Sweet Notes Animation Soundcraft Ghost: Everything You've Ever Wanted In A Mixer

Designing a superior quality mixer has never been easy. And with the widespread introduction of ultra-quiet digital recorders and improvements through the entire audio chain, today's mixers have to stand up to much closer scrutiny than ever before, Yet at the same time, mixing has become less a process that takes place at the console alone, and more one that involves outboard effects, samplers and synchronized audio and video recorders. It's obviously a huge task for any mixing board to control all of that hardware!

Exactly the reason Soundcraft created Ghost, the ultimate analog recording console. According to the engineering team at Soundcraft, Ghost is the only desk that delivers all of the audio precision and all of the control facilities of a big studio desk without the astronomical price tag. By drawing on Soundcraft's long heritage and experience in designing pro mixing products and incorporating the latest construction and digital control techniques, Ghost represents the next big step in the world of analog mixing. Prices for Ghost mixers begin at just $4350.

The Ghost EQ section, just for starters, is directly comparable to that of the classic Soundcraft 3200 and Europa consoles - no compromises here. Plus, an all new microphone preamp, dubbed ProMic, has been developed just for Ghost. Its performance alone puts this mixer into a different league from other similarly-priced units.

GHOST 1 (21k)

The knockout punch, so-to-speak, is delivered by Ghost's integral computer-based machine control and mute automation. Derived from the innovative Soundcraft DC2020 post-production console (itself an ndustry legend), the machine control in Ghost makes it far more than just another mixer. It actually forms the very heart of an automated recording system with innumerable benefits in ease-of-use and production effeciency.

Ghost boasts of many features, including one called "Mix B." What the heck is that, you ask? Well, Mix B is a secondary input on every Ghost channel providing monitoring facilities for tape or disk recorders, as well as enough mixing features (EQ, pan, solo, mute and up to two aux busses) to function as a full second input channel. In effect, you have twice the number of input channels as actual channel strips, meaning a 24 channel Ghost can in effect handle 56 inputs simultaneously, including four full stereo returns.

The Ghost console comes in 16, 24 and 32 channel frames, all expandable via a 24-channel module. Signal level indication is standard on each channel, plus there's an optional meterbridge with 12-segment channel meters and 20-segment left/right master meters for the precise metering.

The Ghost ProMic mic preamp offers ultra-smooth control over a wide gain range - up to 60 dB - and it's amazingly quiet, providing greatly improved noise performance in the critical mid-gain region plus enough headroom to handily deal with the nastiest transients (like kicks and snares, for instance).

As any musician can tell you, EQ is critical and the equalization on Ghost is designed to create the classic "British EQ" sound that's so in-demand today. You get two fully parametric overlapping mid bands plus shelving low and high filters. The result is unsurpassed abilities in controlling and correcting critical mixes. Plus, with two inputs on each channel, you can split the EQ to apply it exactly where it's needed.

Want more features and specs? How about silky-smooth 100mm faders, two types of solo function (solo-in place or pre-fade listen), full transport control for any analog and digital multitrack, comprehensive MIDI support and a built-in timecode generator/reader meaning Ghost can be integrated into virtually any pro audio and video environments.

Space prohibits us from telling you more about Ghost (shucks!), but your incredibly knowledgeable Sweetwater sales engineer is ready to give you the full story, as well as providing you with your special low pricing on the Ghost configuration that's perfect for your specific application!