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Event Ships Layla and New DSP•FX

Event Electronics' Layla: Their much-anticipated and very cool digital hard disk recording system
Event Electronics' Layla: Their much-anticipated and very cool digital hard disk recording system

   When it comes to hard disk-based recording, the people at Event Electronics (famed for their mics and powered monitors) know you'll settle for nothing less than total sonic excellence. They also know that you're not willing to trade away performance, or features, or convenience, or flexibility, or expandability just for the sake of price. Here's good news: now you don't have to.

   Event Electronic's Layla is a breakthrough multichannel digital audio interface for your PC (and soon for the Mac), loaded with the professional features and audio performance your music demands and deserves. Right out of the box it comes with everything you need to record, arrange, edit, and master to CD all your music and audio projects. And you can have it all at the irresistibly low price of just $999 (and that's retail).

   Layla's hardware is elegantly simple: a PCI bus-master host card connected via a digital control cable to a single-space rackmount audio interface. The interface sports eight balanced 20-bit analog inputs, ten balanced 20-bit analog outputs, and 24-bit S/PDIF stereo digital I/O — all simultaneously accessible. There's also massive onboard DSP, word clock/superclock I/O (for sync and expansion), a 24-bit internal audio path, and MIDI In/Out/Thru. Top it all off with broad-based compatibility with a wide variety of popular digital audio software applications. Get the picture? Layla is a complete multitrack
Event Electronics' DSP•FX Virtual Pack
Event Electronics' DSP•FX Virtual Pack
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digital recording, editing, and mastering system designed to help you make great-sounding music. Designed to grow as your needs grow. Designed to change the way you think about hard disk recording. Designed to knock your socks off.

   In another significant development, Event Electronics announced a newly-established strategic alliance with DSP•FX (formerly known as Power Technology), a premier developer of real-time DirectX audio processing plug-ins. The goal of this partnership is to bring world-class audio processing tools to the PC-DAW market with greater speed and regularity and at lower prices than ever before. The first product to be released under the new joint venture is the DSP•FX Virtual Pack ($299 list), a suite of eight studio-quality audio tools, including reverb, multitap delay, multiband parametric EQ, multi-element chorus, analog tape flange, tremolo, pitch- shift, and autopan.

   The Virtual Pack plug-ins are native-processing based, running entirely on the host CPU without the need of additional hardware. A combination of efficient algorithm design and proprietary Pentium-based technology results in plug- ins requiring far less CPU overhead than traditional plug-ins. The reverb algorithm, for example, uses approximately 16% of the available host CPU versus the typical 66% (based on a 200MHz Pentium), so users can run many more DSP• FX plug-ins simultaneously.

   The Virtual Pack algorithms themselves are bit-for-bit ports of the algorithms in DSP•FX's award-winning hardware-based system, a system that has consistently garnered praise from both users and the international music press. A significant contributor to the overall sonic perfor-mance is the 32-bit floating-point arithmetic used in the algorithms which yields an extremely wide dynamic range, making it nearly impossible to encounter overload distortion when adding even extreme amounts of equalization. The benefits are most clearly heard in the tails of the reverbs. In the 32-bit floating-point system, even the lowest level signal is represented by a full 32- bit number.

   Want to know more about Virtual Pack? Smart move. An even smarter move is to pick up the phone and call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for complete information and special low pricing!

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