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Duplication and Playback Wonder: TASCAM DA-302

   In today's modern studio, DAT recorders handle some major responsibilities: Creating two track masters, archiving material, and functioning as a transfer medium. DAT is a great format for mastering, but the shortcoming is that you've always needed a second unit in order to back up those valuable tapes... at least until now.

   Introducing the TASCAM DA-302 Dual DAT Recorder ($1999 list), a machine that provides studios with a fabulous master recorder and duplication machine in one space-saving unit. The DA-302 offers a multitude of advanced features that will have you asking, "Why the heck didn't somebody think of this before?" The DA-302 is an even bigger bargain once you realize you're getting the equivalent of two superb-sounding TASCAM DAT decks at one affordable price.

   The DA-302 is a great tool for creating your studio master recordings. As you'd expect, it offers industry standard 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling rates, so you can record at whichever best suits your needs. And it's a TASCAM, so you know it's rugged and dependable and sounds absolutely terrific! The DA-302 uses 1 bit Delta Sigma A/D and D/A

With the TASCAM DA-302, you can now make your studio master and duplication master at the same time

converters, ensuring that your record and playback quality will be as natural sounding and transparent as you need it to be. All controls are logically laid out with independent transport controls for each deck and easy to understand keys and switches for common system parameters. The unit's comprehensive, wide fluorescent display provides the information you need to keep track of the unit's operations and inspect record/playback accuracy.

   But since the DA-302 features two fully functional DAT decks, you can now simultaneously record both your studio master and duplication master in one pass! Imagine the time you'll save not having to backup that precious tape in a separate operation (unless, of course, you have extra time on your hands with nothing else to do). With the DA-302, creating master and backup tapes simultaneously is just one of many tasks that this new recorder excels at. Imagine interconnecting two or three DA-302s with the optional WR-7000 synchro cable and having each finished tape be an exact duplicate of the original. Better yet, imagine all these tapes being created with a single keystroke from the master machine.

   The DA-302 just also happens to be the best DAT recorder available for recording lectures, presentations and other long-format recording jobs. In addition to simultaneous record capability between decks 1 and 2, the DA-302 also features continuous record capability. With a standard 120 DAT tape in each well, coupled with the unit's Long Play/Record capability (32kHz), you can achieve a whopping 8 hours of uninterrupted stereo record time! With its continuous (relay) record and play capability, the DA-302 can be interconnected with multiple units to provide even longer recording times.

   For transferring or archiving data digitally to external devices, the DA-302's digital output format selection supports both the S/PDIF and AES/EBU protocols. This digital output flexibility enables you to communicate with just about every imaginable piece of studio equipment on the market, vastly simplifying the integration of the DA-302 into your studio. You'll also appreciate the DA-302's user-selectable Copy ID functionality. The DA-302 lets you flag tapes for one digital copy allowed, no digital copies allowed or unlimited copies. This way, you remain firmly in control of your tapes. For a quick backup copy within one unit, you'll appreciate the DA-302's high-speed dubbing capability - another first among DAT recorders. Now you can run off a copy and not have to endure the real-time hassles so typically associated with duplication tasks. With the DA-302's exciting new Append Dubbing function, you can begin dubbing from any position on the master tape, eliminating the necessity of rewinding and starting from the tape's beginning. Append Dubbing is a feature you won't want to be without.

   Since each DAT deck within the DA-302 can function either in tandem or independently, you'll need plenty of flexibility with your inputs and outputs if you expect to really benefit, and this machine delivers the goods! The DA-302 incorporates independent S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs for each deck - enabling you to digitally record or transfer different program material at the same time. Deck 1 can be digitally recording while deck 2 is digitally transferring material to an external unit. This is a tremendous timesaving feature for the busy studio operator. For analog connections, you can integrate the DA-302 into your studio using the recorder's unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs. If you prefer, the optionally available LA-D302 balanced kit provides XLR connectors. The unit's headphone output gives you the ability to monitor deck 1, deck 2 or a mix of both.

   Okay, by this time, if we've done our job, you should be saying to yourself "I need this DAT recorder!" Imagine all the ways that this one unit can make your life simpler. Now imagine if you could have all the capabilities of the DA-302 at a super low Sweetwater price... done! All you need to do is give your Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call, and in a few days you'll be saving time and making killer recordings with this great TASCAM recorder.

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