Winter '98 NAMM Report

Sweetwater Sound's L.A. NAMM Show Report!

by Diamond Dave Schmid - WebMaster, Sweetwater Sound
aka Technical Information Transportation Supervisor and no longer a NAMM Newbie

With a rash of unforseen slowdowns, we were starting to wonder if our group of dedicated Sweetwater NAMM show exhibitors were ever going to make it to L.A. Fort Wayne had been under a thick cloud of fog for the last few days and Wednesday morning proved to be the thickest! The sound of 007's theme music ran through my head as our dedicated group of NAMM Show crusaders had to find a way to get to LA!

Sweetwater's Chartered Jet
With two cellular phones in service and frantic calls to the office making travel arrangements, we were able to leave Fort Wayne's airport the only way possible, a chartered jet! Doesn't this remind you of our 1996 Winter NAMM visit!?!

Once in the air, the uneventful flight to L.A. seemed peaceful after our fury of just making travel arrangements (the fuel stop in Garden City, Kansas gave us even more time to relax!). With a quick limo drive to our hotel we were finally into our Sweetwater NAMM mode with product demos, shows, and meetings to attend. The next four days proved to be quite the experience in new technology, products, soon-to-be-arriving gear, and industry giants! We're going to take you on our fascinating trip through as much of the new cool-guy gear as possible.

Lastly, (I'm sure that you will know how it goes), prices (where available), model names, release dates, colors, sizes, power ratings, specs, weights, shadow depths, packaging, and weather patterns are all subject to change at the whim of any number of manufacturing and distributing entities.

So, without any further delay, on with NAMM!

Front on the NAMM Convention Hall

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