AES Header The 101st AES Convention At the Los Angeles Convention Center was the biggest yet. A record attendance of over 20,000 visitors and the largest exhibitor attendance at 363 booths.

It has been six years since the convention has been last held in Los Angeles and the convention center has been renovated and expanded making it one of the most modern and user-friendly convention halls in the world.

The weather was just what you'd expect in sunny southern California and there was a ton of new gear to see. You may have bumped into some of the more recognizable visitors like Stevie Wonder who was checking out the technical exhibits. And of course Sweetwater Sound was there with our trusty digital camera capturing the excitement for you all to see.

We have put together a few quick thoughts about the show for you our loyal supporters. Please feel free to call any of the Sweetwater sales engineers for more information.

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Alesis introduced two new products, The Studio 12R mixer/microphone preamplifier and the Point Seven shielded reference monitor which should both be shipping by the end of the year.

The Studio 12R is a 12-channel, 3U rack-mountable mixer designed for recording studios, live sound reinforcement, and fixed installations. It features eight very high quality microphone preamps with a hybrid/discrete design.

The Point Seven is a fully-shielded two-way reference monitor designed for audio mixing as well as high-quality multimedia audio creation and playback. The Point Seven's sonic characteristics are based on Alesis' award winning Monitor One studio reference monitor. It will retail for around $299.


AKG showed the new Emotion Series of dynamic microphones. The series will initially consist of three products: the D770 dynamic cardioid instrument and vocal microphone, the D880 vocal super cardioid microphone and the D880S which features an on/off switch on the mic body. They also displayed their new CK69 Shotgun Mic and C480 Preamp.


Applied Research and Technology launched its FX-1 personal stereo digital effects processor, a true stereo multi-effects dual processing unit. Also introduced was the 351 single-channel 1/3 octave graphic equalizer, a powerful tool for solving a number of audio problems and creating interesting sound textures.


Beyerdynamics introduced the MCD 100 Digital Microphone which has AES/EBU signal at the output of the microphone. Available Spring 1997 - Price not announced.


dbx Professional Products introduced the 160S Stereo Compressor Limiter, the first product offering in its new Blue Series for the professional studio and sound reinforcement markets. The 2U 160S' signal path consists of a high-precision input stage followed by the world's widest dynamic range voltage controlled amplifier, the dbx V8 (TM) VCA, and an output stage with precise phase alignment at all audio frequencies. dbx also showed 3 new EQs with Type III Noise reduction.

Digital Audio Labs

Digital Audio Labs announced shipment of the V8 multitrack digital audio workstation for PC compatibles. This highly modular hardware platform features a main board with an upgradeable SDP architecture and a wide variety of input and output options, including interfaces for ADAT and DA-88 machines and compatibles.


Event introduced the Tria reference monitors consisting of a subwoofer-like amplifier component and two satellite monitors. They sounded great and are priced well at $799 list. Will be avalable in Feb/Mar 1997.


Fostex introduced the D15 Timecode capable DAT Recorder, $3,495 list. They also presented Sweetwater Sound an award for Technical Achievement.

Gefen Systems

Gefen's TSE241 CPU switcher lets users employ only one monitor and keyboard while safely switching between different Macintosh computers, maintaining the highest resolution video even when users extend monitor, keyboard and ADB devices up to 500 feet away from their computers.


Genelec showed the new 1029A powered monitors which will retail for $535 each and can be combined with the new 1091 subwoofer as a $1,795 package.


Designer Michael Grace has designed eye catching solid state equipment with performance to match. The 801 is a fully balanced and transformerless 2U high eight channel preamplifier with a separate 1U half rack PSU, list $3,995. The 201 is a two channel version, list $1,895.


KAT is back working closely with EMU Systems to distribute their DK10, DrumKAT and MalletKAT software.


Korg displayed their 168RC recording console: a fully digital 16x8x2 device equipped with two ADAT optical inputs, eight analog inputs featuring 18-bit A/D converters, two internal effects processors and full console automation. List is $3,499


KRK brought along the new Expose monitors. Amplifiers include a fully bridged system with 400 watts of continuous power per speaker, bi-amped, phase aligned, and contoured for a frequency response of 45-20KHz (+/-2 db).


Kurzweil's PowerTools CD ROM is now available for $299. We heard the Take 6 samples and they are incredible, no shipping date yet.


Mackie had on display the new HR824 active monitors which really sound great for $1498/pair list. Also on display was the new HUI interface for ProTools 4.0. This Workstation Control Surface which features motorized faders will let you get your "hands on" the great software for $2,595 list. We should also see the 40*8 and 56*8 consoles shipping by the end of the year. Lastly Mackie's FR Series power amps are about to ship.


Oram displayed their BEQ-Series 8 and BEQ-Series 24 consoles and MWS mic preamp. This equipment sounds excellent and is priced right with the Series 8 starting at around $10,000 .


Otari introduced the DTR-8S which lists at $1,399 and has audio input monitor mode along with all the original DTR-8 features. Also shown was a new cassette duplication machine, the DP-8 for $3,295 list. And the UFC24 which now includes 8 channels of AES/EBU format conversion for $2,595 list. The Otari Radar System price will be lowered to $19,995 making it a very competitive stand alone system.


Sennheiser displayed their new MD421 II dynamic cardioid microphone with 5-position bass rolloff. List $485


Sony showed many new products like their new CDP-D500 CD player which will retail at around $1,500. The MDM-X4 mini-disc multitrack recorder should ship around Christmas. Also displayed were the new PCM-500 and PCM-7040 digital audio recorders.


Soundcraft's Ghost console which allow's for control of digital multitrack recorders via MIDI machine control and video recorders via the Sony 9-pin professional standard was on show at their booth. The Ghost LE was also displayed and Soundcraft named Sweetwater Sound an official dealer of their consoles in a press release.


Distributed by Beyerdynamics in the US, SPL introduces a series of new processors like the Charisma, an eight channel tube processor ($2,499 list), the Tube Vitalizer ($3,999 list), Auto Dynamic De-Esser ($849 list). Also preamps like the EQ-Magix ($1,699 list), ProMike ($1,399 list), and MikeMan ($699 list), and EQ's like the Optimizer ($1,699 list), Classic Vitalizer 1/4" Jack ($999 list),and Stereo Vitalizer 1/4" Jack ($599 list).


TASCAM showed off a new very impressive DIGITAL mixer that is as yet unnamed. It is bulging with features and sports a built in meter bridge, price should be under $10,000.

Also introduced was the 414 Portastudio, the improved successor to the Porta 07. Their new CD-305 CD player. This rack-mountable, five disc player has a multitude of features and would be great in a commercial sound installation.

The 564 Digital Portastudio should be available by the end of the year.


The Waves L1 ultramaximizer is now available for Sonic Foundrey's Sound Forge on Windows 95 platforms. Many pro users say it's the best peak limiter in the world. List $600.