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Essential Audio Tools

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Essential Audio Tools: Be Prepared for Anything

For all the raucous energy of a live show, the whole production is actually pretty fragile. It's one thing when the musicians are in sync, and their equipment is firing on all cylinders. But throw in a bad cable, a snapped string, or a buzzing amp in the mix, and things start to fall apart. Whether you're onstage or in the studio, audio equipment is sensitive, and constant upkeep is a must. Luckily, Sweetwater has your back; we carry everything from Gaffer tape and cable testers to patchbays and extension cables. With all your gear in check, you can get back to the fun stuff - making music.

Gear to Make Your Life Easier

Take something as basic as tape, for example. A serious onstage setup means lots of cords and wires - meaning lots of chances to trip and accidentally unplug them. You could use duct tape to secure these wires, but duct tape leaves a sticky residue. Most professionals turn to Gaffer Tape, which is actually a cloth-weave tape that can be easily removed without damage or gunk. Check out our selection of Hosa, or GaffTech Gaffer Tape - and the GaffTech GaffGun for ultimate convenience. Sweetwater also carries dozens of direct boxes; the Whirlwind IMP 2, for example, converts an unbalanced 1/4" line into an XLR balanced signal with low impedance. These inexpensive, portable boxes are crucial for touring musicians.

On a larger scale, patchbays like the Neutrik NYS-SPP-L are essential for organizing and streamlining multiple audio signals. Let's say you bring some condenser mics to a live gig, but the mixer doesn't have phantom power. Phantom power supply units - like the ART Phantom II Pro - provide mics with the phantom power they need. It's always a good idea to test your cables before a session; cable testers like the dbx CT2 can identify dead XLR, DMX, RCA, and other cables instantly. Sweetwater also carries power conditioners, extension cords, power strips, batteries, pushcarts - we even carry headlamps and polarity testers. When it comes to professional sound, there's no detail too small. So if your gear is giving you trouble, browse our essential audio tools selection, or call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today.
Questions about Essential Audio Tools?

Questions about Essential Audio Tools?

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Questions about Essential Audio Tools?

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