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Fender Pro Series Hardshell Case - Strat/Tele, Tweed Reviews

4.0 stars based on 36 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Pro Series Hardshell Case - Strat/Tele, Tweed?

Questions about the Fender Pro Series Hardshell Case - Strat/Tele, Tweed?

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  • Istvan
    from PR May 15, 2017

    Very well done case.

    Got this case for my brand new 50's Classic Vibe Telecaster and it fots like a glove. It has two compartments inside that you can fit maybe a couple of cables beacause they are not to big. But they work for small stuff. The only con if u can call it that is that I find it a bit big. Other than that its an amazing case to protect your baby. God bless

  • Jimmy
    from Texas April 27, 2017

    Fender case

    Very nice case. Really like it.

  • Don Lessnau
    from Redford, MI April 13, 2017


    Great case. Sturdy, well-built with plush red velvet-type interior and very sharp tweed type exterior. Just a great looking and solidly constructed case.

  • Customer
    from April 9, 2017

    Fender Hard Shell Case

    Arrived on time and in pristine condition. My sales person, Rob, makes sure that I am totally satisfied. Again you guys nailed it. The candy was a big hit with my grand kids.

  • Victoria Lucido
    from Monterey, CA January 2, 2017Music Background:
    Singer in my husband's band

    Happy Husband!

    My husband has been wanting the Fender tweed hard shell case for a long time. He left me little hints about it like a magazine with the item circled or a print out of the item from Sweetwater. His Fender guitar had a black case that he never really liked. I finally decided to get it for him for Christmas. I had it delivered to my work so he wouldn't know about it. On Christmas morning, I waited until all of the other gifts were opened and brought it out from under our guest bed. He was so surprised and excited. He ran and put his fender in it and it fit perfectly. Our kids said, "There's no way we can compete with that gift!" He jokingly picked it up and posed and said when people see him with his guitar case they will say, "That guy can play!" Very fun! And, to top it off, Sweetwater had it on sale $ less than "the other guys." Matt McKible is the best! Many thanks to Matt for all of his professional customer service.

  • Zach
    from Chicago June 15, 2016Music Background:
    Band member and lessons teacher

    Great for PRS!

    I own a PRS 30th anniversary SE custom guitar. I paid a pretty penny for it and wanted to protect it. I was saddened to find out that PRS does not make a case for these guitars. I bought this case from my local music store and am very happy with it. It is well made and great looking. It locks and the hardware is high quality. The inside is a cool orange and is very plush. Two doors make storing items easy. I would definitely recommend this case to any Fender or PRS SE owner.

  • Sam
    from Midwest June 2, 2016

    A Case for my Tele

    Great quality and looks for the money. Love the tweed.

  • Paul
    from Kent, Washington June 10, 2015

    Nice case

    Ordered this case for my telecaster, very nice, perfect fit, it will protect guitar for long time!

  • Juliano Masella
    from Lake Orion, MI June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Church Band


    This case is amazing! First impressions are great, you can tell that it is very well built and will protect your baby Very beautiful case, very nice inside and out. And I love that it is a locking case too! Stop looking! The right one is right here!!!

  • tom
    from April 2, 2015

    nice case

    I love this case! Fits my new Strat perfectly!

  • Cindi foreman
    from Ca November 26, 2014Music Background:
    Gift for professional guitarist

    Review of guitar case

    You guys are terrific! I got my order quickly and had such great customer service. I will highly recommend your company.

  • Jim
    from Sicklerville, NJ June 28, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro, gigging musician

    Perfect Case

    I know, I know...It's just a guitar case. BUT...It's a damn cool guitar case. When you see 100% of the guitarists showing up at gigs with black plastic hardshell cases, it gets boring. Holding this case makes you stand out. The construction is fantastic. Seems to be very sturdy, everything fits well and works great. I bought it for my Fender Lonestar and it's well protected in this bad-boy. Worth the money (which isn't much considering!).

  • shuma luma dung duck
    from california March 14, 2014Music Background:
    amp repair and slow shred fusion speed bluezz guitar player

    Tweed Pro Case

    I have two of these cases. Both very consistent in quality and construction. I have owned several usa g&g cases as well. These feel a little lite compared to the g&g (80;s) cases but may be attributed to different materials? these cases are great regardless. the neck sits sooooo deep and is a perfect fit. this case offers tons of neck support. no shifting around in this case. buy it so you can spend more time thinking about speakers and pickups.

  • Rich Panessa
    from Saint George, Utah January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Singer / Songwriter / Musician

    Fender Hardshell Strat / Tele Case

    My wife ( after getting advice from the guys in my band and others ) bought me this case to wrap around the Fender Tele Baja she also purchased.. I get high marks on the guitar, but when I open the case and folks see the richly appointed soft interior bed for my Baja, the compliments never end. The exterior is a rock solid bunker and worth twice the money. Thanks Sheila, and thankyou Sweetwater !

  • Customer
    from January 25, 2017

    Great case

    This is a beautiful case both inside and out...fits my telecaster perfect...highly recommend

  • Ricky
    from Palos Hills, IL January 17, 2017


    I bleed Fender, what can I say. If you are going to carry a Strat or Tele might as well be in high fashion. Love this case.

  • Rich
    from San Diego, CA May 19, 2016

    Very well done

    Well, what can I say; this case totally checks all the boxes! it looks SERIOUSLY COOL (however I kinda wish the strap were leather because it'd feel much nicer but from ten feet you can't really tell), the interior is super plush, the protection is great, there is ample interior storage, and it feels very very well built. One thing I noticed was that in the beginning, I couldn't close one of the snap-shut latches without pulling the pin aside; I'm nitpicking I know but that did worry me that something was wrong with that kind of latch, but the standard latch in the center keeps the idea of the case springing open from being any kind of a major concern. Either way, this case has gotten me tons and tons of compliments and considering the price of other cases this one is a deal! Just the peace of mind that your guitar is 100% safe makes it worth the price. Just buy one, you definitely won't regret it!

  • Jerry de Laval
    from Largo, FL March 31, 2016

    An Excellent case

    This is an excellent and stylish case.....perfect to keep your treasured instruments safe while making a proper fashion statement ! It's a Fender and exhibits proper Fender style and quality

  • Michael Metts
    from Marietta, OH February 8, 2016

    My Guitar is safe

    I feel so much better that every night now my Fender is put away in a solid case and not a gig bag, ya know if it makes ya feel good you should buy one for all your guitars and thats my plan now, Thank You Sweetwater........

  • Customer
    from October 11, 2015

    Fender Guitar Case

    Great case. Service is always perfect.

  • Drew W
    from Toledo, OH May 6, 2017

    Fender Tweed Hardshell Case

    Great looking case and it fits my Strat perfectly! A couple minor issues, though. One of the latches is a bit finicky. Almost as if it doesn't perfectly line up. I hope that doesn't become a problem later on. The other thing is that when you first open it up you are almost knocked off your feet by the overwhelming glue smell. I'm guessing that should mellow a bit over time. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this purchase and, as always, happy with the service!

  • Kenneth W Evans
    from WV February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Started with the guitar in the late '60s.

    great case

    My Strat has a nice place to rest. This is a great guitar case. May not be the best for a traveling musician, or band member, but for regular pickers like me, it is excellent.

  • Fast Eddie
    from Denver, Co January 15, 2017

    Very nice good quality case!!!

    I had been looking for a good case for my 1988 Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau and wanted a nice Tweed case. The case is well constructed and quality is exactly what I would expect from Fender at this price. This is a very nice good quality case.

    Please Note: The internal case overall length is exactly 39" and my Spotlight guitar is 39" she just barely fits in the case end to end. I was hoping for just a little bit more wiggle room, so please be aware..

  • Tim
    from Andrews December 1, 2016Music Background:
    Bass & Electric & Acoustic Guitar

    Never disappoint

    I have purchased a guitar, headphones, cords ..
    Plus ..other stuff through the years that I'm just too lazy to recall .. anyway.. & recently I purchased this guitar case (which Im glad I have. It does the trick for me.
    Sure, it's not really plush with foam but, it's still a nice case at a nice price.
    I've never once been sorry I chose Sweetwater.
    Quality and Customer service are two things that stick out. Keep up the good work .

  • MIKE
    from OHIO July 8, 2016

    Review Fender Accessories Pro Series Hardshell Case - Strat/Tele, Tweed

    Thanks ! SweetWater nice job !

  • Kenny Wheeler
    from Clint, Texas December 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Great case at a super price!

    Exactly what I needed for my Tele! Not exactly OEM but in some better. I like the dual accessory boxes.

    from YORK,PA December 24, 2014Music Background:



  • Bob
    from State of Confusion February 24, 2014Music Background:
    Play in local bands.

    Good Lookin'

    Solidly built with plush inside padding. Excellent fit for my tele. Beautiful tweed.
    Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that I wonder if the spring-loaded latches will endure over time???

  • Jay
    from Iowa City, IA December 8, 2012Music Background:

    Nice case

    Nice looking, solid case. Definitely gives a more professional impression. The plush interior is more orange than red as the photos indicated. Good value.

  • jason
    from port st lucie, Fl April 2, 2017Music Background:
    Bedroom Guitar god

    It's a good case

    It's a guitar case. I see a lot of "AMAZING!!!!" reviews. It's a freaking guitar case. I really like the tweed look and the pink (sorry salmon) plush interior. I feel my guitar is safe inside this case for minor to moderate falls/damage. for what I need it for, it does everything I can ask short of falling off an airplane and surviving. Anything more and you're looking at hundreds of dollars. I got mine several years ago around $80 although closer to $100 after taxes and shipping. $ for a hardshell after shipping? not too bad although you should still look around but also consider who you buy from. It's a "good" case for what it is and you should always look for the best protection for your investments.

  • DEA
    from Indianapolis, IN February 11, 2017

    Sharp looking, cheal hardware

    The case looks nice and the tweed gives me that 70s feel, when I started playing. Two large compartments with "doors" that close keep everything under control during movement. Hardware is a clasp in the center and lockable flip-up snaps on both ends. The spring quickly broke on one of the lockable snaps, so when released, it didn't flip upward as it should. I found a dealer who sells almost perfectly matching hardware and replaced the snap with the broken spring.

    The "locks" are ultra cheap! They might keep the honest people honest, but certainly won't keep a thief out of your case. Don't rely on them. I actually would have preferred the traditional clasp at all three points. I also wish this FENDER labeled case matched the FENDER branded tweed guitar strap (Sweetwater Item ID: 099-0687-000). THAT would have been cool! The strap, sadly, is a couple shades different.

    I'm satisfied with the case, and considering how ridiculously overpriced guitar cases are these days, it's a good buy. Just wish the overall quality was better. I would have paid $ for hardware that was not stamped "Made in China."

  • the critic
    from columbus, IN May 29, 2016Music Background:
    experienced muscian, new to guitars

    economical, Acceptable but disappointing

    Pros: acceptable construction, very reasonable price compared to others.
    Nice and roomy, its a strat case.... construction is not its long suit. the box is acceptable strength. It is plum and the top and bottom meet correctly. This case provides what I consider the minimum protection... a soft side might have been just as good.
    finish: while the cover appears to be acceptable the trim is crudely applied (folded and screwed corners... like a poorly made bed)

    hardware is cheap, very cheap, take a hard look at the clasps and compare to the better (more expensive) cases.

    Because of budgt, I would buy this again as I do not have high expectations, but I know a good one when I see it. I will replace the center hasp

  • Customer
    from April 13, 2017

    Honestly expected better from fender for the price...

    Expected better quality for the price. The case seems sturdy enough but the materials used I feel are not top notch. The handle is absolutely ridiculous....it's made out of plastic and they didn't even bother wrapping any material around it. My case that came along my epiphone les Paul tribute plus is better than this.

  • J.F
    from WI July 11, 2016

    Fender Pro Series tweed Case

    Nice case but not a perfect case. Looks nice but it does have its low points. Interior is good, the dual compartments great, but not the best fit for the Baja Tele. The body fits good but there is slippage which would allow the head stock to slam into the case if it was not for the towel I need to position on that end. Fender needs to address these type of problems. Exterior wise esp. with the hotter weather some bubbling of the tweed has been noticed. Latches, hinges and alignment could use some quality improvements.

  • Greg
    from December 12, 2012Music Background:
    church musician (good but not good enough to get paid)

    Not what they used to be

    A little less than what I expected. Latches are flimsy compared to cases I got back in the day. Rest of the case is very nice but that won't matter when the latches break. Fair deal for the price I suppose.

  • MJ
    from November 23, 2016

    Poor quality for the money

    Really thought the tweed would look nice, but when I received it and looked it over, it was pretty flimsy, had cheap hardware and did not align correctly when closing. You'd be better off to look for a molded case I guess or expect to pay a lot more. I'd be very reluctant to load this in with other gear and put it too through much. It just feels like it will fall apart.

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