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Acoustic Treatment

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So you've finally decided to do something about the acoustics of your recording or performance space. Congratulations! From absorption and diffusion to bass traps and drum shields, Sweetwater is your one-stop-shop for acoustic treatment products. We offer a complete selection of studio isolation tools and acoustic treatment accessories, as well as complete room systems - and if you're feeling particularly ambitious, even acoustic construction materials. As the largest online pro audio and musical instrument retailer in the USA, Sweetwater stocks proven acoustic treatment products from Primacoustic, Auralex, IsoAcoustics, Ultimate Acoustics, and more.

Standing waves, bass buildup, flutter echo, and other acoustical malfeasance can wreak havoc on your recordings and leave live performances sounding less than impressive. Left untreated, home studios, rehearsal spaces, houses of worship, and school auditoriums rarely provide optimal acoustics - taking a few simple, cost-effective steps can make a huge, positive difference.

If you're recording a whole band in one room and need more isolation for guitar amps and the drum kit, strategically placed gobos are essential. Do you have a bass buildup problem? Low-frequency sound waves can be tough to control, but bass traps placed in the corners of the room are often a quick, practical solution. Looking to improve the sound of your vocal recordings? Check out Sweetwater's exclusive sE Electronics studio bundles that include isolation filter, shockmount, pop filter, and more, in one convenient package. If your goal is more accurate monitoring, a pair of speaker isolation pads or stands can be a wise investment. These are but a few examples, but suffice to say that there are many steps you can take - some of them quite affordable - to correct acoustic flaws and optimize your recording and monitoring environments. For more in-depth information, be sure to read our informative Acoustic Treatment Buying Guide.

From absorptive wall panels to portable vocal booths to microphone reflexion filters and more, there is a dizzying array of acoustic treatment products on the market. Knowing what you need - and how to use it - often spells the difference between a successful revamp of your acoustical space and sonic disappointment. That's where we can help. At Sweetwater, we understand the importance of superior acoustics, as well as what it takes to achieve it. Our state-of-the-art on-site recording studio and performance theater were designed by the acclaimed acoustical and architectural design firm Russ Berger Design Group. Many of our employees are musicians and engineers who have built their own studios, and our highly-trained Sales Engineers have years of consulting experience helping our customers optimize their acoustics. Give us a call. You'll soon be on your way to better-sounding recordings and performances.
Questions about Acoustic Treatment?

Questions about Acoustic Treatment?

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Questions about Acoustic Treatment?

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