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Martin 000-28VS - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin 000-28VS - Natural?

Questions about the Martin 000-28VS - Natural?

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  • from Chicago October 29, 2016

    Review of Martin 000-28vs

    I have a few Martin's, a Taylor and a Larrivea , all great acoustic guitars. I was drawn to the 000-28vs for a few reasons, first, I wanted to own as close to original 000 with rosewood and I love the slotted head stock and the 12 fret. The guitar arrived perfect and thanks Sweetwater. What intrigued me was after I got the production numbers from Martin it appears only 57 units were produced in 2015 out of 80,000 Martin's produced.. The guitar I purchased last week, October 25, 2016 was new old stock from January of 2015, shipped to Sweetwater in September 2015 and sold to me a year later as "New". I love the guitar and it's exactly what I wanted. Best of all, it's not common. No electronics, not a dreadnought, no cutaway and a 12 fret and slightly expensive....all of which make it less desirable to the average schmo.. well, that's me and I love it, picks wells, rings like a bell and smells like roses. I hope my great grandson likes it given I believe it will be a future collectable.

  • from Florida March 9, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced enthusiast

    Beautiful Instrument

    First off I want to thank my rep Andy Miller for helping me pick out the perfect guitar. I am a big guy with big hands and when I started getting into fingerstyle I realized I wanted something with a wider neck. I've been playing since the late 70's and own over 30 guitars, mostly electrics and basses and so, too late in life, this is my first really high quality acoustic. I wish I would have bought this 20 years ago. At this price expectations are pretty high and this guitar delivers. Every bit of fit and finish is just beautiful and it sounds amazing. It may not be the best guitar for strumming away on rock songs with a pick (though you can), but is really made to be played with fingers. You will be surprised by the volume for it's size when fingerpicking and it's very sensitive to the touch with awesome definition. The factory setup is perhaps a tad high at the nut and bridge. It still plays great out of the box but I think most will want their local tech to bring it down a 64th or two. Also, if you have any doubts about the open tuners, it arrived perfectly in tune and I literally took it out of the case and played it heavily for a week without ever tuning it!

  • from Alabama November 8, 2015Music Background:
    Been gigging since 15 years old. Worked with LeAnn Rimes,and many others....

    Buy one

    Fifty years of playing and lots of guitars. I play all styles. The quality of this guitar is exceptional. The neck is fat and wide. I love it. I play teles for electric gigs and I have two classical guitars. Y Huss & Daltom OM is a fine guitar. Impressed with both,but the Martin has great tone,volume and great feel. Giving up the two frets is a pain but it's worth it. If you use yours,plugged in,go with a sound hole pickup. LR Baggs M80 or Sunrise. The Baggs Lyric is tough to adjust tone. You can't use the LR Baggs Anthem due to the open ends for the saddle. I've got the Lyric now. I'm going to try the LR Baggs Para DI,I have,to see if it makes the Lyric better. Less is more for gigging for me. Tone,Quality? Great guitar. Worth the money. All styles sound great on this guitar...

  • from June 26, 2015

    Glad I jumped in

    Love this guitar! I'm a fan of the 12fret jointing. Moving the bridge up and having a larger lower bout really makes a difference in volume and tone. For finger picking this is a great choice plenty of room in the string spacing and the wider neck in fretting provides amble room for more complex left hand work. When I read reviews some people indicated it took a while to get use to them modified v shaped neck profile, I personally love it.

  • from Eau Claire, WI, USA June 23, 2014Music Background:
    professional musician/ entertainer for over 30 years

    The 000-28VS . . . My "Holy Grail"

    I am the proud owner of a Martin D18-VS, a 12 fret slope shouldered delight, as well as an older Gibson J-45 and although I truly love both of these guitars, I have long wanted to add the Martin 000-28VS to my arsenal. I allowed myself to be persuaded that the Recording King ROS-27 was an equal at a third of the price. Wrong! I kept that guitar for a little over two months and sold it on eBay. In a way, that was a good thing, because when I picked up the 000-28VS, I knew instantly that it was well worth every penny, If you are a lover of traditional guitars, this one's for you, too!

  • from New England June 13, 2012Music Background:
    longtime player

    Well Worth It!

    I own this guitar, and highly recommend it. The sound is perfect. The balance is perfect. The tuners are very high quality - however the gears are ratioed, they were made well. The string spacing is a bit wider than you might expert (approaching that of a classical guitar) which makes it very playable, great for finger picking. I love the V-shaped neck - it's very comfortable, but must admit that was my one concern prior to buying it, as I was used to more rounded necks. It is pricey, but you get what you pay for. I saved for TWO YEARS to buy this guitar, and have no regrets. Finally, the case is very high quality.

  • from Indiana, USA December 22, 2011Music Background:

    Classic Vintage Feel

    This guitar is absolutely amazing right out of the box. The sound that comes from this guitar is sure sweet to the ear. The projection of this guitar is very powerful especially coming from this 000 sized model. I believe this guitar would rival most Dreadnought guitiars with the amount of sound it produces. The feel of this model is very comfortable to play, not to mention very pleasing to the eyes also. It is kind of pricey, but as with most Martin guitars, it is well worth the investment. You can never go wrong with Martin guitars. I would HIGHLY recommend this model to anyone in the market for a small bodied guitar. The ONLY thing I would change about this guitar is to have a period pickguard installed or available with the guitar. Once again, a SUPER guitar!

Questions about the Martin 000-28VS - Natural?

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