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MXR M108 10 Band Graphic EQ Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
  • from February 3, 2017

    good for synth

    love this pedal, very well built and lots of control over frequencies. i use it with my modular synth because i don't have room for a fixed filter bank in my case, and this does what i need it to do. only minor complaint is one that most guitarists will ignore--the faders have a center notch, and are relatively stiff. i wish i had the same pedal in a larger case with huge, smooth knobs or faders for big big frequency control. the gain control introduces some hiss/hum when imbalanced, but i like to drive it hard and use the noise as part of my signal path.

  • from Louisiana November 19, 2016Music Background:

    Tone maker

    This EQ is worth every penny. Well constructed and super charged the tone of my H&K Tubemeister 18. I have always liked MXR products they have always been of excellent quality and expectations have always been exceeded. I use this EQ in my FX loop (series).

  • from Florida October 14, 2016Music Background:
    Luthier,Amp,Effects Tech

    A Swiss Army Knife For Your Tone

    I've had this EQ in my rig for over 20 yrs. It's a very effective tool. One great use, is finding those offending frequencies and pulling them out. The MXR is well designed (and when used properly) and quiet. It the first pedal in my effects loop. From there, it can fine tune the amps pre-amp tone, and shape the effects in front of the amp from one location. The gain controls balance the pre-amp and effects to the effects in the loop. I never boost beyond 1 db, I prefer to cut other frequencies to enhance the frequencies I want to stand out. It's quieter and more efficient this way. If you think you need an EQ, I really like this one. It is well made, quiet, and reasonably priced. With a little care, it will last a long time.

  • from June 4, 2016

    Add graphic eq to your acoustic amp , I did

    I'm a singer song writer , I use a 2chanel boutique acoustic guitar amp ,with great parametric eq , fed into a nice 12 inch powered speaker as my pa , added this to efx in and out , and got that ( oh yeah ) clear punchy sound for voice and guitar

  • from Yorkville, IL January 7, 2016Music Background:

    Powerful EQ

    This EQ will definitely make a difference in your sound, clean, distorted, overdrive, it makes a difference. Very happy with the purchase of this product, would not hesitate to buy it over again. A must have in your pedal board.

  • from San Diego Ca. September 27, 2015Music Background:
    Pro guitarist

    Know how to eq!!!

    This pedal is a must for people that lnow how to equalize sound... For those that do not... It will create hiss or hum... That is because they just amplify the signal of the frequncies without any consideration of a well balanced sound.... The tone has to be created by your instrument and your amp! This is simply a fine tune instrument... Not to be overused... It's to subtly bring out the freqs you want and ommit those that you don't want... There is a fine art of knowing how to eq.... If you just start moving sliders to hear what you want you will most likely increase the signal, and therefor increase noise.... Some people are so dumb that they actually think the pedal itself is what is causing this.., also, there is no point in making an eq true bypass... Like I said, if you know how to eq, you will always leave it on .... Not needing to have true bypass.... Why on earth would you want true bypass on an eq pedal? Only if you are not using it.... If you are not using it, get it off your board.... I don't velieve this is obe pedal that you turn on in certain songs and you turn off on others... That's ehat the clean boost or overdrives are for... Thos have tone knobs as well if your aim is to cut through the mix.... Use a soul foos or archer abd set the treble high to cut through the mix.... This is simply to enhance the tobe you already created with your amp and guitar or bass... Once it sounds good... Uou leave it like it is... You don't turn it off or on...

  • from Omaha, NE January 26, 2015Music Background:

    Any color you like in one box!

    This pedal will shape your sound into virtually anything you wish. I play rock and metal and I was looking for a pedal that would give my guitar an industrial sort of sound (think the Broken ep from NIN). I gave it a few tweaks and I nailed it! I could make my guitar sound just like the ones on "Wish". It takes some time to tweak and get a feel for it, but this pedal is worth more than its price tag.

  • from Virgina September 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Bass Tone Toolkit

    Bass tone is so dependent on the room you play in. This allows you to carve out whatever overall sound you need for the room you're in quickly and easily. Great for getting that perfect bottom-end, big and articulate without the boom. You can also tame metallic sounding high-end to be warm and punchy. Really great on passive basses! It does things for your EQ that no active electronics or amp can. It's an indispensable part of my bass tone!

  • from Tampa FL April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Bass Player

    Great on Upright Bass

    Great for live gigs. I Find the feed back and kill it with ease. I can also smooth out the brightness of the Piezo Pickups.

  • from Annandale, VA November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician/studio owner/50 years experience

    MXR M-108 10-Band Equalizer

    A high end product that delivers when called upon. Clean and responsive.

  • from Las Vegas, NV August 26, 2013Music Background:

    Must have

    I love my MXR 10 band EQ. Sturdy case and steady sliders. If your looking for bright clean sound, old Metallica sound or a lead boost etc.... this a great addition to the pedal board.

  • from Upstate NY December 18, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Works great!!

    Bought this a while back to shape the tone of my upright bass through an old Polytone Brute. Very solid and reliable, and gig-friendly; footswitch bypass and LED-lit sliders are very helpful in a poorly lit situation. Great sound solution for those of us who need time to save up for a higher-end amp, or who may not wish to subject their better gear to certain dicey road conditions...

  • from February 22, 2016


    There were some little things I didnt like about my peavey 6505 and this pedal took care of it all! Itso awesome for fine tuning your tone !!! I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • from Raleigh, NC October 20, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Pro

    MXR M108 - just what I needed

    I use this EQ to compensate for a church PA system which has a peak right at 40Hz - the frequency of my low E - and it really booms. High frequencies are also boosted, which also emphasizes string and fret noise. With the M108 I can even out the response so that the full range of my bass can be heard at pretty much the same level, top to bottom.

    The M108 is especially useful because the frequency range extends to 62Hz and 31Hz. The sliders move smoothly and stay where you set them. Gain and volume sliders make up for over-all EQ adjustments. And the lights on the slider handles are a very nice touch. My only complaint is that the pedal cannot be powered with an internal battery. (Luckily I have an extra outlet near the amp). Finally, this is a very good sounding pedal, with no noise at all.

  • from Chicago June 10, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Mxr 10 band eq review

    It does it job with out hindering your original tone.

  • from Phila, PA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer; new guitar player

    Shape your tone...to your detailed delight

    Must be careful if using with other pedals in line turned on...
    especially, if you have a digital pedal. Other than that this
    pedal rules: allows one to shape their tone to their exact
    liking...even if you have an amp with many tone controls.
    This is another fine analog pedal by MXR. I highly
    recommend it.

  • from Manistee, MI December 29, 2011Music Background:
    Hobby Band - Guitarist

    MXR 10 band EQ

    I have had a Boss EQ which worked fine but now that I have this MXR, I am glad to have the extra control. This unit is built like a tank, very heavy, and the lights look very nice. I would have given it a perfect score but the wire on the power supply feels very thin, don't see it lasting a long time but we will see. Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from burnsville n.c. December 18, 2011Music Background:
    25 years

    works good

    dial in your tone just right. works good going into the front of your amp or into the effects loop if your amp has one.

  • from lockport, NY August 5, 2014Music Background:
    Rock and blues

    Great but not always used

    I can get the bluesy sound I want (I use screaming demon trembuckers) , but for most of my style and songs I don't need the eq , but it's a must on my pedal board

  • from North Manchester, IN July 4, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician

    Great for bass

    I purchased this to move up from an old 5 band EQ pedal to try and shape my tone a little more and adjust for different settings. This has done everything I have needed so far in the studio, rehearsal, and a few low key gigs. Cant wait to use it with my full rig and some upcoming shows.

  • from S. E. TX May 7, 2014Music Background:
    25 Years hobbyist guitar.

    Works better on some amps than it does on others

    I originally bought this to put in the loop of an HT-5R and was very disappointed with the results. It seemed to have very little cut or boost and did not do much to sculpt the tone even with ten bands. After that amp stopped working I got a Jet City JC22H head and it works incredibly well in the effects loop of that amp. Incredibly well! Very powerful in the tube buffered effects loop. Makes my four hundred dollar head sound like a boogie.(well, closer anyway!)
    If you are looking for an EQ to go after a distortion or OD pedal, this works very well in that application as well. Better than any other I have used.
    I leave mine on all the time but it can also be very useful for live use to boost solos because not only can you use it to boost gain but mids as well at the same time.
    I have had it for going on three years and no problems and it feels very sturdy.
    If you are looking to put this in your amps effects loop, I would try it out first. But it has so many uses, it is really worth having for any one with multiple instruments/amps.
    I mainly knocked off a star because for the price, I think it should have stereo through. (I think all pedals should nowadays though, even if the effect itself is not stereo) It's a little expensive for an EQ pedal but I would buy it again if it was lost or stolen.

  • from October 15, 2012

    OK pedal but could do with improvement

    The pedal works well as a gain or volume boost and the equalizer 10 band does what it sets out to do. However, the pedal would be much better as true bypass and not hardwired, since it does affect the signal in the chain even when not in use. Also, when it is on, there is an audible background noise which, depending on the pedal placement in the chain, could be magnified. I have never been a fan of having to use one pedal to counteract another. Some people might use a noise gate or noise suppressor pedal to counteract background hiss or noise, but if a pedal puts this out initially, I tend to stay away from it.

  • from pittsburgh, pa November 10, 2014Music Background:

    Good when it works

    I've had this pedal for maybe 2 years. It worked and sounded great. My pedal unfortunately developed crackling and popping sounds. I tried multiple cords on multiple amps to make sure it was the pedal producing the terrible sounds. Wish it would have lasted longer. I wouldn't buy again.

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