Every serious keyboard player dreams of having a great-feeling 88-note controller at their fingertips (literally!). Those extra octaves allow your hands to race up and down the keyboard without ever having to stop and hit a transpose button (we all know what a pain that is). Then there's the smooth feel of a truly responsive, weighted action keyboard, something you can't get from a typical synth keyboard. For those players Kurzweil Music Systems designed the PC88 Performance Controller.

But typical of a Kurzweil product, the engineering team wasn't content to make this another "me-too" MIDI controller, so they decided to build in a set of superb, Kurzweil-quality sounds. Check out the PC88's Performance section: Its 64 presets include Kurzweil's latest, critically-acclaimed Grand Piano samples, plus other classic sounds like Rhodes electric pianos, new Clavinet and harpsichord, rock and jazz organs, bass, acoustic guitar, vibes, orchestral strings and more. That's 64 super factory preset sounds a working musician really can't do without (plus room for another 100 of your own), and all with full 32-note polyphony. This is one killer controller!

But there's more: the PC88's MIDI Controller section is designed for fast, intuitive access, with full MIDI functionality. It can transmit on four MIDI channels simultaneously, is 16-part multi-timbral, and offers four completely independent zones which can overlap. Each zone has access to all controllers: pitch and mod wheels, four pedal controllers, two footswitches, four sliders, three switches and keyboard mono pressure. There's even an arpeggiator that can be synced to MIDI. And we haven't even mentioned the built-in multi-effects unit yet! We could go on and on...

But here's the part you're going to really love: Sweetwater has made a special purchase of PC88s from the factory and is offering them to you at spectacularly low prices - in fact, the prices are so low we can't even print them (that's not a cop-out folks, we do have to honor all our agreements with manufacturers). We need to mention that all these units have minor (in some cases almost unnoticeable) cosmetic blemishes, but every one comes with a full factory warranty, and once you get to playing the nicest weighted action in the business, you won't even notice.

We also have the PC88mx available at similar incredibly low prices. This is basically a PC88 with a full General MIDI set added, 200 more programs and a full 64-voices of polyphony. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now - you won't believe how little it will cost you to add a PC88 to your stage or studio setup. And oh yes, you should probably hurry - at these prices, these units won't last long!