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The Versatile BA-660
by Greg Hanks Design
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There are times when nothing less than the best will do. As a recording engineer or producer with a "make-or-break" project on your hands, you can't afford to make compromises. Yet that's exactly what you do when you trust your finished product to equipment that just doesn't cut it in the highly competitive world of first class recording.

Careful selection and placement of the correct microphone is essential, and passing that signal through theGreg Hanks Design's BA-660: It's one-of-a-kind, and it's only available from Sweetwater Sound finest microphone preamplifier virtually guarantees that there will not be any compromising in your finished product.

To that end, the Greg Hanks Design BA-660 was designed right from the start to be the absolute best mic preamplifier available anywhere, at any price. Ultra low noise, wide dynamic range, and the pure, warm, fat sound of tubes, plus true class A electronics put the BA-660 squarely in a class all its own.

But this is more than just a mic preamp; the BA-660 is also a world-class compressor/limiter. Using sophisticated tube design and cutting edge technology, this remarkable product has presets that exactly emulate the sound and response of much sought-after vintage equipment like the Fairchild 660, Urei LA-2, SSL Quad Limiter, RCA BA-6, or even a classic Neve console bus limiter. How many other products can make that claim? Zero!

Backed by a three-year warranty and hand crafted right here in the USA by people who really care about quality, the BA-660 is an incredible investment. It will pay dividends over many years in your studio by providing the absolute best audio imaginable on project after project.

No, this isn't a mass-market product - at $3875 it represents a significant investment for any studio or individual. But unlike other products that come with high price tags, yet become expendable when the next hot product comes along, the BA-660 will provide a timeless, rock-solid foundation for your studio thanks to its superior design and absolutely flawless performance.

Of course the BA-660 has some truly impressive specs, like a maximum dynamic range of >154 dB and a frequency response from 11 Hz all the way up to 35 kHz. It features a 100 dB metering range, full phantom power, inserts, all Class A circuitry with absolutely no negative feedback in the audio path, and of course, the ins and outs are fully balanced.

You may never need the kind of performance this unit will deliver, but if you ever do, isn't it great to know that there's a product you can absolutely stake your reputation on? The BA-660 is exclusively available only from Sweetwater Sound, so if you would like more information and your special pricing on this dream machine, call your sales engineer immediately.

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