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Q & A

Q.I just purchased a new 10,000 RPM hard drive and I have an old table top enclosure laying around. I was wondering if it is okay to install the new drive in this extra enclosure?
A.We would not recommend it. The new 10,000 RPM drives run quite warm and need extra ventilation to keep them cool. Most older enclosures will not provide the needed ventilation.

Q.I just got a new SCSI CD-ROM drive to use with my E-mu Emulator IV sampler and the CD-ROM drive came with a driver disk. I have tried to load this disk into my EIV but the sampler will not load the files from this disk. Do I need a different format driver disk?
A.No, you do not need any driver disk at all when using a CD-ROM with a digital sampler. The driver disk that comes with most CD-ROMs is for use with a Macintosh or Windows-based computer. All current digital samplers (and most older ones) use SCSI drivers that are built right into the firmware and do not need to have new drivers loaded into them. You should be able to plug the CD-ROM into your sample and have it work right away.

Q.I have been working with Bias Peak 1.63 (running on an Audiomedia III card) for a while now with great results. Suddenly, the last time I opened an audio file, it sounded like it was playing two octaves lower. I trashed the Peak preferences folder, but it's still misbehaving. What should I do? Is the file corrupted?
A.The problem is not with Peak. Go into your Control Panels and open up "Sound," then select "Sound In" from the menu at the top of the screen. Then click on the "Options" button. This opens another screen which shows your hardware configuration. Select "Internal" sync rather than "Digital" and the problem will disappear. You can also change this from within Peak's Record dialog box. Click on Hardware Options, then change to "Internal" sync.

Q.This may seem like a silly question, but my K2500's bright LCD hurts my eyes when the studio lights are dimmed. Is there any way to cut the glare? The contrast control doesn't help at all.
A.Hey, there are no silly questions here. We have actually gotten a number of calls on this one. Here are a few solutions: One, you can get a sheet of colored mylar from an office supply store - these are usually sold as report or binder covers - then cut a piece to size and tape it over the display. Red works best since it increases contrast. You can also get transparent gels from theatrical lighting supply houses in a wide range of colors that can do the job. A slightly more elegant solution is to buy a small piece of smoked (gray) plastic from a plastics supplier (most cities have one). For a few bucks they will cut it to size for you.

Got a question? Well, we've got answers! Simply mail your question to Sweetwater at 5335 Bass Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46808 or send e-mail to "tech_support@sweetwater.com".

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