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Need CDs? Microboards Has The Answer

What's Hot    The large 650MB capacity and 74 minutes of audio has made the compact disc the number one choice for software distribution as well as for reproducing and distributing music. In the past, only commercially pressed discs were available. Now, thanks to the development of CD-Recordable technology (CD-R), anyone can make CDs. If you happen to need multiple copies CDpro SR-4400 from Microboard Technologiesof a CD — whether for yourself or a client — you can spend ridiculous amounts of time burning them one at a time or you could make the smart move: Invest in a self-contained desktop CD duplicator. Perhaps one like the CDpro SR-4400 from Microboard Technologies ($6995 retail). The CDpro has its own internal hard drive and four 4X CD writers. No PC or host computer is required. With its user-friendly three- button operation, you can quickly read in a master disc while copying on up to three drives. What's more, once you have read in the master for the first pass and made three copies, you can copy to all four drives simultaneously. That's seven duplicates in just two passes. For large scale runs, Up to ten CDpro SR-4400's with four 4 X CD writers each can be networked together allowing for 40 simultaneous copies. In this configuration, using a 60 minute master, you can produce an astonishing 120 copies per hour. The CDpro SR-4400 can also be connected directly to a PC, or other host computer and used as an external CD writer. This feature is handy for authoring the initial master to be read-in and duplicated (you will need appropriate CD recording software for your particular computer).

   Of course, now that you have your 120 (or more) duplicate CDs, you'll want them professionally labeled, right? Felt-tip markers just plain look tacky and can Signature CD Color Printeractually damage discs. Enter the Signature CD Color Printer, the industry's best color printing at an industry-leading low price ($1245 retail)! You get full-color printing for your text, logos, graphics — even photos! Signature uses an innovative thermal ink-jet printing method that produces sharp, crisp text and bold, vibrant graphics on any printable-surface CD-R media. With Signature's high-resolution, 24-bit color printing (up to 16.1 million colors), your CD-Rs (and your business) will take on a whole new professional image! Using your favorite Windows or Macintosh graphics programs, you can print virtually anywhere on your CD-R. You can even print on CD jewel case booklets and inserts, including the spine! Now while most printable-surface CD-Rs take ten minutes or more to dry and are not water-resistant, Microboards offers special blank Fargo CD-Rs that feature a unique protective coating called Tuff-Coat that totally eliminates smearing and fading and is highly water-resistant! Plus, your CD-Rs dry immediately, saving you valuable time and never diminishing the quality and integrity of your printed image or your data.

   Finding out more about these new Microboards products is simple (and you know the drill by now, don't you?): Just pick up the phone and call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information and your special pricing!

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