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Martin 000C Nylon - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin 000C Nylon - Natural?

Questions about the Martin 000C Nylon - Natural?

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  • from Spencer, NY December 17, 2016Music Background:
    Music Enthusiast

    Martin 000C Nylon - Excellent Value

    I have a 40 year old Alvarez Yairi classical guitar and I wanted a nylon acoustic-electric guitar with access to the upper frets. I started by buying a Taylor 814ce-N since I had already extensively played a Taylor 814ce-steel and it was a fabulous guitar. Unfortunately I had to return the 814ce-N as the sustain on the treble strings was very poor. My Sweetwater Rep (John Short) suggested this guitar as a replacement, and, as I already have a Martin D-41 (an amazing instrument), I gave the 000C Nylon a try. I am extremely happy with this guitar and it is an absolute joy to play (for hours on end). This is simply a good, solid, basic instrument that sounds great, plays great, and looks great. The intonation is very good over the whole fretboard and the guitar is a breeze to play and has the sustain I like. I was mildly concerned after reading a few reviews that the guitar might be slightly disappointing when plugged in, but I was very pleased with the sound when amplified. There are more expensive guitars (like the Taylor nylon), but if you want great value for a very playable instrument, look no further than the 000C Nylon.

    (By the way, Sweetwater took back the 814ce-N that I didn't like and I swapped it for an 814ce-steel, which I love. I remain a loyal Sweetwater customer - as of the date of this review I have bought 8 guitars from Sweetwater [with two more on order] and they are all outstanding instruments. I highly recommend Sweetwater and its team).

  • from McKinn July 21, 2016

    Great Nylon Crossover

    I was looking for something that sounded great (CHECK), I could play unplugged or plug (CHECK), and looked good (CHECK). This guitar exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it. I own 8 guitars and this is my new go to every time. I love it! Jason Koons is my salesman and he knows his stuff.

  • from Chicago, Illinois March 6, 2016

    Martin 000C Nylon

    I own several very nice guitars including some high end stuff ( over 6k), but I just love this guitar. Easy to play and it's mellow sound and easy action make it one of my favorites. My first Martin which has me wondering what was I thinking . if you want to expand your picking horizons ID really recommend adding this guitar to your collect. Fit and finish is great and I truely believe it's made me a better player.

  • from Hamerly November 20, 2015

    Fantastic Guitar :)

    I have played guitar for the past 56 years and have owned a Martin OO -18C since 1966. I never really considered an electric until recently. Bought the guitar with a Fishman sa220 amp. I have never in my life
    experienced this kind of sound. The neck is very slightly narrower than a classic but the playability and action are the same as my 00-18C. The built in tuner is a very nice feature. This guitar is a keeper.

    I am a first time customer of Sweetwater and would recommend them to anybody. Their customer service and and followup is the best.

  • from Alabama June 1, 2015

    Excellent guitar

    Martin did not disappoint....although I was a little concerned prior to the puchase, this guitar offers alot for the money and i am glad that i make the call to Nick at Sweetwater. He was helpful and Informative. The Martin is well built, has attractive features, good Martin tone and is a great value. I own other expensive classical and steel string guitars and i wish Martin had made this guitar sooner and hope they continue to make others like it.

  • from Spring, Texas September 19, 2015Music Background:
    50 years of playing piano, guitar, mandolin

    MARTIN 000C Nylon - 12 Fret

    I would have preferred the Cordoba Hauser Natural but I wasn't willing to spend the money. My research settled on the Martin 000C Nylon and it was well worth the investment. I also play a Martin HD-28 and the transition between guitars is easier than the wider neck Cordoba.

    The electronics makes the instrument a little heavier and not as balanced as I would like but, then again it has not effect on playability thus I'm probably nit-picking a little here. The only downside I can consider is that the strings that came on the instrument aren't worth a hill of beans.

    However, considering I'm going to change the saddle and nut, adjust the saddle for a faster action and experiment with strings then it's not really an issue. I very much like this guitar and would highly recommend it to anyone.

    After all, besides Martin, the only other guitars I would ever own would be a Gibson followed by a Gretsch.

  • from Eastern Oregon hinterlandd June 8, 2015Music Background:
    serious non professional

    very positive!

    I have been playing for 35 years and enjoy finger picking and strumming. This guitar is great for both. It has great sound and I have not (and may not) use the electronics. Intonation is perfect. The D string buzzes when I press away from the fret + play loud. I will wait to make buz adjustments after guitar gets used to climate here and after I replace the factory strings with my favorite nylon strings D'Addario EJ 45 LP. I love this guitar. It is easier for my old fingers for finger picking and has good volume balance when I switch from finger picking to strumming in sequence for the same song.

  • from California July 21, 2014


    Amazing. Simply amazing. I am a long time Sweetwater customer. I keep coming back because of the customer service and prices. So don't be looking on any other sites for the gear you want.

    As far as this guitar, what a perfect balance of playability, tone, retro, and current. Martin really created an amazing machine for the price. Go ahead, spend 3x more. But if you are the type that wants ( or HAS TO) maximize TONE PER $ SPENT, this is one of those guitars you cannot pass up.

Questions about the Martin 000C Nylon - Natural?

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