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Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium - Cutaway, Electronics, Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Steele, AL April 27, 2015

    Sweet Guitar!

    I'm very happy with the quality and tone of the 114ce. I was looking to move up to a better grade guitar, and I needed to stay in the $1.000.00 range. I initially was interested in a 200 series, but when I heard them played in a demo, I preferred the tone of the 114ce. I was very happy with the setup right out of the box. It feels good in the hands, and the finish on the neck has very low friction, making it easy to play up and down the neck with speed. Bottom line is that it is an excellent guitar for the price. As for the electronics, I have no complaints. It sounds excellent with my acoustic amp.

  • from Ashville, AL April 22, 2015Music Background:
    I play classic rock, some country and I've played gospel for several churches over the years.

    Absolute Best for the Money!

    I was looking to upgrade to a better acoustic, and needed to stay in the $1000.00 range. I was looking at the 200 series, and then heard the 114ce played against the 214ce in a demo. For my taste, the 114 had the tone that I wanted. It's like which is better, Pepsi or Coke? It's a matter of personal taste. I am very happy with the 114. I've had other top brand guitars in the same price range, but none compare to the Taylor 114ce.

  • from Missouri February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Recoreding Engineer, Musician, Hobbyist

    I love this guitar!

    Taylor makes some of the best guitars on the planet! I've heard some ridiculous complaints. For example, the necks are bolt on instead of glued so they don't sound as good as a dove tail and other seriously strange things. If your the kind of person that can tell what type of glue was used on the neck joint construction then maybe you should be on Stan Lee's show Superhumans. In the mean time I'll be rocking out on the best acoustic guitar I've ever played in 25 years!

    Matt Masek at Sweetwater is the best!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN May 21, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome Guitar

    Price and quality!1 Couldn't be happier

  • from Hudson, Florida October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Awesome Guitar

    I have been playing the guitar since 1960, and have pretty much tried them all. This one is the best I have ever heard or played. The action is great and the electronics are excellent, offering a wide range of tonal qualities.

  • from Saint Petersburg, FL USA January 28, 2013Music Background:
    Singer-Songwriter / Pro Musician

    Heaven in my hands!

    I've recently decided to upgrade to the Taylor 114ce and I have been nothing but HAPPY since I got her. She came out of the box all tuned up and ready to play. The guitar is gorgeous and it feels like Heaven in my hands. It's the perfect size, and the action was already set at a low position for me, which was great. The Elixer Nanoweb strings are a perfect match for this guitar, making it even easier to play. I've been playing guitar for about 4 1/2 years now (Indie/Folk) and have played some decent guitars, but this Taylor is by far the best! It sounds amazing acoustically or plugged in, and it stays in tune for a long time. Whether I am sitting down or standing up, this little guitar is perfect for me. I've always heard about the quality of Taylor guitars and I am glad I have made the decision to upgrade. It does not come with an onboard tuner, which isn't a big deal for me. I would definitely recommend this guitar to anyone of any level.

  • from Orillia, Ontario Canada August 28, 2011Music Background:

    Taylor 114ce

    Just got back from a week in New Hampshire at an accoustic music camp and this guitar is absolutely the best, The tone is unbelievable with excellent propulsion, Stayed fairly well in tune (even with the humidity and temp changes) Easy to carry around with the gig bag. Excellent guitar and great value. I just might get another one.

  • from December 15, 2012

    nice guitar

    I am happy with the Taylor 114ce. It sounds great and plays easy, and it feels comfortable in my hands. It is a good choice as an entry-level Taylor for someone like me who is learning. There was a problem with the 3rd fret which was a bit too high, causing fret buzz on the low E and A strings. Luckily my teacher is also a guitar repair person so he was able to fix the problem. I'm also wondering if the wrench for the neck adjustment shouldn't be included with the purchase.

  • from September 27, 2011

    Fantastic Guitar for the Price

    This is one of the best guitars I've played at this price point. The action and intonation are more than acceptable straight from the factory. I'm gigging with mine and didn't even bother with a setup. The instrument holds its tuning very well whether you strum, flatpick or play fingerstyle.

    One of my favorite things about this guitar is the low action higher up the fretboard. If you spend a lot of time on the higher registers, you'll appreciate this attribute.

    The guitar has a very bright, clean sound, which makes sense as it's a very light instrument. It projects well when it's not plugged in, and the difference in tone between plugged and unplugged is almost nil. My Martin is deeper and more "wooden" sounding; the Taylor really expands my acoustic tone options.

  • from October 14, 2015

    Taylor 114ce

    Very nice guitar. St Inge are slightly heavier than I am used to. Still trying to work out the electronics. Overall a well rounded instrument.

  • from Painted Post, NY October 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Session Musician, Hobbyist

    Decent Acoustic

    I've owned this acoustic for a little over 2 years and my overall impression is that it's a very solid acoustic given the price range. If you're a home studio guy that doesn't care about the appearance of your guitar, just the sound - this is probably ideal. I'll outline the basics that most of you will want to know here:


    The playability of this guitar is awesome. Mine came with Elixirs and a gig bag that is decently solid. The neck is fairly thick, but not overbearing or awkward to play. The cutaway is extremely nice for reaching higher notes - something that is really annoying on most dreadnought acoustics that don't have a cutaway. This guitar is quite well balanced, and even after two years of playing live gigs, studio sessions, and overzealous playing on my part, it's held up quite well. The tuners are well-made, the guitar itself is made to decent specs, and for being a relatively cheap acoustic, has served it's purpose quite well for me. It also comes with a bunch of handy manuals and how-to guides that make it easy for beginners to understand what to do to keep this thing in good shape over time.


    My biggest pet peeve with this guitar is that it was advertised as being American made (older models were at one time), but this in fact a Mexican-made guitar. As a manufacturing guru who has spent time in industry, rarely do I find outsourced guitars that have decent quality. Yet somehow Taylor made this one work. It does; however, have some quirks that kind of annoy me. It is fairly finicky about temperature changes as well as changes in humidity, and if not kept at exactly optimal levels, it throws a tantrum and goes an entire semitone out of tune minimum. Also, the bridge pegs are made of an extremely flimsy injection-molded plastic that could really stand to be improved. The frets aren't made of the sturdiest steel, and if you play with a fair amount of vibrato as I do, the frets will flatted out on top with time. Mine will probably need replaced sometime in the near future. Lastly, I NEVER use the piezo pickup on this thing. It's the absolute worst system I've ever had to deal with for any acoustic-electric I've played. Though I don't doubt this was where they wanted to save manufacturing money. It makes an absurdly irritating quacking nose and is incredibly shrill and high-pitched in live setting if it's not tamed by some serious EQ and feedback protection and backing off on the treble on the guitar's controls. It's really the only reason I didn't give this thing another half a star higher rating. Thus, I have always used a pencil condenser mic for it ever since. All things considered though, for $800, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that plays and sounds as nicely as this guitar does. If you're buying it with high cosmetic expectations, you might be disappointed unfortunately. It ain't pretty unfortunately. Though, to be fair to Taylor, guitars should be more about function than about form.

    Upgrade suggestions:

    1) Buy a set of real wooden bridge pegs for this thing (I certainly plan to).
    2) If you live in a more dry location, buy some kind of hydration system for this thing and keep up on it regularly. Especially during winter. If you don't, you will have fret buzz like you wouldn't believe and the instrument will sound very flat and dull.
    3) Buy a decent strap for this, because it really does make playing live or for long studio sessions much less annoying, even if it's light as a feather.
    4) Buy some kind of string/fretboard cleaner such as GHS or the like so that it doesn't wear as fast on the fretboard.

  • from Farmington, New Mexico August 19, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist 40 years+ playing

    Bang for the Buck

    This Taylor sounds great. I love the clarity and crispness of the mids and highs while the bass is good for a guitar of this size and shape. It plays well but not quite as easy as my Takamine ef341. I wish they made this in a 116 series with the slightly larger body to give a little better bass response.

  • from NC, USA August 20, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar strummer, worship leader, singer of songs

    A Great Taylor Guitar

    I needed to purchase a new acoustic/electric guitar because my Takamine of 10 years decided to stop working (electronics went kaputski). I read a few reviews of the guitar online and listened to some clips, but knew if it's got Taylor on the headstock it would be a good guitar. I was not disappointed!

    It's got a great sound, between my Takamine's more boxy sounds and a jumbo acoustic, and it sits well in a full band setting. No matter how hard I banged on the strings I was a very controlled sounding guitar, almost as though it was it's own compressor. Even without some of the fancier bells and whistles (it has a natural finish on the body and neck, not all glossy and shiny), it is a very easy guitar to play.

    I would definitely recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a great Taylor.

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