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Behringer Xenyx 1202 Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Xenyx 1202 Mixer?

Questions about the Behringer Xenyx 1202 Mixer?

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  • from Seattle area May 8, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-pro composer and performer

    Massive value for money

    Small enough for a personal mixer, cheap enough for a bedroom studio, powerful enough to make real work possible. Sounds great.

    I use mine to tie together a small army of Volcas that I run through stereo effects units. The best endorsement I can give, is that it's so trouble-free that I hardly know it's there. Equally at home in the bedroom studio or on stage.

  • from chicago November 1, 2016Music Background:
    audio guy


    good product, best price, free shipping and no tax
    fast delivery

  • from New Haven GOT May 6, 2016Music Background:
    Bass player my whole life pro.

    Xenyx 1202 mixer

    Great little mixer! I have a effects processor , mains ,monitor, sud woofers and four mics for singing and the other spots are for mics too. No problems here. I highly recommend this mixer people especially for those on a buget and even if your not on a buget this mixer does its job well and is worth more. Sure does a lot.

  • from Sherwood, AR November 20, 2013

    Excellent Synth Solution

    I bought one of these several years ago, and was impressed with the sound quality for the price. However, I didn't use it much since I had other interfaces for recording to my PC.

    My synth and keyboard collection grew in the meantime, and I was getting tired of connecting and reconnecting every time I changed synths. Out came the Xenyx 1202. I am able to connect six keyboards to it in stereo (up to twelve in mono).

    My better synths and keyboards are connected to the first four inputs which have three band eq. The remaining synths are connected to the stereo inputs. The RCA Tape-In channel allows me to use my iPad apps with a keyboard controller.

    Yes, I probably have too many keyboards and synths. I blame it on Propellerheads Reason for sparking my keyboard fetish. Now that Propellerheads charges a fortune for RE's I found I can buy real synths for less. Especially with so many new, low priced synths coming out. I finally had one synth too many though.

    I bought a second Xenyx 1202 to handle the excess. Now by splitting up the keyboards I can run the main outs of one into a stereo in of the other and route that into my PA. Each keyboard/synth is at the same volume level. I can run all instruments at once with no hum or noise. I can play any synth and switch to any other when I want, or I can play multiple synths at once. There is plenty of room under the inputs to label everything as well. Also, at first I wasn't sure I would like not having faders for each input, but this works better in this case since it is harder to bump the knobs and mess up the levels.

    Sorry for the length of this review, but I could have saved a lot of time if I had this information to begin with, so maybe it can help someone else.

  • from CO January 10, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging in the local restaurants and private parties and our River Walk in the summer hours.

    Behringer Xenyx 1202

    It's a very good, inexpensive, unit that does exactly what I need it to do...great price, easy to use and a great match for the JBL EON ONE. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is on a tight budget and needs something to add to your new JBL EON...

  • from Ukiah July 12, 2016

    Just what I needed

    I have a Bose solo/duo system to play guitar and sing through....I had the occasion to use 4 microphones through this system and the Behringer Xenyx 1202 came thru with flying colors. Handled the unusual set up with clean sound.

  • from Missouri May 17, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar Harmonica and Karaoke

    Behringer Xenyx 1202

    The Behringer Xenyx 1202 is a great buy for the money. Will rank with most of those selling for much more. Buy one. You won't be disappointed!

  • from new madrid Mo October 28, 2015Music Background:
    Sound engineer And Mobile DJ

    1202 awesome

    love it very much wanted a plain run of the mill mixer for my DJ business and this fills the bill

  • from March 13, 2015

    Great mixer for home studio

    I bought this mixer to use in my home studio but, actually for my son to use so that he could setup his own equipment on this mixer and not have to use my more expensive and elaborate setup. For the price, this mixer is perfect for how we are using it and it has so far performed flawlessly!

  • from Gresham OR February 28, 2014Music Background:
    church leader

    good gear

    First mixer I have purchased. It was demo'd to me by another vendor who suggested it. Works great for our needs.

  • from Florida May 15, 2017

    It's a Winner

    I have used this mixer, installed in a home modified road case, for several years. I do a solo gig with guitar, steel drum, vocals and tracks, and this thing has been a work horse and no problems. The reverb selection is good for rounding out a sound in a big open space, lots of gain, very clean.

    My only want is separate individual monitor sends, so I wouldn't have to hear steel drum in the monitor. It's loud enough when playing it. BUT, that's not what this little gem is about. It's about simplicity and reliability. And on both of those accounts, it's killer.

  • from Simi Valley, CA April 12, 2016Music Background:
    Live music engineer

    Great little mixer !

    This mixer works great for small events that require an announce microphone or two and maybe some background music. Perfect size. I own two of them.

  • from June 7, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard player in cover band

    Compact Mixer

    Great little compact mixer for a super low price. Lots of channels and controls for tailoring your audio output. I use it between my keyboard, and my powered speakers, and it does the job quite well.

Questions about the Behringer Xenyx 1202 Mixer?

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