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Best-Selling Microphones
For 1996

AKG C414 B-ULSrrrabuyvsvsveytfazersurdwarubawvev ($1249 list) uses the same one-inch gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm capsule design of the classic 414s, but with newly-designed electronics that offer true digital level performance. Low inherent self-noise and high overload point guarantees a dynamic range on the order of 126 dB. AKG C414 B-ULS
Audio Technica 4050 AUDIO TECHNICA 4050/CM5 ($995 list) is a low-noise, trans-formerless, multiple-pattern studio microphone designed for use in the most demanding situations. It utilizes dual gold-plated, aged, large-diaphragm condenser elements for extended frequency response. The microphone polar patterns can be switched for cardioid, omnidirectional or figure 8 operation.
BEYERDYNAMIC MC740 ($1599 list) is a multi-pattern studio mic with flat frequency response unaffected by polar pattern changes. Features a large diaphragm with gold vaporized double membrane element. A very versatile performer. Beyerdynamic MC-740
Neumann TLM-193 NEUMANN TLM193 ($1495 list) is a large diaphragm, double membrane cardioid condenser mic designed for critical recording, broadcast and live sound applications. Offering Neumann quality state-of-the-art specifications and performance in a value-conscious package.
RODE NT-2 ($749 list) is one of the newest mics on the block and gaining popularity rapidly. It has a unique sound and frankly, it looks really cool. The NT2 has a bright cutting sound reminiscent of vintage mics of the late 50's, which are extremely rare and expensive today. Rode NT-2
Audio Technica Wireless 1200 Series OTHERS: Audio Technica Wireless Systems (1200 Series pictured on left) and AT 4041, Crown CM-700, Beyerdynamic Classic M88 and M500, Vega R2020 Wireless. ULTRA HIGH END: AKG C12VR, Neumann U87 and M149, Rode Classic Tube. Call us today for more information and special low pricing!