Digital Performer 1.7 with PureDSP

- No Chipmunks

MIDI sequencing was a quantum leap for musicians. Now they could edit, rearrange, transpose and change the tempo of their compositions without re-recording the material all over again. Unfortunately, the flexibility of audio recording has somewhat lagged behind. Even expensive state-of-the-art digital systems can't change the pitch of a recording by more than a whole step without a serious loss of sound quality.

Enter Mark of the Unicorn and the latest version of their best-selling Macintosh software, Digital Performer 1.7. With DP ($895 list) and its newly-introduced PureDSP function, you can now take a lead vocal, transpose it up a third, a fourth or even a fifth or more and still maintain sonic integrity. You can add octaves above and below or even create harmony parts. Try your entire composition 20% slower for a new feel. Push the tempo during the bridge, then add a ritard at the end for greater impact. It's all possible now thanks to Digital Performer. And that's not all this software offers. Keep reading . . .

Digital Performer

Eight things you just couldn't do before PureDSP:

1. Transpose a voice up by a fifth or more without creating chipmunk effects.
2. Transpose and change the tempos of both audio and MIDI files together in one operation.
3. Process entire musical selections, not just single soundbites at a time.
4. Apply musically intelligent transpositions without first having to convert to MIDI information.
5. Turn a baritone into a soprano without surgery.
6. Create male/female duets from a single vocalist.
7. Process unlimited DSP edits in the background while you keep working (you can even record new MIDI or audio tracks while edits take place).
8. Apply new edits and DSP functions to soundbites before they are finished being background-processed.

So how does PureDSP do all that? Well, thanks to MOTU's ground-breaking research into the relationship between pitch, tempo and tonal quality DP 1.7 can create effects impossible on any other system by using spectral analysis that actually applies musical artificial intelligence. Audio is transposed using proprietary algorithms that preserve the original character of the sound. So no unwanted chipmunks singing or those nasty Darth Vader effects.

Of course, Digital Performer also offers the most powerful sequencing functions imaginable, plus an easy-to-operate user interface that's simple, yet elegant. Telling you all about this amazing software would take more pages than we have in this entire newsletter. So we suggest you call your Sweetwater sales engineer for complete information and your special pricing on Digital Performer 1.7!

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