The name Darwin is almost universally synonymous with evolution, and that's probably what the folks at E-mu Systems had in mind when they named their incredible new 8-Track Digital Audio Hard Disk Recorder after the world famous scientist. E-mu obviously believes DARWIN is the next step in the evolution of the digital audio workstation, and they just might be right. At a suggested list price of just $3195 (or $3795 with an internal one gigabyte hard disk installed), DARWIN combines the best qualities of tape-based recorders with the most desirable features inherent in computer-based random access recording and editing systems, all at a shockingly affordable price.

DARWIN is a true, stand-alone random access recorder that features screen-based recording and editing capabilities. Imagine being able to cut and paste that riff you came up with (you know, the one you may never be able to play again without dozens of hours of practice) over and over throughout a song, seamlessly and effortlessly. Or how about completely changing the structure of your entire song (maybe the solo should come after another verse) - just a few keystrokes can create several variations of your next hit, all without affecting your first take. Or (and this is almost scary) instantly resurrect that once-in-a-lifetime vocal track you accidentally punched-in on and wiped out. DARWIN will do it for you!

Of course, as with any random access system, there's absolutely no sitting around and waiting for a tape to fast-forward or rewind - hit a button, you're there. In fact, DARWIN will remember 40 instantly recallable locate points for you (it lives only to serve). But the unit's true power lies in its non-destructive editing capabilities, a component of which is the Virtual Slave Reel (VSR) function. VSR means you can create numerous working versions of your songs with tracks that can be edited, moved in time, or recorded over without changing the original. VSR also effectively expands DARWIN's number of tracks through a process of non-destructive digital bouncing (no added noise!) and recombination. The number of new tracks and submixes is limited only by the amount of available hard disk space.

DARWIN's multiple levels of undo and redo provides users with a built-in "safety net" during recording and editing. Any track edited or recorded over by accident or choice may be resurrected intact immediately - try that with tape-based systems.

Of course, as you might expect with such an advanced machine, DARWIN comes with four balanced analog ins (upgradeable to eight with input expansion card) and eight balanced analog outs, selectable +4dB/-10dB operating levels, a SCSI port, and S/PDIF digital ins and outs. DARWIN is even equipped with an internal 8x2 digital mixer with pan capabilities. The unit features an icon-based graphic user interface with a beautiful, backlit 240x64 graphic display and six soft keys for fast, easy DAW-style editing. If you already own a tape-based digital multitrack, DARWIN is the machine you'll want to add to your existing setup. With its random access editing, recording and additional tracks, it's the perfect partner for any of today's popular digital multitracks.

We know you're going to want a lot more information about DARWIN - and boy, there's a lot of information to give you! You're probably going to want to know your special pricing, as well as availabilities. So pick up that phone or send e-mail to your Sweetwater sales engineer. They can't wait to tell you more about DARWIN!