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Soundware SceneBy Daniel Fisher, Director of Soundware Engineering

   It's 1998 and another exciting year has passed. I hope you got all of the musical instruments and equipment you were hoping for. If not, you're always welcome to give the Sweetwater folks a call. If you were lucky enough to get or are treating yourself to a sampling keyboard or module you'll want to know about our latest soundware release, Sweetwater's Performance Instruments Sampling CD.

   "Tell me more, O Bearded One." Okay, this 74-minute audio CD is completely packed with over 100 performance instruments (including drums and exotic percussion) that are hand picked from all of our award winning Sweetwater CD-ROMs for the K2000/K2500. Now any sampler can benefit from the massive library that the Performance Instrumentsindustry renowned Sweetwater Soundware Development Team has created.

   The Performance Instruments Sampling CD ($149 retail) is easy enough to sample for a novice and high quality enough to be instantly useful to the professional composer, performer, and studio artist. And if you have a CD player or CD-ROM setup that can send digital audio directly to your sampler, you can keep everything entirely in the digital domain.

   Each high quality instrument is preceded by a musical demonstration of what the instrument will sound like after you've sampled each root. These roots are unique in that they are transferred digitally from a K2500 directly to DAT. This means that each and every sample has already been tuned, volume adjusted, timbre-matched and given a root key before you even sample it. It is all of this "pre-processing" which ensures that your final sampled instrument will sound as good as the musical demonstration.

   "What's on the CD?" Here's a partial list: Baritone Horn, Clarinet, French Horn, Harp Glissandos, Harpsichord, Lush Strings, Oboe, Percussion Toys, Pipe Organ, Pizzicato Strings, Trombone, Warm Trumpet, Air Voices, Hammond B-3 w/ Stopped & Fast Leslie, Bari Sax, Stereo Brass Section, Tenor Sax, Acoustic Bass, Vibes, Accordion, Banjo, Stereo Body Percussion, Conga Collection, Ethnic Percussion, TR-808 Loops, TR-909 Loops, Kick Collection, Snare Collection, CP-70 Electric Grand, DX-7 Electric Pianos, Gig Pianos, FM + Piano Mix, Modulus Fretless Bass, Stereo Takamine Nylon Guitar, 1968 Les Paul Custom Guitar through a Marshall, Stereo Martin Steel String Guitar, and our very best, triple velocity, all stereo Session Drum Kit.

   (Pssssst... If you're thinking of buying a sampler right now, you might want to sweet-talk your Sales Engineer into including this CD with your purchase.)

   "Now that I have a keyboard, I want to record it. What bonus do I get then?" Glad you asked. If you're treating yourself to an ADAT XT multitrack recorder you will also receive our exclusive ADAT ProStart Package which includes our Sweetwater-made ADAT Digital Multitrack Reference Tape, filled with test tones, reference frequencies, white and pink noise, stereo tests and track assignment tests. It even includes tuning notes for guitars, basses and horns.

   This Digital Reference Tape is bundled with our ADAT ProStart Guide which contains over 20 pages of hints, tips and hidden button presses that will get you going like a pro the first time you record.

   If you're more of a Tascam type you can purchase a DA-88, DA-38, or DA-98 and receive our Tascam ProStart Package. It includes a Tascam Digital Multitrack Reference Tape which has all of the tests described above, as well as a specially made ProStart Guide that gives you all of our insider tips on the DA-88, DA-38, or DA-98. Either way, ADAT or Tascam, you can't go wrong with our ProStart Packages.

   Finally, before I go, I wanted to mention that this is the first year that Sweetwater Sound will have a booth at Winter NAMM in Los Angeles (January 29 February 1). If you're one of the lucky few who get to go, please look us up. We'd be glad to talk to you about the many career opportunities available at Sweetwater. If you can't go (or you got this Sweet Notes after NAMM) you're always welcome to call, write or e-mail us. We'd love to show you why Sweetwater Sound is one of the coolest places to work in the industry. Hope to see or hear from you.

   I'll be back next issue with more exciting news.

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