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The Summer Session of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) was held once again at the Nashville Convention Center. Event dates were July 12, 13 and 14, the city of Nashville really put out the red carpet this year! A parade kicked things off and the downtown area was buzzing with activity.

Several of us from Sweetwater Sound attended the show in what turned out to be a very busy but fun time. Those of you who have read our report on the Winter NAMM earlier this year may remember that there were a few problems in just getting to the show - this time everything went smoothly. Our chartered plane arrived in Nashville on time where a limousine soon whisked us downtown to the convention center. We spread out and the next nine hours or so went flying by as we were kept busy with meetings, sneak previews and the show in general. A quick break for dinner and we were back in the limo heading for the waiting plane. Touchdown in Ft. Wayne ended a long but informative day.

As always we didn't forget our loyal supporters and snapped lots of pictures with our Kodak DC50 Digital Camera so you could get a feel for the show too. Please feel free to call a Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information about these or other desired products.

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NAMM Entrance