You've got talent! Go ahead, admit it. You've paid your dues, honed your skills to a razor's edge. And it's only fair that a talented musician like you has an axe that's worthy of your abilities. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A great-sounding instrument may be just out of your financial reach...until now.

Enter your friends at Sweetwater Sound. Because we know how hard you've worked to get your chops, we want to see you get an instrument that will let you stand out in the crowd. We say no more cheesy-sounding synths for you! You deserve the best. So we've placed special orders on two of our best-selling keyboards.

You might recognize the photo of the Roland JV90 Expandable Synthesizer . You've admired its versatile and flexible control operations, 76-note keyboard and eight sliders just waiting to be tweaked. You know that right out of the box, the JV90 comes standard with four megs of waveform memory, containing 152 presets, from realistic acoustic instruments to dynamic percussion and synth textures that run the gamut from analog warmth to digital purity. You also know that this killer synth can be upgraded by adding any of the SR-JV80 Wave Expansion Boards , each of which contains 8 megs of additional waveforms. Or with a two meg SO-PCM1 Series Waveform Card. Maxed out, the JV90 is running with 18 megs of sonic power. And that's not to mention the standard 28-note polyphony which can easily be upgraded to an awesome 56 voices by adding a Voice Expansion Board. Or the killer effects. But wait, you say. The JV90 carries a sticker price of $2050 — way out of your ballpark. Fear not, Sweetwater has a special low price on these fine instruments thanks to our enormous buying power. So call your sales engineer for your special low price. You're gonna knock 'em dead.

Of course, maybe your expansion needs are slightly more modest, but you still demand a great-sounding instrument. Then possibly you'll want to add a synth that's been a best-seller right from the moment it was introduced, the Korg 01/Wfd Music Workstation . Sporting Korg's acclaimed AI2 Synthesis, 32 note polyphony, 48Mbit of PCM ROM-based waveforms, dual digital multieffects systems, 255 multi-sounds, a great 48,000 note sequencer and a whole lot more, this award-winning machine originally carried a list price of $2645. But we want you to take an 01/W with you to your next gig (or into the studio), so we're offering this legendary instrument at price that's, well, a steal.

It's no crime to want a killer synth and we want to get one into your hands today! So call your Sweetwater sales engineer today and literally steal a best-selling keyboard!