TC Electronic's M2000


All too often, today's musicians have to make compromises, sometimes sacrificing sonic quality because of the prohibitively high cost of most true, pro studio quality gear, particularly effects processors. If you've been wishing for a really great reverb that can do all sorts of other power processing like pitch shifting, delay, chorus, EQ, de-essing, phasing, compression and gates (just to name a few), but haven't felt comfortable "breaking the bank" to get the audio quality you really want, the engineering group at TC Electronic has created the box for you.

tc electronics M2000

It's called the M2000 Stereo Effects Processor and it offers serious musicians access to the very finest in processing at a price that's significantly less than a new BMW - $1995 list to be exact. True, that's still a pretty big investment for many musicians, but the payback in terms of audio quality, versatility and dependability over the long haul (expect to be using this unit well into the next century) will more than make up for it. And wait until you actually hear what this processor will do!

Among the M2000's reverbs is the totally unique Co-efficient Optimized Room Emulator (C.O.R.E. if you want an acronym) which is built on an entirely new concept for reverberation, the result of years of intensive research. Words can't do it justice; this is one sound that just can't be described on paper.

Add an array of pitch shift effects (up to six voices!) plus a full range of delay effects, as well as all the dynamics processing you'll ever need and you've got some serious processing power here. But there's also M2000's Dynamic Morphing feature which allows you to smoothly morph from, let's say, a chorus effect at low levels to flanging at high levels. The true, dual engine configuration means you can run two full-blown effects simultaneously on two individual effects sends. Wow!

There's more to tell you about this exceptional processor - more than we could possibly fit into his tiny space, so call your Sweetwater sales engineer for more information, complete specs and your special low price on a TC Electronic M2000.

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