The Swing System - Planet Phatt "The Swing System" was introduced by E-mu (list price $995). E-mu describes Planet Phatt as a "highly focused, professional tone module created specifically for Hip-Hop, Rap, Acid Jazz and Trip-Hop musicians". Taking the technology introduced in their Orbit the Dance Planet module to the next level, E-mu has another winner on their hands!


- Event had a wide variety of new products debut at the show. First off, Event has expanded their successful 20/20 line of studio monitors with the 20/20p. The new model features built-in 100 watt power amps and passive cross-overs. For convenience, the amps are both housed in one speaker, the other is then connected with an audiophile speaker cable. Full independent control over each speaker is provided. These shielded speakers have a list price of $599.

- Also in monitors, Event was showing the Tria tri-amplified workstation monitor system. Consisting of a floor-mounted station housing 5 amps, active crossovers, controls and a floor loaded 8" subwoofer, and two companion desktop satellites, Tria is perfect for today's digital audio and video workstations. Awesome full-range sound quality, full shielding, and a list price of only $849 - Tria is bound to be a hot product!

NT-1 - Event is also expanding their line with the EMP-1 microphone preamplifier. Features include: Transformerless design, great specs, and a price of only $299!

- Event entered the digital recording melee with two 20-bit multitrack recorders, DARla and Layla.

DARla is a Windows 95 PCI card (soon for Mac) offering 2 analog in/8 analog out, Omnibus technology for aux, monitor, and bus routing, and sample rates up to 50 kHz. Layla combines a Windows 95 (soon for Mac) PCI card with an external audio interface that provides 8 balanced ins and 10 balanced outs, S/PDIF, Word Clock, MIDI and more for under $1000. Both systems feature Plug-and-Play compliant designs allowing for easy setup and compatibility with most existing audio software.

- Event was also showing the new Rode NT-1 microphone. The NT-1 is a single pattern, large diaphragm mic designed to provide the clarity and dynamic range that today's recording systems require. Like its siblings the Rode NT-2 and Classic Valve, the NT-1 has the looks and fidelity to make it a necessary component in every mic collection.

FOCUSRITE Channel Strip

- New in Focusrite's Green series are the Green 4 Dual Compressor/Limiter ($1495) and the Green 5 Channel Strip ($1595). If you haven't had a chance to check out the amazing quality and value offered by the entire Green series, you owe it to yourself to do so soon - these pieces are outstanding additions to any level studio.


- Fostex was showing new versions of several new products, including the D-80v2, and the DMT-8vl ($1295). Larger hard drives, optional SCSI expansion, and a variety of new software features greatly enhance these already successful products.


- Line 6 released the Floor Board ($299), a companion foot control unit for their very cool AxSys 212 digital guitar system. Stomp box style FX control, wah and volume pedals, and way more - every AxSys owner needs one!



- The big news, of course, is the new digital 8 bus console, but Mackie was also showing their wonderful HR-824 powered studio monitors ($749 each) to rave reviews. Definitely check these out!

- Digital 8*Bus. Greg Mackie's team has done it again! The new board is everything we expected it would be, and more! Just a FEW features: 48 true channels, 12 aux sends per channel, 32-bit processing, dynamic and snapshot recall of all parameters, multiple simultaneous digital effects, SVGA, mouse and keyboard ports, instant software upgrades (in the language of your choice) via built-in 33.6 baud modem (!), multifunction meter bridge, dynamics processing on each channel - whew! I've barely scratched the surface of the amazing feature list on this board. One left to mention: A list price under $8,000!


- MOTU was showing Version 2.0 of their FreeStyle trackless sequencer ($199). New features include notation enhancements, Sense Tempo, new beat adjustment features, SMPTE sync capabilities, and tons more. For both Mac and Windows, and it's 100% PowerPC Native!

- Digital Performer is also moving to version 2.0, PowerPC Native code, PureDSP, sample rate conversion, and all the features recently introduced in the major Performer version 5.5 upgrade are included with version 2.0. List price remains at $895.


- New from MAP is the MultiDesk Pro (pricing depends on configuration), an excellent solution for studio organization and ergonomics. A modular, flexible design allows you to set up exactly the configuration you need, without hassles. The new Pro Series line of studio racks, CPU mounts, overbridges and even cup holders(gotta have one...) add the finishing touches to your studio's furniture/organization needs.


- Along with an amazing assortment of MIDI and sync interfaces, small mixers and other items, MIDIMAN introduced Digipatch, a 12x6 coax and optical patch bay/router ($699). The optical lines support either S/PDIF or ADAT formats. Also new from MIDIMAN is the Keystation Pro MIDI controller ($199.95). 49 keys, full MIDI control capabilities make it perfect for any size studio of keyboard rig.

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