Employee Profile


    Jeff Law


    Senior Sales Engineer

Years at Sweetwater:


What were you doing before you joined the Sweetwater Team?

    I was a plant manager in the family business and was in charge of fifty people. It was a great job, but I saw a huge opportunity here with Chuck. I actually began working for Sweetwater on a part-time basis.

What in your life best prepared you for the work you do at Sweetwater and why?

    Working with people. And coming in from the business community allowed me to look at the music industry from a different perspective.

What did you dream about doing for a living when you were growing up?

    I thought I'd be an astronaut or a pilot.

Describe the most dramatic situation in which you provided the "Sweetwater Difference" for a customer?

    Actually took a flight to a customers studio and was there the day his package arrived.

Favorite hobby:



    "Make it happen!"

Most unusual/creative solution to a customer problem:

    Using 400 AKAI S3000 CD samplers that had been custom-modified by AKAI and installed into Discovery Zones across the country as part of an interactive robot. In addition, 200 MIDI Time Piece units were used as controllers.

What makes working at Sweetwater fun for you?

    Fun customers!

Favorite movie you've recently seen or rented:


Guilty pleasure of choice (i.e. watching Gilligan's Island reruns):

    Hanging out on the beach when I have other stuff to do.

Place you'd most like to visit on your next vacation:


What is the most important thing you've learned at Sweetwater?

    What customer service really means.

Favorite magazine:

    "Sky and Telescope"

Real-life Hero:

    John Young (the first Space Shuttle pilot)

How would your boss describe you?

    "The paranoids are after him."