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Fender Standard Gig Bag for Stratocaster/Telecaster Reviews

4.0 stars based on 1 customer review
  • Chuck Chaingun
    from Concord, NH July 20, 2011Music Background:
    30 years pro musician, 8 years recording engineer/producer, retired from that, only record myself now.

    Very good value, does the job

    I gave this a very good rating because it's a fine value for the price. I need a decent bag for protecting guitars at home without spending a lot. Also, soft cases usually take less space than hard cases. I also understand there can be some circumstances where axes have to leave the house periodically, but maybe a hard case is not an option because of transport issues or weight.

    For any guitar that I plan on putting in the car a lot, I get a hard case. This case is fine if I ever have to put it in a car now and then, but I'm fussy about protecting gear. As far as I'm concerned, ANY soft gig bag at any price should be used outside the house very rarely, but that's just me.

    This bag is very well made, durable materials, not too thin for the money, pretty decent zipper.

    The stiffness of the material and construction was better than I expected, isn't as "floppy" as some other bags I have. It retains its shape very well. Therefore this may be a big plus for someone who has to use this out of the house a lot, as it likely indicates that it will last a long time for someone with that need. This inspires a little more confidence for the thought that went into it.

    It has a big pocket on one side with a zipper. On the opposite side is a grab handle up towards the headstock. In the picture you see the regular handles on the left middle. The side you can't see has the straps for shoulder use, and they can be removed if desired.

    The interior is lined with a nylon that's satiny smooth, shouldn't mar a finish. Up by the headstock area they use a much coarser material, presumably to keep the guitar's metal bits from wearing a hole in the interior lining, or to provide a bit more stiffness for that area, maybe.

    The padding in the lining for each side seems to be about 5/8ths of an inch thick, as best as I can tell without going nuts precisely measuring it. The padding has a moderate firmness to it. This is not plush, luxurious padding that will swaddle your axe with pillow-like protection, yet it's not so thin as to be like putting your guitar in a paper bag.

    Even if I did use this weekly on gigs, the bag itself would not fall apart for at least several years, I think. Straps, handles and zipper pulls are not a problem. The stitching area for the straps is fairly large and looks like it would take some ridiculous force to tear them loose.

    The clasps that allow the straps to be removed are black plastic that appear to be fairly rugged, modern, hard plastic, but not super thick. The rings at the end of the straps, and the rings that are attached to the bag are also black plastic. To break them would require some unreasonable force. They're not as strong as metal would be, of course. But to crush or crack them would mean forces that already would be big trouble for the guitar within!

    It's hard to say how long a zipper will last on any bag at any price, but I think that it's likely this zipper won't turn out to be junky. That's assuming you don't abuse the zipper by putting excessive force on it, by stuffing the pocket with a dozen teddy bears or wrapping the guitar in a goose down comforter, then trying to zip it shut.

    The zipper doesn't feel like it's likely to start binding prematurely. I'd say the teeth of the zipper are not really small or large. Large ones sometimes bind too easily. If too small, they sometimes fall apart too easily. Seems like a reasonable compromise for tooth size. Action of the zipper is smooth, and the sound it makes inspires confidence in the design, as it doesn't sound too coarse or too smooth (that large or small tooth issue).

    Somebody did their homework when designing this bag while keeping the price low. No problem recommending this as a soft bag with reasonable protection at a very reasonable price. In the past I've certainly paid the same or more for bags that were somewhat flimsy or disappointing. This doesn't disappoint. I will buy this again if I ever need a bag this size. You can certainly use it for anything that's not bigger than a Strat or a Tele.

    Yes, I write long reviews for even items that don't cost a lot, because maybe someone else wants to know as much about something as I do!

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