a very sharp edge to the back of it, normally no one would notice and less the ran a finger across it after removing the strings. I had to roll that slightly, it just shouldn't have been left like that.
    3. The fingerboard has many tiny tiny dents in it, about 1mm wide and 2mm long. There is file marks at the edges, were whomever was filing the frets got sloppy. all of the fret ends look good, however no one bothered to take the sharp off the very end of the fret to flush it with the fingerboard. I had to fix that as well. My wife cut her fingers on them.

    Compliments; (remember, this is just the one I received, might not be true of all)
    1. The outside finish of the guitar is very very good. I couldn't be happier with it. Nice and thin, can still see some grain in the body, so that tells me it is very thin, my preference. The rest of the finish is as thick as it needs to be in my opinion.
    2. The inside of the guitar is very well done, no extraneous glue, everything looks like it is glued in well, nothing moved when I pressed around on the back and top.
    3. The woods used are very nice, they look good inside and out.
    4. No issues with the electronics.

    As with all things like this, this is subjective. The sound is very deep on the one I own. I am using a new set of the factory recommended strings. The trebles to the bass are more bass than in anything else I or my wife has played. This is the first all Indian Rosewood guitar we have bought. Don't get me wrong, the trebles are still trebles, just a bit deeper, richer, hard to describe, but again this might just be the one we have. It is supposed be darker sounding anyway. Un-amped it is a bit quiet, but then that works for us. Amped, well, it works and sounds great.

    One other thing about the fingerboard, it looked like it had water stains on it, just thought at first it was just grime from people putting the guitar together without gloves. Never seen an ebony fingerboard that looked splotchy. I had to use naphtha and a toothbrush to get the stuff off. At least the fingerboard doesn't look splotchy now.

    I'll have to work on the file marks the next time I have to replace the strings, wife couldn't wait, had to put the strings back on fast!

    I probably still would have bought the guitar seeing it in person, as I can fix the small issues. It sounds great, plays great. The guitar was playable when we received it, Sweetwater does a great job there.

    I would buy another one if I could, the wife and I fight over it a bit.

  • Bjorn
    from Torrance, CA May 28, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Professional Guitar Player since 1974

    Birthday suit

    Great looking and sounding guitar. Well made. Good intonation. Even and balanced. Not a big fan of the on board electronics though which are way over-rated. I enjoy playing it unplugged. When plugged it only sounds good with great expensive Acoustic guitar amps. If plugged through average/middle of the road amps (which many people use) it sounds mediocre.
    Again, on its own, I like it a lot. May be a different electronics set up could easily take it to 4.5 stars.
    For my amplified sound I now mic it and get a beautiful natural tone.

  • Elliott Berkihiser
    from Seattle WA USA March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Hobby player

    I like it, but

    An inexpensive instrument has to have some compromises or areas which could use improvement, right? I love playing my Cordoba 12, but there are things you need to know. The treble strings do not have the volume (power) of the bass strings. Plugging it in solves this problem and produces beautiful tones (great on-board pre-amp). The fret ends are not properly dressed and need some work, but the intonation itself is perfect. Beware the audio jack/guitar strap button on the bottom of the guitar. There is a factory error which allows this to be way too loose.

Questions about the Cordoba Fusion 12 Rosewood - Indian Rosewood Top?

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