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Part of setting up your studio involves all the little bits and pieces that hold it together — literally! We're talking all the accessories for your studio furniture. Do you know you need something, but you're not quite sure what? No problem! Here are some recommendations for accessories that most people want in their studios.

Do you need to add more function to your studio workstation? There are many ways to do that! One of the most popular ways is to get one of our rack drawers. They are sturdy and keep your non-rackmountable items at arm's reach without making a mess. We carry a variety of drawer sizes, with some taking up just half a rack space and others taking up much more. Turn your workstation into an organized storage system with rack drawers!

Another amazing way to customize your workstation is to add some sturdy rack shelves. Sweetwater carries various types of shelves, so it's up to you to decide what you like best. Do you want shelves that are stationary or ones that slide out (perfect for smaller studios)? Want small half-rack shelves or big 3U ones? Whatever you decide on, just know that most of our shelves come with pre-fitted holes for securing various equipment and are extremely easy to install. Don't forget to to stock up on some extra screws while you're at it.

Don't have enough space in your studio? We have studio furniture accessories to solve that problem as well! Why not get one of our great stands or additional corner workstations? Our stands can be used for a number of applications — from microphone or amp stands to speaker stands to a general place to keep various items. Most of our stands are lightweight and very convenient to move. We also offer a range of handy clamp-on laptop arm mounts. These can be attached to any desk or workstation and are completely customizable — simply set the height and angle of the arm to create a perfect working environment.

Let's say you have enough space, but you just want everything to look better. We get it. That's why we carry a variety of rack panels you can use to hide empty or cluttered spaces and provide your workstation and studio with a clean and neat look. And since you have to leave space for ventilation, these panels can be the best way to cover up those unsightly holes!

You can find all of these studio furniture accessories and more at Sweetwater. Our Sales Engineers are at the ready if you have a question about any of the specs!


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