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Experience the Warmth: AKG SOLIDTUBE

The AKG SOLIDTUBE    Now celebrating their 50th anniversary, AKG Acoustics is taking an old friend — tube technology — into the next century. Thanks to the efforts of their extraordinary research and development division, the company has combined the benefits of both tube and solid state technologies. The result is the much sought-after warmth of tube microphones combined with the outstanding reliability of modern state-of-the-art circuitry.

   The SOLIDTUBE ($1500 list) is the result of half a century of experience in the design and manufacture of world class transducers. Ruggedness, high SPL capability and extremely low self-noise, coupled with that unmistakable "tube sound" is at the very heart of this new mic. Elegant styling completes the package, distinguishing the SOLIDTUBE from a multitude of classic tube mic imitators, making this an impressive mic at an exceptionally affordable price.

   Look through the "AKG Window" on the front of the mic and you'll see the warm glow of the ECC 83 (12AX7) vacuum tube's heater filament. Not only does this tube provide perfect transfer characteristics, but it's also readily available from us here at Sweetwater, as well as at most electronics stores around the world.

   The housing of the SOLIDTUBE provides an extremely large air cavity for the capsule, creating an ideal environment for the acoustic properties of AKG's large diaphragm, which was specifically tuned for this microphone. What's more, an integrated pop screen surrounds this capsule, reducing excessive breath noise (there's also an additional windscreen included for those situations where pops are really a problem). A switch on the side of the mic activates a 20dB pre-attenuation pad, enabling the SOLIDTUBE to handle sound pressure levels of up to an amazing 145dB! The flexible elastic shock mount suspension (included) lets you position the mic any way you choose, as well as isolating it from impact and vibrations that can ruin the perfect take.

   Low frequency noise below 100Hz can be eliminated by simply turning on the low-cut switch located on the front panel of the unit's external power supply (included), and there's also a ground lift switch next to the audio out of the power supply that can isolate the signal ground from the chassis ground, quickly eliminating hum. The SOLIDTUBE ships with a rugged carrying case, the extra windscreen and all necessary connecting cables.

   This is the kind of mic every engineer wants, but up until now has been priced out of most people's reach. Call us immediately for your special low Sweetwater pricing and more information on the SOLIDTUBE.

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