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The $999 Korg 16•8RC
World's Most Affordable Digital Mixer

   The Korg 16•8RC Digital Recording Console was designed to be the centerpiece for the company's prestigious SoundLink DRS line, and was actually the first truly affordable, fully digital 8-bus recording console ever available commercially (units began shipping late in 1996). Korg's engineering team designed the mixer to be used with ADATs, but it can also be interfaced with any other digital multitrack recorder equipped with an ADAT optical interface.

   Here at Sweetwater, we thought this was a product that almost every musician could use, so we made Korg an offer the company just couldn't refuse: We bought The Korg 6•8RCevery 16•8RC they had in stock. And while the mixer originally carried a list price of $3499, we did some creative math (we mean very creative!) and lowered the price to an astounding $999!

   Now, with the 16•8RC, you can keep your music in the digital domain through the whole production process right through to your final DAT master. But that's just the beginning: The automation capabilities and processing power of the 16•8RC will add to the creativity and quality of your finished projects.

   The 16•8RC comes equipped with two ADAT optical inputs which yield 16 channels of digital ins. Also on board are eight analog inputs configured as four mic level inputs and four line level inputs which feed 18-bit A/D converters. These 24 input interfaces are controlled by a routing matrix (which is actually a built-in digital patch bay) that's used to assign them to mixer channels or to the various buses inside the console. It's this access to the buses that allows multiple 16•8RCs to be linked together to create a mixing system that's as big as you need for your particular requirements. For outputs, the lineup includes two ADAT optical outputs, one for the 8 bus output and one fed by a 16x8 routing matrix for expansion or external processing, an S/PDIF output of the main L/R mix and eight analog outputs including the main L/R mix, Aux 1 and 2, monitor out and headphones out.

   The functions and operation of the console channels follow a familiar analog model to allow users to quickly take advantage of the advanced features of the 16•8RC. Most console parameters can be viewed on an individual channel or entire console basis, and changes are easily made using the faders and soft knobs. All channels have input interface select, level, level meter, pan, Aux Sends 1 and 2, Effects Send 1 and 2, Mute, Solo and Output Assignment. Channels 1-12 have three band EQ with semi-parametric high and low bands and fully parametric mid band. Korg also included 30 memory locations for saving EQ setups.

   The 16•8RC also contains two internal effects processors that run some of the finest algorithms around. The effects library contains effects from just about every category, with a total of 32 available types with 50 presets. From reverb and delay to distortion, pitch shifting, dynamics processing and speaker simulation (including rotary speakers), all of the bases are covered. Considering the fact that quality effects units cost as much or more than the 16•8, you could look at this unit as a great effects processor with a free digital mixer thrown in at no cost. That alone should send you right to the phone to dial your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.

   Most every parameter and all routing and configuration settings are saved in the 16•8's internal memory. Up to 100 scenes can be saved and recalled at the push of a button as well as addressed via MIDI program changes. Add full dynamic automation of the console parameters via MIDI Continuous Controller messages to the scene memories and the advantages of the 16•8RC become quite clear. For more information, check our Web site at www.sweetwater.com/products/korg/drs/168rc.html.

   What on earth are you waiting for? When our stock of 16•8RCs is gone, there won't be any more! Call us immediately — we want to get one of these incredible units into your studio today!

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