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Martin 000X1AE - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin 000X1AE - Natural?

Questions about the Martin 000X1AE - Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Florida July 3, 2016

    Fantastic beyond expectations

    Got this for my girlfriends birthday and of coarse I played it constantly to make sure it was up to par. The neck was in need of adjustment (thanks Martin for no included truss rod wrench) but otherwise a pure joy to play. Highly recommend this guitar!

  • from Metro Atlanta May 11, 2016

    THE Acoustic for Non-Acoustic Players

    I've been playing for 25 years or so and quite frankly, I've never played an acoustic guitar that I enjoyed. (after all, that's what it's really about, right?) I've alway been an electric player, favoring Teles. My acoustic bandmate (who plays American Martins exclusively) and I got the idea to start doing some acoustic duo stuff, so I began searching for something. I landed on this and dear LORD...! It's an absolute dream. The neck fits my hand like a glove (larger hands), the body is not too big or small and the sound is heavenly. It's midrange focused tone fills the void nicely if playing in tandem with a dreadnought, but sounds beautiful by itself. My buddy spent in the thousands for his Martin and he said that he likes the sound and playability of this rascal at least as much as his own, at 1/4 the price.

    I'm so glad Martin kept the quality level high with these X series guitars. If you're on the fence about this because of where it's made, cast your fears away. The hype is well deserved. Bravo, Martin & Co.!

  • from Texas March 3, 2016

    Awesome Guitar!!!

    I own this guitar. It is probably my favorite and the one I find myself picking up most often. While I purchased several guitars from Sweetwater, and have always been blown away by their attention to detail and customer service. I have to admit this was purchased from a local shop. This is a guitar you have to feel in order to truly fall in love with it. The tone is amazing. I picked it up on a whim. I wanted to know what was sooooo great about Martins. Why did they cost so much? Why does everyone speak so highly of them? I played nearly every acoustic in the shop and I was set on going with a used ibanez acoustic, but when I picked up the 000X1AE, I knew I was in trouble. It just felt like a more substantial instrument. You could immediately feel a connection to the instrument. The craftsmanship was aparent. I told the sales person that I was not a good enough guitarist to warrant such a fine instrument. He pointed out that a better guitar makes a player better, because they are more apt to want to play it. He was right. I am 10 times better since I purchased it. I've thought a lot about one day trading up to a more expensive Martin, but in all honesty, I just can't see why I would ever part with this one. Even though it's HPL and composite and all, it doesn't feel plastcky, or cheap. It's just a really, really nice acoustic guitar. And if I would have got it through Sweetwater I would have saved a pretty penny.

  • from Sterling, MA September 21, 2015Music Background:
    Old man fingerstyle player.

    great guitar period !

    I am shocked at the tone and playability. I can't put it down. My wife doesn't get it.....nobody gets it but i guess i don't expect non players to understand. Know what i mean? I bought my 30 yr old daughter a Taylor GS mini for her birthday. I wish I had bought her one of these instead.

  • from Connecticut February 1, 2015Music Background:
    Performer, Music Artist.

    Simple, and Beautiful!

    Awesome guitar! It sound soooo good! I have a Taylor DN3 that's twice the price and this sounds just as good if not better. It feels and sounds just sweet to play. Great use of new age materials! Good job Martin!

  • from Southern Illinois January 14, 2015Music Background:
    Dedicated amature musician for over 45 years

    True Martin Quality

    Don't let the "Made In Mexico" sticker fool you. This is a true Martin quality instrument. Fit and finish are impeccable; acoustic and amplified sounds are superb; and playability is just what you'd expect from Martin. The 000 body produces a rich clean articulated sound without the boom of the D styles - ideal for finger picking. I love the fact that the Fishman controls are hidden. This guitar is a "Plain Jane" but has an inherent beauty associated without genuine craftsmanship. Put a Made In USA sticker inside and this is easily a $1500 guitar.

  • from Springfield IL December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Acoustic Guitarist, 20 yrs +

    High quality, great sound

    This guitar blew me away with its sound and comfortability in holding.
    If I had only one guitar, THIS WOULD BE IT. This guitar stays in tune for the most part ... I go to play it days later and it IS STILL IN TUNE. This sound it gives out sounds just like a Clapton style guitar, by that I mean the intonation of the strings bending and hammer-ons and offs sound identical to Clapton. This guitar impressed me as much as the X series 12- string I purchased this year. I love this guitar ! Very easy to play and it sounds fantastic ! I prefer this over playing my much larger Taylor 314ce. I could go on an on .....

  • from Olney, MD June 8, 2014Music Background:
    Professional guitarist, writer, producer, engineer. Studio owner.

    People love playing this guitar

    Surprisingly responsive for a guitar made almost entirely of composites. Bright, punchy and toneful with phosphor bronze. Responds well to flatpicking and fingerstyle. Compresses slightly when played hard, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Small bodied and slightly under 4" deep, it is a joy to play standing up. Very stable on stage. Great neck. AND THIS IS A 500 DOLLAR GUITAR. Keep that in mind. The Fishman system isn't great, but this is a $500 guitar. In the past I have always shied away from composite acoustics because of their lack of responsiveness and tone, but this sucker is mighty playable. I even, on occasion, track with it (miced). I've had a number of people in my studio who bring in "nicer" guitars but just fall in love with this guy and want to go with it.
    BTW- I've owned and played the frets off this thing for about 3 years and it is holding up very nicely. For $500.

  • from January 22, 2014

    martin 000X1AE

    Great customer service from sweetwater once again. Guitar shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. This is a great martin for the price!

  • from Rocky Mtns September 7, 2013Music Background:
    road-worn Pro, eternal student,

    The Real Deal

    Having played for several decades, as one goes through life and experiences its ups and downs, I've had to part with some instruments that upon reflection I wish I'd never sold. But with life's financial rollercoaster we've all had to do what you must to survive. I never thought I could again afford a Martin and sort of wrote it off the bucket list; until I discovered th 000X1AE. It has the pedigree one would expect from such a prestigious maker and the look, feel, smell and most importantly, the SOUND that justifies its name. It is a marvel at a pauper's price. If you're seraching for a quality instrument at an affordable price, you need look no further. This is the Real Deal, a Martin.

  • from eastern NC February 22, 2016

    Very Pleased

    My son bought this to round out his guitar Arsenal. The tone is balanced and clear, exactly what you would expect from a Martin!

    The sound level isn't that of a dreadnought, but if you're buying this expecting the same sound/tone as you would get with a $3500 D-28, you will be disappointed. The guitar sounds even better plugged in. Fit and finish is clean, he is very happy with his purchase.

    Sweetwater is a joy to deal with, we have made several purchases with them and Matt Fawcett at Sweetwater is a true professional.

  • from United States December 1, 2014Music Background:
    45 yrs playing in and out of bands.

    Great guitar for the price

    I have two Martins. Got this for my son at a great price at the guitar show in Philly. It has a smaller easy to hold OOO body but sounds BIG. The pick up sounds great and is nicely hidden in the hole.For a Mexican Martin it is 95% great and leas than half what I paid for my DCPA4.
    Buy it but get a case from Martin- Model 330. Been playing for 45 years.

  • from Appalachian highlands December 16, 2015

    cant believe its not......

    My guitar arrived in record time as always with Sweetwater. It looks non descript really. Then i played it. Ive looked at every acoustic guitar in every price range and pound for pound this is where its at. It feels very familiar. If you are an electric player the neck should feel right. It projects and plays as well as any high dollar 000. Wood snobs warn you about the materials used but if you do your research youll learn these materials while cheap to produce are more durable and true than grandpaws wooden box. It doesn't have fancy inlays or ornate wood patterns; its a player. This to me is the ultimate starter guitar or workhorse. If you need something to play around the fire or travel with, maybe play open mic night at the local dive this is your guitar. Haven't dove in to the electronics yet but its under the saddle. You cant have everything.

  • from June 25, 2015


    This guitar's low & mid sound range is loud and clear, and it looks pretty good. However, the action is bit high and its bit stiff to play especially at middle part of the neck. The high range does not stand out well when strummed, and the body is relatively heavy compared to other Martin guitars with body size around 00-000.
    Your guitar could be different. But if it is like mine, I recommend you to get your guitar to Luthier and get it set up, it will sound much better and will be easier to play.
    Other than that, the shipping was fast and the price is reasonable. So. even though there are some problems, I personally think it worth paying $600 for this guitar.

  • from Gainesville FL July 8, 2013Music Background:
    Dedicated Blues musician

    Looks plain sounds killer

    I got this very guitar from the gallery. It was delivered in three days. It plays and sounds like any high dollar Martin. I used it on three gigs and the Fishman electronics were a bonus. I don't know how they deliver such an axe for this price.

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