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New Gear From T.C. Electronic

T.C. Electronic DBMax

   T.C. Electronic has just unveiled the latest version of their acclaimed DBMax processor, the Digital Broadcast Maximizer Mark II ($3995 list — see photo above). Think of it as a big, bad Finalizer for top pro applications, featuring 24-bit A/D and D/A converters among its many enhancements. What's more, T.C. has announced an unprecedented free hardware and software upgrade for all existing DBMax customers.

   Significant improvements in the DBMAX Mark II include a hardware analog signal bypass function (allowing the signal to pass through even if the unit is off), a new EQ with a multiband clipper function, five bands of expansion, compression and limiting and a new adaptive automatic gain controller, all combined with the ability to simultaneously insert multiple signal processing functions both pre and post.

   The DBMax serves three distinct, yet interrelated applications. Inserted as the final link in broadcasting, it is the optimal transmission processor, securing a louder, more consistent signal, and expanding the actual coverage area. It is FM, AM, TV, and DAB compatible and will be shipped to conform to all major standards worldwide. In outside broadcasting, the DBMax can also solve on-air problem frequencies with selective dynamic equalization. Finally, the unit is the ultimate mastering tool for video post or broadcast productions. It will make the final product punchier and unquestionably louder, and will make it possible to monitor exactly how the audience will experience the transmitted signal. It features optimized broadcast-specific presets such as commercials, talk shows, news and all music types.

   This versatile single rackspace dynamics processor includes EQ, Stereo Adjust, an Automatic Gain Controller, 5-band Compressor, Limiter, Expander, and more, all applicable simultaneously. The DBMAX also includes T.C.'s unique Wizard Program Assist function enabling easy identification of the best preset by means of answering four questions about the material to be processed. T.C. has worked in close cooperation with the chief engineers at broadcast facilities worldwide to develop this first in an array of dedicated broadcast products.

Need a superb mic preamp and 24-bit A/D converter all in one? Introducing TC's new Gold Channel
Need a superb mic preamp and 24-bit A/D converter all in one? Introducing TC's new Gold Channel

   Also new is the Gold Channel, the digitally enhanced mic preamplifier ($2495 list). Whoa! Did we say digitally enhanced? That's right, the Gold Channel not only provides you with two superior, high end mic preamps, but also the highest resolution 24-bit A/D converters (44.1—48kHz) and internal 96kHz digital signal processing simultaneously. You can even use this unit to process your audio signal after it's recorded via the digital or line inputs.

   Included with this impressive unit is true +48 volt phantom power, M/S (Mid/Side) encoding and decoding, and a complete set of user presets, so you can save your current set up and come back to it two days or two years from now. There's even an intuitive dual channel user interface and high resolution metering for ease of operation.
TC's UnitY delivers stunning effects to 02R owners
TC's UnitY delivers stunning effects to 02R owners
Gold Channel also offers a wealth of DSP tools (at 96kHz) like expander/gate, compressor, EQ, de-esser, dithering, soft limiter and T.C.'s own proprietary Digital Radiance Generator.

   Also just released is the T.C. UnitY Signal Processing Engine ($1195 list) for the Yamaha 02R Digital Mixer. Fact: T.C.'s M5000 and M2000 are two of the world's best reverb and effects devices. Fact: The 02R is a powerful, great-sounding digital mixer. And now, with the introduction of UnitY, you can achieve the convenience of seamless integration between those stunning T.C. reverbs, effects and an 02R. The mixer's automation will even control the UnitY via a 24-bit resolution interface.

   How does this work? Simple: All you have to do is plug the UnitY card into one of the four 02R expansion slots available on the 02R and you're ready to go. Now you can run any two effects at the same time with all the parameters under total recall by the mixer's automation system: Reverb, chor-us, pitch shifting, delay, phaser and many more. The UnitY can be ordered with or without an 8 channel AES/EBU digital I/O connector. Listen, if you own an 02R, then you've just got to have a UnitY!

   For more information on these superior T.C. Electronic products and your special low Sweetwater pricing, pick up the phone now and talk to your friendly, knowledgeable Sales Engineer.

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