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Fender Custom '60s Jazz Bass Pickups Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Custom '60s Jazz Bass Pickups?

Questions about the Fender Custom '60s Jazz Bass Pickups?

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  • from Texas May 3, 2017

    Great Pickup

    I swapped out the pickups in my 09 Fender MIA with the Custom Shop 60's and used the Emerson Prewire Kit to replace the electronics and man what a difference. It's like my bass came to life and had this great versatile tone. I can't recommend this combination upgrade enough. These pickup are good for any genre of music. The Custom Shop 60's are a little more expensive then some but there is a reason for that...
    Its worth it!
    I highly recommend the Custom Shop 60's with the Emerson Prewire Kit if your looking for tone versatility and to cut through the mix at rehearsal and live performances.

  • from Georgetown, TX April 19, 2017

    No need to shop elsewhere...

    It does not matter what I need, I am going to check Sweetwater first. Even on a $10 part, I get an e-mail or a call thanking me for the order and making sure everything was ok. This is BEYOND what good customer service is. It is GREAT customer service!

  • from Oxford, MS December 3, 2016Music Background:
    35 years

    Fantastic Pickups

    This is my second set of Custom 60's Jazz bass pickups. I have many Jazz basses including Fender Custom shop basses. I chose this set for a personal build project after listening to several sets. The custom 60's are on the hotter side. I don't think of them as vintage at all. They produce a very full musical sound. The tone is round and clear as a bell, but can really growl with the tone rolled off.

    The Jazz bass I built using Warmoth parts is probably the best sounding bass that I own. I think a lot of that is this set of pickups. Great sound when both are played together with full tone. The bridge pickup with the tone rolled off is just amazing, Jaco midrange punch and growl.

    I also found a Squire Jazz that I just loved the neck and body on. It was used and very cheap. I replaced the pots and wiring, and chose these pickups again. Now it is a fantastic Jazz bass!!
    Highly recommended pickups.

  • from Tulsa, OK December 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Alright, so these are great.

    My session bassist plays a 60s P-Bass and he was raving about how it's magic, how it can fit into any mix, work in any genre, and we talked about the fact that it could be the pickups from days of old. At the studio I've got an American Jazz bass, so I figured hey, why not. I searched ebay for some vintage ones, but eventually I just said hey why not try the Custom Shop pickups.

    WOW! These pickups brought my bass to a different level. For under $200, this is one of the best upgrades you can make for your bass, be it a MIM or American. The pickups seem to add more clarity, brightness, and maybe even some sustain - hotter output than my stock American pickups and WAY less "tubby" on the bottom. Pair these pickups with some D'Addario or Ken Smith strings and you'll have a wicked sounding bass.

    Some may argue that having bright pickups is a bad thing - as these pickups are somewhat bright. I beg to differ! You have a tone knob for a reason. You might as well get a really bright, clear, crisp, clean bass tone, and roll off the highs that you don't need. It doesn't make sense to use a DI or Amp to add synthetic high end. Get it right at the source, and get these pickups!

Questions about the Fender Custom '60s Jazz Bass Pickups?

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