It doesn't happen often, but we have to admit that just about all of us here at Sweetwater were surprised by the response to the announcement of the availability of the new Kurzweil K2500R (the R stands for rackmount). In fact, the response was so overwhelming that we sold through the limited number of instruments we had in stock in a matter of hours (we warned you that quantities were extremely limited). The good news is that more are on the way and should be here in our warehouse by the time you read this.

Since we covered this instrument in some amount of detail last issue, we won't go into all its features (don't want to whip anyone into a frenzy right now) except to mention that it boasts 48-note polyphony (from up to 192 oscillators) and the ability to upgrade sample memory up to a staggering 128 megabytes. The instrument carries a retail price of just $3495.

However, we should mention two items that may be of interest to all you Kurzweil fans out there: First, our new K2000>K2500 Converter Disks are selling like crazy. These disks make your K2000 sound and behave as if it was a new K2500 (sorry, doesn't give you the 48-note polyphony) with enhanced soundset, new Keymaps and much cleaner, quieter onboard effects. The set also ships with the K2000 Revitalizer disk which gives you a whopping 1,300 K2500 programs already converted by our Soundware Development Team for use in your K2000. The cost is just $189. It's the easiest way to add the sounds of the K2500 without actually buying one. Ask your Sweetwater sales engineers for complete details on this super product.

Of course, some of you K2000 owners may only be happy with a real 2500, so be sure to check with your all-knowing sales engineer for details of our exclusive K2500 Upgrade Program. You'll be glad you did!