Q: My Roland VS-880 won't recognize the VSCDR2, or it won't burn CDs. What’s wrong?

A: First of all, confirm that the terminator is set prop-erly (see the VSCDR manual for details). In order for the VS-Series units (which also includes the VS-1680 and VS-880EX) to work with the VSCDR2, they must have the latest software versions: VS-1680 = v2.008 (needs ver-sion 2 or higher), VS-880EX = v2.003 (needs version 2 or higher), VS-880 = v3.20. These can be downloaded free from www. rolandus.com as a ZIP file or as a series of Standard MIDI files for either Mac or PC. Downloads in-clude full instructions for each method of upgrading.

Q: How come Logic Audio does not recognize my MOTU MIDI Interface?

A: You must use OMS with Logic Audio in order for Logic to “see” the MOTU MIDI Interface. Now here’s the fun part: OMS needs to “see” the MOTU drivers that FreeMIDI installs in your extensions folder before it can be set up properly — yikes! Don’t panic, just do the fol-lowing and you will be fine . . .

  1. Delete any old version.
  2. Download the “Latest drivers” from either the Opcode or MOTU Web sites.
  3. Install OMS then restart, but DO NOT setup or configure OMS!
  4. Install FreeMIDI then re-start, but DO NOT setup or configure FreeMIDI!
  5. Now make sure everything MIDI is connected and powered up. You can then launch and setup OMS. If you have a USB device, you do not need to check the Modem or Printer ports in the device search, just leave them blank and hit continue - OMS will find your MOTU device on the USB bus automatically if you have followed these steps! Make sure you test your studio with the “Test Studio” function located under the “Options” menu in OMS.

Now SAVE your OMS Setup and then launch Logic. Logic may or may not detect OMS upon startup. If it does, it will ask you if you want to use OMS . . . say yes! Logic will now bootup with all of your MIDI devices intact on the arrange screen! If it doesn’t, select “Use OMS” in your MIDI Communication Preferences in Logic. Last step: Dis-able any FreeMIDI Extensions in your Extension Manager.

Q: I just received the Lexicon Core2 and I’ve installed the software and everything properly but the Lexicon Stu-dio Panel will not launch. Why is that?

A: There is a bug fix on the Lexicon Web site that fixes this problem. This is a well known problem with WIN98 and as soon as this file is downloaded and ex-ecuted, the problem goes away.

Q: What are the latest software versions for all my MOTU software and hardware (for Macintosh)?

A: Performer: 6.0, Digital Performer: 2.61, Freestyle: 2.02, Unisyn: 1.5, Mosaic: 1.58, FreeMIDI: 1.43 (required for Mac G4s and Fastlane USBs), Clockworks: 1.07, MOTU Audio System: 2.03, MTP AV Console: 2.03 (requires FreeMIDI 1.4 or higher) Midi Time Piece and TPII Con-sole: 1.1 (or v.1.04 without FreeMIDI), and finally MIDI Express: 1.1 (or v.1.04 without FreeMIDI).